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  1. Ok. So I'm not crazy. I guess I'm having difficulty seeing where this deck fits, if at all. Weaker overall than dragon warrior. Their 6 drop is better. Their best start is better than yours. Arguably weaker than hunter because they can run Barnes, yoga (maybe), and call of the wild is probably better than strangle and warden on average. Also fiery bat is death to so many of Druids starts. Mid range shaman is an is totally its own beast but still probably is better because it has access to probably better early game and hex.
  2. You are a much better player than me so you are right. But could you explain why? also, am I wrong in feeling this decks top end is weak?
  3. I relented and added 1 Druid of the Flame because, why was I playing living roots? 2 Innervate 2 Enchanted Raven 2 Raven Idol 1 Sir Finley Mrrgglton 2 Druid of the Saber 2 Mark of Y'Saarj 2 Power of the Wild 2 Wrath 1 Druid of the Flame 1 Fandral Staghelm 2 Savage Combatant 2 Swipe 2 Azure Drake 2 Druid of the Claw 2 Stranglethorn Tiger 2 Menagerie Warden 1 The Curator
  4. I doubt that this is right, but I wasn't playing any 3 drops yesterday in beast druid. Turn 3 was usually spent - Innervating a 5 drop - Removing whatever they played into my Raven/Mark - Playing Mark on my 3/2 Stealth Panther thingy
  5. Fair point. I should have said any Hunter that plays call of the wild.
  6. I'm not sure why Tracking isn't a staple in Hunter. What am I missing? The odds of milling your 2nd call of the wild have to be pretty low.
  7. I think Rogue was secretly the big winner of this adventure.
  8. I'll also say that, while it's still probably the worst class in HS, Resurrect Priest is completely playable.
  9. Loads of mage spells (mirror image, missiles, arcane blast) Or any paladin secret. EDIT: Actually, I had a fair bit of success with an awful Anomaly 1 drop aggro paladin build. That divine strength card was legit.
  10. I think it's interesting how Arcane Anomaly is actually proving itself to be a solid card. AA + Coin + 1 mana spell is a 2/3 1-drop. Sure it's no Zombie Chow, but it's what we have.
  11. Anecdotal evidence incoming: fist of jaraxxus only goes face. Seriously, I think I'm like 11 for 11. One time, the guy had 4 minions out. Still go face (for the win, which I'm not going to complain about).
  12. Yup - It's no surprise that the best classes in the game also boast Alexstraza's Champion/Fiery War Ax, Tunnel Trogg/Totem Golem, or Flame Imp. All other 6 classes have shitty early game compared to those.
  13. refreshing. All things considered, I think this is a pretty good expansion and it introduces some legit control cards. ...except for Menagerie Warden. Fuck that guy.