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  1. Gen 1: Pong system / Pong (lol) 2: Atari 2600 / Yar's Revenge or Berserk 3: NES / Final Fantasy, though Master System / Wonder Boy 3 has a special place in my heart 4: SNES / Chrono Trigger 5: Playstation / Final Fantasy Tactics, though N64 / OOT is tempting 6: PS2 / Shadow of the Colossus, almost said G. Cube / Melee like Ash but the sheer library of PS2 is undeniably great. 7: Not really sure what happened this gen. Many of the best games started going cross platform and being great on PC. Let's go with PS3 / Street Fighter IV, reinvigorated the fighting genre IMO 8: Wii U / Breath of the Wild bonus round: GBC / Pokemon Crystal GBA /Advance Wars PSP / FFIV complete Vita / Persona 4 Golden Arcade / Simpsons Arcade Game Neo Geo / Garou Mark of the Wolves and Metal Slug Series CPS2 Arcade / Marvel vs Capcom 2 Command & Conquer Starcraft Day of the Tentacle
  2. I have it both digitally and a physically but it's been sitting on my shelf. I knew I was doing a crime to myself. Though it's a hefty claim saying it's better than Chrono Trigger.
  3. Hurricane Irma

    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.miamiherald.com/news/weather/hurricane/article171859957.html Hurricane Irma is coming to South Florida on Sunday morning. It is one of the strongest storms ever recorded and has already battered a few Caribbean Islands. Right now, its projection says it will hit the Miami side and work its way up the coast. I think Miami is going to be another New Orleans+Katrina. People are going to be trapped, city will be flooded and significant parts will need to be rebuilt, etc. I live in Florida but have evacuated to Georgia for now and might go even more north (please don't loot me). In certain parts it will be possible to ride out but other parts, it will not. Floridians of DGZ, what are you doing? Riding it out or evacuating?
  4. Game of Thrones TV Show

    ^ Yes, but who knows/believes that besides the Starks?
  5. Game of Thrones TV Show

    I don't have much issue with the actual plot points. A dragon becoming part of the dark army makes a lot of sense to build tension. Little finger getting caught could symbolize the ultimate strength of the Stark children alongside the death of the original philosophy of the "Game of Thrones"--instead of humans being at each other's throats constantly, they are now uniting to beat global freezing (lol). Littlefinger is the epitome of aforementioned "Game of Thrones" in that he constantly pits people against each other. Thus he needed to die. But of course the issues are with the actual threads connecting them. We used to have thick threads connecting each point tied to emotional battles. Did the writers seriously think that the with capture plot was the best way to get that dragon dead? They couldn't think of anything else? Why did the Starks get to execute LF with no evidence, and was it really considered couth for Arya to stab him in the neck or was that just 'cool' to witness? Before all this, why did Jaime need to "swim" in armor, couldn't we have seen that resolved in another way? Not to mention Cersei being kind of goddamn stupid the entire final episode, with Tyrion's conversation only existing because herp derp we need to resolve all the threads. Maybe it just needed a full 10 episode season??
  6. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    http://tcgtoptier.com/index.php?/topic/9497-octgn-patch-for-dbscg-by-bandai/ I haven't tried it yet nor actually played in real life but I'd be super down to try and play some time this week with y'all
  7. Game of Thrones TV Show

    on the other hand Bran's throwback to LF's "chaos is a ladder" was pretty raw
  8. Game of Thrones TV Show

    This season improved on last season but I agree--this is not the show off the earlier seasons. It morphed in order to fit the wide audience it is now serving.
  9. Time & Films/Games/TV

    I think just about every male our age comes to this realization. I personally have attempted to cut internet time but after a long 12 hr day sometimes it's easier to veg out to gaming lists on youtube. I've also meant to read more. Speaking of reading more, sometimes I wonder how much time I could devote to learning a new skill or language if I cut social media and other media down, but then I watch another top 10 classic twin stick arcade shooters ranking video.
  10. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    Yeah after reviewing the complete list, I noticed that Blue had some great cards at basically every level. North Kai and Ice Cream Bulma at 1 drop, objection, a couple Vegeta/Gokus, 7 drop Beerus is great. I'm considering splashing Red with it because I like Iron Wall Magetta's indestructibility, but green Revenge Vegeta accomplished almost the same thing. I'm not sure when or if I'll actually get cards as my local shop said they don't have plans to sponsor the game yet, but I might try to play on OCTGN. Have you tried looking into any online platforms yet?
  11. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    What do you think will be the top decks for the first set, Zappdos? The yellow Ginyu force group seems fairly cray. Seems like you could spam Weenies quickly and they have the (only/best?) tutor from what I've read. But I haven't tested it like you so I am curious to see what you've found!
  12. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    Here is a pic (from another site) of everything I got, X4.
  13. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    I received my playset. Four total half decks, all of them have the same cards I believe. I really like Gotenks, who is a Don Zaloog type card. A lot of people have reported not being able to find cards at Target but I haven't looked yet, usually they put new things out on Tuesdays, don't they?
  14. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    You might be able to get some free cards: https://global.carddass.com/club/influencers/detail/3/ I already filled out the application. You need to agree to hold an "event" (could be just a few friends getting together) to promote the product. You then make a Bandai account and fill out your address. Hoping I get some as it seems like a neat game, somewhat similar to Capcom vs SNK card game on DS if you ever played that.