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  1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Glad I'm not the only who thought that. This song is pretty lackluster compared to Stand Proud and Bloody Stream and the visuals aren't as dynamic or interesting, it's mostly just hyping up the coming Stand battles. But dat D'arby tho. [spoiler]and dat other D'arby too.[/spoiler]
  2. Black Horn of Heaven for Pendulum

    First you make a statement. Then you say it's not official. Then you say you hope it works because x-card doesn't satisfy you enough. Like, what is this post even about? I think he meant "you can black horn a pendulum summon, but whether or not it will hit multiple monsters that were pendulum'd is unconfirmed" and that he hopes it does since timespace is situational and costs lp. At least that's what I gathered.
  3. Kingdom Hearts

    Well I remember Timeless River as being a pretty good place for any form that wasn't Final (since lol No Nobodies) since you run through the door to the castle and had max Drive back. You just run through the curtain rooms until your Drive nearly runs out and go back to the castle. Obviously last world is literally the best place to level Final Form.
  4. Ancient Spirits

    How do you make Rank 6s? Unless I missed something you only have the 1 Yamamisaki and no steal power/level changing.
  5. Akame ga Kill

    Personally I find the Jaegers more interesting and awesome than Night Raid overall.
  6. New card erratas

    I don't think Dualiy will trigger any Sylvan because they get shuffled back into deck, and you can't activate card effects from in the deck (see PWWB vs Reborn Tengu)
  7. Qliphort - Discussion

    It took actually reading the Lance trap more than once to realize exactly what it did. I thought "Oh that's nice, my big guys wont lose to BTH/BTS/whatever" and then it dawned on me that the little 1800 dudes would go to full power and then some.   I think this is my new favorite archetype.   EDIT: I also agree with the above. Killer is a cool card, but he takes setup to play, And he literally dies in the mirror.
  8. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  9. Bleach Manga

    Man this chapter was great, so much happened!   Just like the last billion chapters!   okay more like 10 or something but holy shit, one whole chapter for a landing sequence that wasn't even awesome, and NO, LAMPSHADING HOW NOT-AWESOME IT WAS DOESN'T MAKE UP FOR THAT.
  10. Naruto Manga

    Didn't TenTen pick up some fancy fan like 100 chapters ago or something? And she passed out because she wasn't strong enough to use it? I know Madara picked that shit up, but for some reason I can't help but feel like that's the reason she had a convenient plot scroll like that.
  11. Kill La Kill, New Show by Hiroyuki Imaishi

    I always fucking lose it at "I COULD TAKE ON ONE HUNDRED STUDENTS AND STILL WIN" bit. And Jim Ketchup.
  12. Dueling Network

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku920wweYfs&feature=youtu.be   wow EVERYONE OVERLOOKED THIS LOL DAM HOT RAP CAREER THO Lol right, that was funny. Also, the Greyfire in the screencap is a different Grayfire from the one the song is attacking.   Also he was being completely sarcastic.        I would know, since he is me.
  13. Hands on Learning

