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  1. Opt in: Civil Discourse
  2. every non-American participation mat is always so nice looking.
  3. that's the plot to House of Cards.
  4. that's not an actual response.
  5. josh graham.
  6. to be fair, they're are like 6 teams we really have no idea what they're doing.
  7. how? he is the best player in the world.
  8. KD is 100% staying in OKC next year.
  9. Indiana has a better coach too. 
  10. I always enjoy your reports. 
  11. Stevens2016
  12. I hate all of Julia's comments. 
  13.   I'm pretty certain you need a badge to get in. 
  14. [spoiler]I really enjoyed the entire season except how it ended. I would've been okay with them ending the show on Claire and Frank getting exposed and subsequently losing the general election, but now it feels like the next season is just dragging it out. [/spoiler]