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  1. Mine is 3521. Although, I think I had an account before this one, and forgot the password. I don't even remember what crap was big in 2006. I just know being emo was the trend and high school sucked.
  2. I've been using Vivaldi. Sucks there isn't a mobile version yet, but I have no complaints about it on my PC.
  3. I thought Bumblebee was the major draw of the first few seasons?
  4. Maybe its going by 3/5s Compromise rules.
  5. Yeah, I was leaning both of them towards that. Only reason I had considered using Palmer is because the NO defense is well... their defense, but Palmer has performed rather subpar this year. Had him last year and some times he just lit it up. True on the Dolphins, I guess if they can do what they did to the Cardinals, they should easily do it to the Jets. lol
  6. Cam anyone offer any input on what they think will be the better starters for one of my teams? It's for a fun, non-cash league. Should I start Palmer over Rodgers? Only reason I'm questioning this is because Palmer is against New Orleans and Rodgers might be injured. But Rodgers is still Rodgers. Would you start the Miami Dolphins defense against the Jets or Broncos against the Patriots? Leaning towards Dolphins, but having a hard time trusting them this year.
  7. Both teams I feel had positive things to take away from that game. I thought that outside of the blown coverage, while Jimmy Smith was out there, the defense played well, as in no really big mistakes or anything. The downside is that when Smith isn't out there, it really hurts the defense. I really wish the Ravens could get another Kubiak in on offense. Or, go back to a few years ago, when they had a stretch of games where essentially they were doing a hurry-up offense and letting Flacco audible and survey the defense at the line, which was very effective. With how the offense is being run, I honestly see the Patriots giving them issues consistently, its too inefficient to beat them, which is a problem since the Ravens will almost always have to go through the Patriots for a Super Bowl shot.
  8. That was an ugly game, for both teams. The Ravens sealed the loss, I felt, with the blown coverage on Hogan. Up until that point, I felt they still had a chance, but that play killed the momentum they'd built.
  9. Rams fans can rejoice as Fisher was fired.
  10. Is @IRLAlex Alex irl?
  11. Chinese guy from South Park. Except pedophile personality instead of Chinese. One of other names used was Erika Whynter. Correlations between Whynter, Winter, Lord Tyrannus and posting styles were made, I'm guessing; but pedophile guy lives in Puerto Rico, and the IPs are stateside. So, seems that LT used the name Winter (apparently, gotten from Erika Whynter that pedophile guy used), and then is now saying that LT is the pedophile guys account, not him. But, based on IPs, that doesn't make sense. Is that about right?
  12. I'm figuring Allen IP checked them. So, it could possibly be a pedophile living with him. Could be even better if he lives alone.
  13. Opt in: civil discourse & unchained
  14. So anecdotal fun fact, just got called a "disgusting faggot" by a Trump supporter at work for asking if he needed help with anything. I'm not even gay.
  15. Yeah, I thought it was about the Muslim stuff. That, and using Mexicans as a scapegoat.