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  1. ^ This is a great point. In general, how will it work if the link monster is destroyed or switches control? Will it's "linked" monsters now be ineligible to be in their zones and thus destroyed?
  2. That being said we don't get Tauros. South America didnt have any exclusives up until this point
  3. I live in SW Florida and got Heracross, eat it
  4. Has anyone grabbed any of the Evo items yet? Wondering how rare they are
  5. Could this be considered from another angle? Not all calculators can use this function. The calculators that contain functions such as this tend to be expensive, as a side note. Thus, players without those particular calculators are naturally prohibited from this advantage. Using the function would provide an advantage because you own something extra compared to your opponent (outside of different pieces of cardboard). Such tools that give an advantage should not be allowed.
  6. I have real connections with all of my family members. We have gone through multiple important experiences together and I have fond memories of each. Especially Cousin Nicky, Hamurai, Mrs. Refrigerator, Mr. Beuragard, Reverse Giraffe, and Mr. Poopybutthole.
  7. I am a 24 year old man with a job and wife and I am also filled with anguish. All of Friday it reported "Will be delivered by 8 PM today." Nope, and it's stuck about 2.5 hours from me and apparently won't be delivered until Monday. I've had it preordered since July. Amazon apparently just had huge unprecedented numbers preorder.
  8. I really do think this game would have more longevity with the classic battle system. Many "regular" users just had fun catching and getting Pokestops. Originally the battle system was probably to make it simplified for the normies, but it's like, why would that matter? I also feel like they will miss a huge opportunity by not doing some event for Sun and Moon. How cool would it be to catch Alolan Vulpix/Ratatta/Execggutor for a few days?
  9. Poliwrath is sick defending gyms somehow (especially with that set) Another low key sick Poke is Parasect. He's been so clutch in taking down some gyms for me, takes down Exeggutors and occasionally some bugs
  10. I really like new games and being a huge fan of Final Fantasy I would like to check this out, provided it has a base in my area. So blocking does not dull the blocker, eh? Meaning I can block multiple times with a huge forward?
  11. Hey not sure if you remember me but I remember you. I have a job teaching middle school/6th grade in a highly impoverished area in Florida. I met the girl of my dreams during my internship and I work with her in the same school. Now we're married with a dog. I've gotten better at teaching but the first year was tough. Anyone who teaches especially at middle school level probably knows that the main tough part about it is behavior. I've gotten better at diffusing bad behavior but basically kids in these areas do poorly because it's hard to get 2-3 kids who are consistently disruptive and assholes out of your class or under control.
  12. Oracle pioneered all these memes
  13. Do you think you would be banned if you spoofed to somewhere nearby? Like, I go to a graveyard nearby for pokestops. If I wanted to do that without leaving the house, could I GPS spoof and they wouldn't think twice, OR are they using alternate/more technical ways to detect?
  14. I think I'm the only one who remembers how we all gang banged Denis in Niagara Falls, does that count?