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  1. I really hope everyone discussing chaos actually plays it in warring.
  2. this is true, but it's not a good thing
  3. @Winter Multi are you using Order to Charge?
  4. It's much better than I expected
  5. If I remember correctly, both pretty much retain quality (animation anyway) throughout.
  6. gush was also restricted in Vintage all good, long-time coming changes
  7. I think Dino still wants 3 apophis and 3 order to charge. You want to kill quickly
  8. Busy atm, but i should post one up for lv40 in about 6 hours.
  9. It depends on a number of factors I think. If it has a purpose other than just displaying, it's better, but no matter what I don't think the target audience will be DGz.
  10. spell reclamation is a second union attack
  11. what's the story behind malcom's multi?
  12. venus is in the fire pack, so i can understand not getting it, but i still think you should fit some number of order to charge in.
  13. you should run Order to charge and the Venus engine i think. Statue of the Wicked counts as a normal monster
  14. For goat minus I would hit only trunade, dustshoot, PoG, and delinquent.
  15. that makes it actually sorta viable