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    I have no idea..
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    PS2 and Metal Gear Solid.. They'll always be room in my life for you Hideo Kojima, but not in a gay way or nothing.. Don't get me wrong, I love your games..
  1. When does School/College start for u?

    Damn school starts on Aug. 15.
  2. Top 10 Movies

    1. Scarface 2. Saving Private Ryan 3. Spirited Away 4. Rush Hour 2 5. 300 6. Joy Luck Club 7. The Godfather Part 3 8. Twin Warriors 9. Click 10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  3. Sex

    Sex is for animals. =O
  4. Masturbation

    Damn, probably 3-4 times a week during vacation. On school days probably less when I get lonely. =O
  5. Simpsons the Movie

    I liked the movie, it was a pretty stupid movie, but it was funny none the less.
  6. It's been forever

    Man, I thought I'd stop by and check out the forums in a while. Afterall I still ahve 9 days of vacation left. So I wonder if anyone still remembers me? Doubt it.
  7. Capoeira is a cool fighting style.

    I've always been puzzled by capoeira, it all seems like dance and break dancing at times and seems like they're dancing with one another. I always wondered how do they win? Cool style, but I'll stick to my style, Tae Kwon Do, until I can teach myself breakdancing to become an Exibitionist Martial Artist.
  8. Good eatin

    Meh, i was just watching Dirty Jobs with the episodes of these Geoducks.. =P Mike Rowe killed acouple of them..
  9. Your absolute favorite movie.

    Scarface Saving Private Ryan Godfather 1-3 Click Tokyo Drift Spirited Away
  10. The Samuel L. Jackson Appreciation Thread

    He was Officer Tenpenny on GTASA, I think.. anyways he ways cool in that game, even though I wanted to shoot him with my AK47..

    I was mod before, there's not much too do.. except read every posts for rule breaking.. =O Stick to surfing Reggie..
  12. NaZr1oUs for god

    All the spots are taken. There's the god of love, aphrodite, god of the seas, poseidon, goddess of war, athena. There are some spots left though.. God of Philips TVs..!?
  13. Knux for mod.

    I stopped listening to sonic a long time ago most especially after some of his newer games. I only listen to Solid Snake now.. =P
  14. Afro Samurai

    Wonder if they'll show it on spike tv.. =D