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  1. Do you think you would be banned if you spoofed to somewhere nearby? Like, I go to a graveyard nearby for pokestops. If I wanted to do that without leaving the house, could I GPS spoof and they wouldn't think twice, OR are they using alternate/more technical ways to detect?
  2. I don't think it has a physical release, unless you can buy a digital code at Gamestop I enjoy it but if I'm not mistaken there will be a new game released sometime in the winter. If it hits a sale for $10 go for it, maybe $15 if you really want it
  3. No, not really it's the worst thing to hatch from a 10k egg IMO. does not even have an evolution in a future gen
  4. I think the original cut was probably pretty good film. They smashed it to pieces with post-edits and studio pressure.
  5. I only check IV's when I have two pokes that are (a) high enough that I am debating which to evolve and (b) they are very close together. Let's say I had a 300 Charmander but it had slightly better IV's than a 500 Charmander. I don't think I will conceivably want to spend the candy or stardust to level it up anyway, so even though the 300 Charmander would eventually be stronger, I would probably evolve the 500 Charmander anyway. Movesets are prob. way more important than IVs anyway.
  6. I got free tickets through T Mobile I will bite the bullet and tell you how it is guys
  7. I did not use it to an extreme amount, but I just kind of wonder, why? It seems like pokevision would actually increase the use of their app. You look at Pokevision, go, "Oh! Rare poke," then go out and find it. Without it, many users will get frustrated and not use the app as much, so it seems like it's good for business. Did it cause some kind of drain on their resources? Or did the creators just personally hate it?
  8. Dodging probably depends on the poke and attack being used, dodging super effective moves might be worth it but haven't really figured that out yet As for spending money: I haven't spent any and don't plan to but I couldn't fault anyone for spending a few bucks on lucky eggs or incubators. Those things actually save you time and possibly even an equal amount of gas money for driving to Pokestops. Of course it's also worth considering 3 gyms or so close together to take over and collect fast, you could get an incubator after 3 days of doing that. I am trying to figure out effective ways to maintain gyms but honestly I don't think the game was designed for you to hold on to them at all.
  9. a bus full of Pojo members is on its way now every DGZ post will need to be occupied by two members instead of just one our food will be heavily watered down to save costs
  10. the show has its map as an opening sequence for a reason. you are supposed to be immersed in the world. a few questionable times where travel time is questionable is fine, and to be fair, I had a feeling that there was some large passage of time this season that was not made completely apparent and as implied this season. However, again, immersion in the world is a huge part of the show--and ignoring travel distances shatters the immersion
  11. I agree this season indicates that the show runners have forgotten why we got into Game of Thrones. it subverts typical expectations. people die all the time *because* they fuck up politically. this was a tropefest. the season as a whole hand waved travel distances, had stupid dialogue throughout, rushed plots, rushed the khals, teased the resurrection of Jaime's good plot but then shit all over it, and generally just insulted our intelligence. But idk a lot of other teachers watch the show and they seemed to have really enjoyed it. maybe the casual viewer doesn't detect the difference
  12. I know we've seen a few cards banish face-down in the past; what are some details on that?   -->Does Necroface still return those cards if normal summoned? -->I can look at them and know what is banished, correct? My opponent, however, can not? Of course any deck trying to survive on a gimmick is sure to banish those cards it's just fun to hypothesize