      Monsters: 14 3x Fire Hand 3x Ice Hand 3x Myrmeleo 3x Dionaea 1x Nepenthes 1x TKRO   Spells: 12 2x Forbidden Lance 3x Supply Unit 3x MST 2x Pot of Dichotomy 2x Soul Charge   Traps: 14 2x CotH 2x Black Horn of Heaven 2x Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 3x Breakthrough Skill 1x Void Trap Hole 1x Warning 1x BTH 1x Torrential 1x CED   Extra: Dweller 2x Exciton 2x 101 Daigusto Emeral Dire Wolf Cowboy Maestroke Ragna Zero Giant Hand Utopia Diamond Crab King Rhapsody in Berserk Heartlandraco   The intent of the deck is to utilize the power of Hands to destroy your opponents cards while maintaining field presence and the Traptrix monsters to completely wall off your opponents summons and act as a nice Rank 4 engine that generates advantage in itself. I've playtested the deck quite a bit and it's a lot of fun (mainly because I'm a sadistic bastard who likes watching people squirm but you know. To each their own).   The Hands: Obviously 3x each hand since they're the core of the deck. Drawing multiples will happen, but with Dichotomy and Emeral, you can easily recycle them.   The Lolis: Triple Myrm and Dio because they're the best. Myrm nearly always generates advantage by either grabbing your Traps or popping backrow, and Dionaea is neat because when it revives another copy of itself, you can set a spent Trap Hole for use during your opponents next turn. So either they have to run into the backrow that they know is there, or just hold off until the end of your next turn so it goes away.   Now Nepenthes is interesting. It's completely useless by itself, other than acting as a 2k ass (lol like attack and defense points matter), but if it's faceup and you Trap Hole whatever, that generates a free card. Mainly I'm using it as an ass and a Dio target. I wanted another level 4 to help with the deck's Rank 4 engine. It doesn't usually hurt me, but I haven't drawn into it enough for me to have a proper assessment.   The King: TKRO + 3+ backrow is fucking awesome. Need I say more?   The Broken Spells: Supply Unit + Hand engine is awesome, and since Supply Unit is mandatory the Hand will resolve first, lowering the chance of drawing a multiple Hand. And people hate this card, drawing MST aggro like honey and flies. This lets your backrow act near unimpeded. I'm at a crossroads though. Multiples are cool but you can probably already see the problem with having multiple up. Less room for backrow. I'm thinking about cutting it to 2, but the card is just so stupid with relevant backrow not to mention I wouldn't know what to toss in. More testing will be needed.   Soul Charge. AHAHAHAHAHA. Okay to be real, I only run 2 because this deck isn't the kind that utilizes explosive plays. Reviving multiple Myrmeleos/reviving a dead TKRO can be fun, especially for wiping out backrow, but the main damage the deck does is through backrow, with the monsters acting as a more destructive core, and targets are usually being recycled through Dichotomy. But I'll run it anyway because the card is stupid good.   The Duality: Pot of Dichotomy is a cool card with the hands, and 2 seems to be a good number. I don't want it clogging, and I will sometimes want a battle phase to run over troublesome monsters. The monster variety in the deck means that the only way the card won't go off is if you don't have enough monsters in grave to activate it.   The Spear: Forbidden Lance is cool because it protects TKRO and Fire Hand from BTH. Cool card.   Backrooooooooow: The Trap Holes: 2 Nightmare + 1 Void + 1 BTH is my favorite ratio because while Nightmare is probably superior to Void, Void will occasionally act like a nice stop to something like Spark or something that won't be activating it's effect. BTH yeah because BTH rocks. The spread acts like a nice blanket that covers your bases.   Call is a neat card with Myrmeleo and the Hands. You can't get a Hand from a rampant MST yeah, but it puts a pause in the Battle Phase, and an End Phase Myrmeleo acts just like MST.   Staples is as Staples do.   Now the Extra Deck was something I needed to deliberate on.   2x Exciton and 2x 101 are the biggest hitters obviously. I may cut 1 Exciton for something since I'll usually have stuff on board when I want to explode, but I don't know of any other Rank 4 I'd rather have than a second EEK. And once we get that Skyblaster Castel Xyz, I already know I'm cutting Maestroke.   Crab King and Utopia are the beaters, but they're usually unneeded. But I don't have anything else I can summon really that can get over something 2500+ that I can't 101 or 103.   Ragna is hot (or cool, fucking fire and ice puns), Hand is another cockblock monster, Dire Wolf spot removal, Cowboy for burn winning, Dweller because it rapes certain decks.   Now for the weirdest Xyz: Heartlandraco. It's a cool little bugger that can swing past monsters for 2k damage in exchange for nothing else being able to attack (usually not an issue) and it has a nifty interaction with Supply Unit in that while there's a faceup Spell on my field, my opp can't attack Marineangemon.   And then my favorite Xyz (for purely stupid reasons): Rhapsody in Berserk. He acts like 2 DD Crows that aren't chainable (read: bad) and can equip to another Xyz to boost it by 1200 ATK. 3300 ARK that can't die once is funny. 3200 Heartlandraco swinging directly is hilarious.   The Side Deck:  I suck at side decking. I tossed some floodgates in because fuck mass Special Summoning, Diamond Dust because fuck WATER, Mole because fuck certain monsters, Tome because fuck Bujin, Full House because uh...actually I hate this card. Use something else.   Now for my reasons on lack of Duality/Upstart: Yes I know "Play 37/34 cards", but my mentality is, this deck isn't exactly a combo deck, it's control-based. I would rather those 3/6 cards be cockblock cards/Supply Unit, because Supply Unit does more for the deck than Duality or Upstart, not to mention I've always hesitated with UG giving my opp LP. Especially with a deck where I'll need to eek out all the damage I can with my control cards.   Supply Unit goes longer and acts like an MST magnet. People are mad scared of this card, and nearly every time my opponent has to choose between Supply and legit backrow, they choose to blast the Supply Unit. Maybe I'm not playing good enough people? But SU is a degenerate card that punishes the opponent for running over my guys. Especially when those guys are Fire/Ice Hand.   I realize that it sounds like some of my card choices over others are mainly "because I like this card more" but some of it is due to experience using those cards instead of others or in tandem with others. This is my first Deck Profile, and I've been lurking for a while. I'd appreciate some feedback, and thanks for reading. 
  14. Soul Charge

      Why not just chain    Seems to be a bit more common and versatile, no?
  15. Post-PRIO Rock Stun

    The ratio I usually go with the Traptrix is BTH, 1 Trap Hole, 2 Tratrix trap Hole, and 1 Void if I have the room for it. This way you can search for whatever you think is optimal at the moment, and have options aside from if they spam SS at you and all you have are 2 Trap Hole set.