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  1. I decided to give this deck a shot just to see how it works. 5 mirror matches, 1 hunter. Fuck this.
  2. I think the "3rd party" bit is extra hilarious. But I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner, to be honest. Everyone go play hearthstone. I need people worse than me.
  3. Good luck ACP. Thanks Ash!
  4. This is my favorite Brawl since "You must be this tall" I only got around 60 wins, but it was much more fun than ladder. Plus, any excuse to play around with DOOM! is fun.
  5. This is a better deck than I initially gave it credit for. It's a less all-in rogue which is nice to play. I have played Finley in mine and found it to be nice. Picking up some form of heal in the mid-late game is pretty cool.
  6. I really like this Brawl. I've played a handful of different decks starting with mindless big minion, cheap removal warrior to more fun things like hobgoblin zoo.
  7. I was playing wild. My Midrange Paly vs. Druid. You could tell he went Force-Roar for a board clear...he was unhappy to learn that Trents were nerfed in both wild and standard.
  8. I'm done with the Brawl too, unless I have to pick up some shitty quest. I played 3x King Mukla on one mana, and still had mana leftover. How is that fun for anyone?
  9. I got a hand of 3 Lotheb, and the on turn two the spell that reduces cost by 3. Oops.
  10. I tried similar variations of the deck for a while last season but to little avail. Sometimes it worked, but when a deck with so little survivability aims toward making it into the late game, I found it failing quite often. The issue was magnified by the hero power being rendered essentially useless.
  11. I think the increase of doomsayer in wild is probably directly attributable to the fact that, without owl, there's no real strong answer when it's dropped on turn 2. With the exception of secret paladin, I kind of like wild more atm. Primarily because I can still play priest and not feel like I'm screwed every time.
  12. Anybody playing wild at all? I'm sort of enjoying it.
  13. Something about Kripp has always rubbed me the wrong way.
  14. This week's brawl is pretty good. After the initial wave of aggro, which seems to always happen, a ton of great controll-y stuff is popping up. Guaranteed Alarm-o-bots are fun.
  15. Pirate warrior list makes my day