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  1. Could you do it with iron supplements? Do iron supplements even work?
  2. If you build it, they will come My wife and I are possibly shopping for our first home (and mortgage). Anyone reading have experience? We think we know the community we want to buy in.
  3. hmm, I thought we had enough members that might be from south Detroit already but it could be what is clear is that they took the midnight mod shift, banning anyonnnee
  4. just a small town poster
  5. I don't want to hear your excuses
  6. >last post Jan 10 >over one month ago WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE
  7. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Even in the times of the prequel, is the Jedi Order well-known? Or maybe their political powers are known across the galaxy but not their combat skills nor general powerset? I thought that only a select few elites really "knew" about the Jedi. Most people across the galaxy live poorly on their farms or in the slums of cities, Han was one of these people until he became a space pirate, etc.
  8. Mirror 100% on #9, 10, & 11. Great advice. I'm coming from a perspective that I am pretty darn happy with my job, I'm married, and overall very content with my place in life. That being said, in college, I would have: 1. Met and mainted contact with a few extra people--possibly in an attempt to have more lifetime friendships. 2. Learned more proficient conversational Spanish and\or Chinese. Even had a roommate that majored in Spanish, don't know what I was thinking. 3. Learned to cook more solid recipes. I learned some but should have developed myself on common cooking etiquette more 4. Learned Python 5. For god's sake buy that boxed Chrono Trigger for $40 wtf is wrong with you Just after graduation and in my first year in a job, I would have told myself: 6. As a teacher, act confident from Day 1. Set up everything students do in your room, structure their time, DO NOT allow even the smallest stupid shit to happen, kick their asses if they act immature. Realize that the kids in the area can reach great heights and have amazing potential, but they make poor decisions constantly if allowed, so you need to both show aggression and show them you care at the same time. 7. Refrain with all your might from eating out when it isn't necessary, buy more groceries to prevent the temptation, and convince your wife+family members how much money we could save if we did not go out to eat. Seriously, I don't ever want to look at my wife and my bank statements from the first two years of work. I would cringe hardcore. There are no reasons to have money problems if I spend wisely.
  9. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    this is the best Star Wars film to be released in 3 decades but okay the hate is strong in this thread I had my gripes with either the amount of the subplots or screen time of the subplots (not sure which) but the way this film turned plot conventions on their head, then tied those subversions to its overall theme was a huge gamble that I felt largely paid off the only objective problem was perhaps amount of subplots. I had no issue with any specific subplot but I felt it just made everything too busy and they should have just left one on the chopping block and shifted it to the third film. would have allowed more attention on rey+kylo.
  10. Best portable games PSP/Vita/3DS

    There are many obvious ones but here are a few that a little more obscure Code of Princess (3DS), a beat em up Dragon's Crown (Vita), one of the best beat em ups Retro Game Challenge (NDS), hard to explain just play it Freedom Wars (Vita) Toukiden/Toukiden 2 (Vita) There are tons of great dungeon RPGs on Vita if you can get into them. Stranger of Sword City, Demon Gaze, and Dungeon Travellers 2 are great. 999 and Virtue's Last Reward--okay these are pretty popular. There are two more games in the series now I haven't played.
  11. Gen 1: Pong system / Pong (lol) 2: Atari 2600 / Yar's Revenge or Berserk 3: NES / Final Fantasy, though Master System / Wonder Boy 3 has a special place in my heart 4: SNES / Chrono Trigger 5: Playstation / Final Fantasy Tactics, though N64 / OOT is tempting 6: PS2 / Shadow of the Colossus, almost said G. Cube / Melee like Ash but the sheer library of PS2 is undeniably great. 7: Not really sure what happened this gen. Many of the best games started going cross platform and being great on PC. Let's go with PS3 / Street Fighter IV, reinvigorated the fighting genre IMO 8: Wii U / Breath of the Wild bonus round: GBC / Pokemon Crystal GBA /Advance Wars PSP / FFIV complete Vita / Persona 4 Golden Arcade / Simpsons Arcade Game Neo Geo / Garou Mark of the Wolves and Metal Slug Series CPS2 Arcade / Marvel vs Capcom 2 Command & Conquer Starcraft Day of the Tentacle
  12. I have it both digitally and a physically but it's been sitting on my shelf. I knew I was doing a crime to myself. Though it's a hefty claim saying it's better than Chrono Trigger.
  13. Hurricane Irma

    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.miamiherald.com/news/weather/hurricane/article171859957.html Hurricane Irma is coming to South Florida on Sunday morning. It is one of the strongest storms ever recorded and has already battered a few Caribbean Islands. Right now, its projection says it will hit the Miami side and work its way up the coast. I think Miami is going to be another New Orleans+Katrina. People are going to be trapped, city will be flooded and significant parts will need to be rebuilt, etc. I live in Florida but have evacuated to Georgia for now and might go even more north (please don't loot me). In certain parts it will be possible to ride out but other parts, it will not. Floridians of DGZ, what are you doing? Riding it out or evacuating?
  14. Game of Thrones TV Show

    ^ Yes, but who knows/believes that besides the Starks?
  15. Game of Thrones TV Show

    I don't have much issue with the actual plot points. A dragon becoming part of the dark army makes a lot of sense to build tension. Little finger getting caught could symbolize the ultimate strength of the Stark children alongside the death of the original philosophy of the "Game of Thrones"--instead of humans being at each other's throats constantly, they are now uniting to beat global freezing (lol). Littlefinger is the epitome of aforementioned "Game of Thrones" in that he constantly pits people against each other. Thus he needed to die. But of course the issues are with the actual threads connecting them. We used to have thick threads connecting each point tied to emotional battles. Did the writers seriously think that the with capture plot was the best way to get that dragon dead? They couldn't think of anything else? Why did the Starks get to execute LF with no evidence, and was it really considered couth for Arya to stab him in the neck or was that just 'cool' to witness? Before all this, why did Jaime need to "swim" in armor, couldn't we have seen that resolved in another way? Not to mention Cersei being kind of goddamn stupid the entire final episode, with Tyrion's conversation only existing because herp derp we need to resolve all the threads. Maybe it just needed a full 10 episode season??