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  1. I love you

    a bus full of Pojo members is on its way now every DGZ post will need to be occupied by two members instead of just one our food will be heavily watered down to save costs
  2. Game of Thrones TV Show

    the show has its map as an opening sequence for a reason. you are supposed to be immersed in the world. a few questionable times where travel time is questionable is fine, and to be fair, I had a feeling that there was some large passage of time this season that was not made completely apparent and as implied this season. However, again, immersion in the world is a huge part of the show--and ignoring travel distances shatters the immersion
  3. Game of Thrones TV Show

    I agree this season indicates that the show runners have forgotten why we got into Game of Thrones. it subverts typical expectations. people die all the time *because* they fuck up politically. this was a tropefest. the season as a whole hand waved travel distances, had stupid dialogue throughout, rushed plots, rushed the khals, teased the resurrection of Jaime's good plot but then shit all over it, and generally just insulted our intelligence. But idk a lot of other teachers watch the show and they seemed to have really enjoyed it. maybe the casual viewer doesn't detect the difference
  4. Pot of Cupidity

    I know we've seen a few cards banish face-down in the past; what are some details on that?   -->Does Necroface still return those cards if normal summoned? -->I can look at them and know what is banished, correct? My opponent, however, can not? Of course any deck trying to survive on a gimmick is sure to banish those cards it's just fun to hypothesize
  5. Pot of Cupidity

      AWW YEAH
  6. Around Black Friday I purchased Legacy of the Duelist for PS4. I just recently got into playing it a little more fully and I realized there was a pretty cool draft mode where you can choose Epic Dawn/War of the Giants and conduct a full draft, then play online or against AI. This is pretty neat IMO because you can get competitive without spending your life beating the campaign and waiting for cards you need.   Does anyone else own or play this game? only on PS4, a-holes, get out of here with your xbox shit. thought you could add me:   Username List BaIZIoo
  7. Verizon Wireless Issue

    How much time is left on your contract? What does it cost to terminate early? Do you feel you have actually used the data or is your usage similar to your family's? About how much have you paid in fees each month?
  8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    [spoiler]I think the name of the Resistance is technically wrong but should be low beef because it makes it much less confusing to an audience going in from the OT. The additional details are basically "for some reason the Republic can not politically oppose the First Order outright"; Resistance *IS* resisting the First Order who are getting very strong as well as political bullshit that says the Republic can't touch First Order on R2D2: one of the art books says that he is defragmenting his disk. I think it's a little lame this takes years but he has probably millions of terabytes of HD data. maybe the map is scrambled deep in his data and he needs to defragment in order to file it into a sensible location.[/spoiler]
  9. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

    a game on vita?? I'm in
  10. Twilight Princess HD

    it seems weird the same game has been released on three successive nintendo  consoles
  11. Mystery Science Theater 3000

    I used to absolutely love the show as a kid and watched this set of 4 movies I had religiously. Not every episode is stellar but I still love the charm. Thank you for drawing attention to the kickstarter, had no idea it was going on!
  12. guns should not be outtight banned but the supply should be curbed heavily via heavier restrictions on online sales and gun show sales as well as making the process for being licensed to own a gun tougher? People smokescreen the issue. I think a diligent citiizen should be able to own a gun, but as it stands, it is easier to own a gun than to drive a car. It's not even about mass shootings to me but just the availability of guns in the first place. The issue kind of arises with hunting rifles etc but I think those should be regulated to a tighter degree as well. People say that "it won't stop maniacs" but people look for ease of access. If they could easily optain and utilize a rocket launcher some people would.