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  1. DPt Tiers DPPt Tiers

    they're bl
  2. HG/SS

    for the LONGEST FUCKING TIME i delayed not buying a ds and heart gold but i just splurged today. using the heart gold rom on mac is impossibly annoying =[
  3. Cash Money

  4. Your Funeral Song

    resurrection by common or having a party by sam cooke
  5. Wu-Tang & Lego

    yeah this is great they've got it like shot for shot
  6. What song are you listening to now?

    Now playing: Royce Da 5'9" - It's The New via FoxyTunes
  7. What mixtape are you listening to

    ---------------- Now playing: Drake - Goin' In (feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy) via FoxyTunes
  8. mp3 tagger

    for windows i used mp3tag. shit was good. now i can't find anything that even compares. mediamonkey was it and that's windows only too. any suggestions (don't fucking say itunes, i'm using that currently and shit sucks)?
  9. Cassidy vs. Freeway

    how could you not like his first album but like his second? i just dont get that
  10. This is how compulsive i am in Pokemon

    i do the same thing. premier balls + poke balls only. its just annoying to buy so many premier balls and then go for a legendary i remember one time i tried to do that and ran out so i caught it in a poke ball instead.
  11. Senate approves resolution apologizing for slavery

    what i love about this topic is how the majority of people, including the majority of black people, won't give 2 shits about this apology and yet black people writ large are blamed for asking for reparations in this topic when most only ever do so jokingly. seriously, no one cares about the senate apologizing for slavery centuries after the fact, and everyone knows reparations is never coming. so why are you all raging so hard about black people asking for x or y?
  12. One Piece Manga

    at the same time though, the two people who i think could take him on, croc and jimbei, didnt actually try and fight him iirc. and its not like luffy went all out either
  13. Affirmative Action

    as it is the most easily recognizable study, i'll cite it again. in a state like minnesota, fairly far north, a man with a black sounding name got a job about as easily as a white man with a felony. to say that race relations are all healed now because obama is the president is wrong. minorities still put up with a lot of structural and societal bullshit, even if the most powerful man in the free world is one of them. is it fair to say that a diverse student body may have a diverse set of opinions and ideas that wouldn't exist if we didn't "care about the diversity of skin colors and races at colleges?" i think it is. white people, poor or rich, have a different set of life experiences because of their differences. the same is true for black people, brown people, etc. part of the differences we all experience is because of the history of race relations in america. i think that the diversity of a group of people would allow for a diversity of opinions and ideas that colleges can fairly choose. not all colleges do, but i dont think that this issue is as simple as you make it out to be. i also disagree with your second point, that white blue-collar kids received the same treatment as minorities before affirmative action. if my memory serves me right, aa started around the 1950's-1970's, and we've been in a state of backlash ever since. before the 1950's, brown v board wasn't even on the books while jim crow was all over them in the south and redlining was all the rage as wwii winded down. suburbs were built for white people to live in, and credit was fairly cheap. before that, a majority of black people couldn't vote, as most were still living in the south (again, correct me if i'm wrong but i think the second black migration during wwii was the main cause of the cities being so black), under jim crow. to say that the situations were the same for poor minorities and poor whites is to gloss over the facts. i'm not saying that being poor is the greatest thing ever, but you're conflating history here. i honestly think you're a smart guy and i respect you for it, but i think you've taken a fairly shallow look at the whole situation. being against (edit: race-based) affirmative action is perfectly fine. being against it using the reasoning you've presented is off-base.
  14. Laptop Locks

    plastic macbook