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  1. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Shaddoll core is actually pretty important when it comes to grind game because it turns shaddoll fusion into 1 monster combo because you add back the fusion when core is used as a material and then get core back when fusion is destroyed. It allows you to make a lot more fusion plays without burning out of resources. Usually in shaddoll mirror most people don't know how to push for game and end up playing a 40 minute game one where the first person to run out of resources loses baring any auto win drops like BLS. The fact that core is 1950 def has also been relevant a lot for chump blocking attacks. Core also has the utility of being able to be pitched to get back a fusion to start engine or to regain after it was warning/Vanity's ect.   
  2. This ruling actually makes sense for Atlanteans though because they specify that they must be in graveyard at time of activation. For every other card MURICA got lazy and decided they should all be ruled that way. 
  3. Geargia - Discussion

    Ceasefire is pretty terrible imo it does nothing to fix the decks problems which is to find an armour and isn't going to protect you while you try to setup. Ceasfire is purely a winmoar card also it makes armor miss timing so there's that too. Edit: ceasfire is worded poorly and is simultaneous.
  4. Geargia - Discussion

    Acid trap hole also seems sub par as a side choice, it kills shaddolls but still allows their effects to go off as flip effect monsters cannot miss timing. Acid is also not worth siding for just the mirror as the meta will be diluted even further post DUEA.
  5. 2014 World Championship

    I think the entire point of Atem's statement is that if people all watch this so called "Superior" stream and only the streamer watches the original then there is no incentive for Konami to continue to produce streams and then one doesn't exist next year. To be fair i think a lot of people planned to open the original and then view a commentators stream/teamspeak/vent/skype so in that case everybody wins.
  6. Developing an app

    If you are doing iOS dev you will also need to buy into the apple ecosystem aka own a mac pc or notebook. If you want an easy starting point you can just follow some tutorials for android and they have the sdk + ide bundled together on the developer.android.com website.
  7. NAWCQ 2014

    Yeah I've had that nick name for years. I'm pretty sure a bunch of players have no idea what my name is and just call me "Afro Samurai" or "Afro Man".
  8. NAWCQ 2014

    I am the guy who lost to Travis in top 64 just to confirm I did play Hand Gears. I was tempted to write a report with deck list since I also won attack on Friday for the Majesty's. I can post list if anyone is interested. - Joshua Williams
  9. Shooting Flamvell Nova Assault

    the problem with adding in more assault teleports is that with only 2 targets the card is often dead especially so if you have actually summoned one of them. on the other hand i don't know if miracle synchro fusion really has any place in the deck at all , it seems to me to another dead card with hard requirements to full fill and having 2 sd/am potentially as dead draws or assualt teleports seems to be too much inconsistency. - 1 miracle synchro + 1 instant fusion you can always try instant fusion route as well if you have a lvl 3 or 4 tuner you can make a stardust for 1000 lp or you can pair up your lvl 1-4 tuners with a 3-5 fusion to synchro off of
  10. Shooting Flamvell Nova Assault

    having played sd/am decks for as long as its been around and having some success with it , i think you need to add more cards to control your hand becasue drawing sd/am is gooing to lose you games i might suggest more assault teleports or perhaps good goblin housekeeping