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  1. Lightsworn - Discussion

    uhhh it's called minerva lightsworn for a reason. Without minerva you're just playing a shitty mill + inefficient r4 deck. Think of it as trying to play BA without dante
  2. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    It's all just a fucking troll, don't even bother. No footage of actual dueling functions.
  3. ABC - Discussion

    It comes up fairly often in the mirror match though I don't have any record keeping of the times I've had it come up. It has made enough of an impact for me to make it worth having the space for it. I don't play brilliant so I dedicated that space to Amaterasu.
  4. ABC - Discussion

    Since rafflesia has become a lot more popular I've began to start playing raigeki and 2 dark hole as my spell removal options. Dark hole is really neat in that it counts as a combo piece in situations where you open hangar and a A or B piece, but no thrasher or gadgets. You can use dark hole to trigger an equipped C and make buster from there. It's come up for me a lot. Also I've been playing 2 A, 3 B, 2 C and I haven't had too many problems with banishing two of a particular piece. I feel that this change makes my hands feel a lot smoother while giving me two much needed spaces to max out on gadgets and have a reasonable amount of defensive cards. I chose to play 3 Bs since I found myself needing a 3rd of a piece in games that drag out a bit.B seemed like the piece where I would get the effect off the most if I just bricked with it and some traps since it's the least conditional piece. Taking into consideration that rhapsody may be a losing condition with less pieces I've made room for bujinki amaterasu in the extra to try to mitigate that.
  5. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  6. United States Presidential Election

    Gonna need Trumpologist to give a victory speech.
  7. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    I'm currently running this deck with the kaiju engine. I think it's really amazing since it fetches a lvl 7 for synchroing for something like a scrap dragon or a lvl 8 for xyzing after clearing the board. Overall though, I don't think this deck can reliably compete with the rest of the field post INOV.
  8. ABC - Discussion

    Re-read union hangar and Z Metal Tank then come back.
  9. Ubuntu Smartphone vs iPhone

    If you don't want android, you don't have much of a choice besides the iphone line unless you want a really shitty phone. Also something being marked as sold out could also mean they just don't bother carrying the product anymore (because it sucks).
  10. The Nekroz format was absolute shit. You either played vs djinn or floodgate x100 shitters and there was no way of realistically dealing with both without getting ravaged by the other unless you were Matt and "solved" that format by playing BA. Matt's BA deck was pretty amazing and probably one of the most difficult decks I ever tried playing, but I probably just suck.
  11. YCS Minneapolis 2016

    The whole mechanic is pretty dumb, I agree. Offers both a way to vomit out boards right away and inevitability with the recursion of bodies every turn. A big problem is that there's no way to reasonably interact with dead pendulums in the extra deck the way it's possible to interact with graveyard recursion based decks. I'd like to see more cards that let you interact with those cards.
  12. ABC - Discussion

    Not tagging out immediately puts you at a pretty big risk of just getting blown out by a kaiju though you could employ the oasis / call / scramble strat that some japanese players have been trying out to just fuck with kaijus.
  13. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    It's just a shit card for precisely those reasons. It seems like dgz had found out CoC was garbage, but regressed back into it after the card saw success in worlds and random regionals. Dragons have amazing support options so you don't have to run max cantrips to dig for power cards, not to mention some of your stuff is once per turn like alternative (by extension melody) and silver's cry.
  14. I remember people doing shit like that. Like advocating people to not run one for one because it wasn't worth getting maxx c'ed over it and then just going "One for one DANDY IS BROKEN xD" in their top whatever at YCS the weekend after. Same with some trap cards to eliminate others from playing them so they wouldn't have to play around them.