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  1. Video Game club

    As a teen I played through most of the game but never beat it completely. I've owned the cart for a while though and always meant to complete it. I am continuing to play but probably won't beat it until November. Lol. I think it's absolutely worth a playthrough at least once in your lifetime and I'm shocked at these blokes being so disrespectful to the classics. Get the fuck out of here, you don't deserve to be in Video Game Club! And that goes for the other 2 people who are still active on this forum, screw you too!
  2. Video Game club

    Now that October is almost over I've finally started
  3. Video Game club

    I have a cartridge and will be playing portably on a Supaboy!
  4. Which videogame do I play next?

    I enjoy Persona 3 and 4 but honestly haven't beat them. I also enjoy Nocturne and SMTIV more...probably just purely on the basis that I like 80% of my games to mainly focus on the story. But Nocturne also just had an awesome feel, great gameplay, amazing bosses, and feels more streamlined to me. It's easy to forget how many friggin SMT games exist too, don't forget about DDS 1 & 2, SMTIV Apocalypse, Strange Journey, Soul Hackers, Devil Survivor...@_@ Who the fuck has time to play all these??
  5. What are some hobbies to take up

    I think you answered yourself in the OP: cooking and baking is a great hobby, very attractive to women, makes you friends, and you can eat for your own needs obviously. You can start by searching basic cooking tips. I watched Hilah's cooking to start, she's very cheese based but simple recipes. You need a decent skillet, knife, and that's basically it. Tons of YT channels out there for basic cooking besides her though. You could also purchase a crock pot or instant pot for easy recipes. My personal preference would be to devote 1-2 hours to learning cooking per day, 1 hour to hiking or exercising at the gym. Hiking probably is more interesting to people but only if you've hiked in a variety of locations in your area. One final option might be to learn another language. Spanish or Chinese might be the most useful. But sometimes you mention this and people challenge you by talking really fast in that language and it gets awkward.
  6. Pokemon GO

    As I've used it, it's been a *little* more useful than I thought, but your post sums up it's faults. Niantic wanted to prevent cheaters and abuse, and to promote fair trades....but basically no one is trading fairly.
  7. Video Game club

    i can't promise I would completely finish every game but I like the motivational aspect. Also would we be conscious about availability? Basically very interested but wouldnt want to purchase new $60 games every month (maybe we could alternate every month, NES/SNES/PS1 game that can be easily emulated, then the next month newer gen, etc.)
  8. Pokemon GO

    Trading's finally implemented, but it's kind of trash. First of all, trading rerolls the IVs. Trading a legendary or a new Pokemon costs around 20,000 stardust. So it's like, want to trade to complete your Dex? Hopefully you're trading with someone nice willing to spend a bunch of stardust on you. Want fair trades with Pokes you already have in order to get better IVs? Well you're shit out of luck.
  9. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Only played on Wii U but you heard right, it is really damn good. Basically Wii U had some of the best platformers ever made quietly pass for it, this was one of them. With Smash Bros announced, there's literally almost no reason to keep a Wii U even historically X_X You need to better believe there will be a Super Mario Maker for Switch.
  10. There are times when I wonder if I could have made more money if I majored in another field. Certainly it would make things easier when it comes to having and raising kids (wife could take more time off), but there is also a line. Once you hit, I'd say, the $120,000 mark or so, you don't really get happier with any more income. In fact I've seen 3 or 4 relatives get jobs making six figures BUT in various ways end up in worse financial situations. i.e. Have incredible student loan debt, constantly forced to eat out with work colleagues, buy a house/car outside their means, etc.
  11. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Mario Kart as a kids animated film but the schtick is that it's a parody of Fast and the Furious, Baby Driver style movies
  12. N64 Olympics

    see who gets the best score in Pokemon Stadium?
  13. I'll be specific. The catch down here is that some homes look inexpensive per square ft but have astronomical HOA fees. I'm paying about 210,000 for a 2000 sq ft townhouse, 3 bd RM 2.5 baths, 2 car garage. The air conditioning and water heater are under 2 years, the kitchen and master bath were recently remodeled, and HOA takes care of roofs HOA fees are $200 per month. That is on the low end of fees unless you have a do-nothing HOA (they spray for bugs, do the lawns, have a pool and tennis courts). Honestly wish I was buying about 5-7 years ago as I probably could have gotten a house in the same community for $150,000, but currently 210 is a fair value for a house that hasn't been remodeled at all of that size. Of course many different factors involved. My community is right across from a shopping center, Target, Starbucks, many types of food, etc. If you want to live in a small town could probably same size for 140,000. If you want a non-townhome in my area, gotta lay down 270-300,000
  14. Going to close on my first house next week Friday. It's in the community about 500 feet from my apartment so easy move. Will post pics.