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  1. yugioh meet in texas

    This thread is a goldmine
  2. How I Came to Hate Mac n Cheese

    I laughed really hard while reading this report. This is by far the best report you've ever written  
  3. favourite pokemon type?

    Psychic Mewtwo's always been my fave pokemon
  4. End of the Line [vs] The Salty Spitoon

    Back to Square One got me 2-1 ggs
  5. BrokenLink vs. End of the Line

    got impact 2-1 ggs
  6. BrokenLink vs. End of the Line

    On 4 games
  7. Got Audioslayne 2-1 opened hole heavy reborn game 3. hes quite salty right now and i dont blame him i
  8. BrokenLink vs. End of the Line

    Exhale got me 2-0 ggs
  9. BrokenLink vs. End of the Line

    on 4 games
  10. Fourshot [vs] End of the Line

    Drawing triple shine ball really blows
  11. Couple years ago at YCS Toronto I was playing a guy who was running a random deck (I was playing Machina Gadget). Game 1 I have Thunder king on board. He flips Reese normal summons Spy and synchs for Flamvell Uruquizas. I proceed to negate with Thunder king and he says "WTF DOES HE DO?". I just about died of laughter
  12. Elemonators vs End of the Line

    Lost 2-1 to Bergy dcd 2 games out of 3
  13. Toronto regional report

    Well at least I'm on the props list. Gj on on finally getting your invite
  14. Toronto Regionals, 11th Place

    Gj on getting your invite man sucks that you lost to two chaos dragons in a row. Really cool chillin with you all day
  15. Prohibition

    Ive always wanted to use this card against a final countdown deck just so I could call Final Countdown before they use it and watch them cry
  16. Couldn't agree more don't throw shit in your deck just bc you want to OTK with it that just makes the deck worse
  17. i hate every local in my area

    [quote name='Relianah' timestamp='1333586181' post='3146029'] Man these are making my locals seem kind of good :$ [/quote] I agree I thought our locals was bad until I started reading this thread lol
  18. "A side deck is only for people who don't trust in the power of their deck" A guy told me this at my locals a while back
  19. Gadget - Discussion

    Torrential is too good not be running. Just about anything you kill was free anyways and clearing the board of annoying monsters is pretty important. It's a staple imo and I haven't seen many decks that don't run 2