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  1. even with birdface increasing consistency, you probably still only want 2 egotist.
  2. If you want to play harpies, then yeah it's worth it. That's the card making harpies playable. Since it's a super rare, it shouldn't be too bad to get 3. There are also some other good cards in the pack.
  3. 3 mirror wall sems completely unnecessary in that list
  4. wait, so how many forbidden cards are they errata'ing? because future fusion, imperial order, etc. are still busted.
  5. posted a deck to farm lv30 yugi earlier with Mako, but you can use it with anyone. Certainl lv40 LDs have terrible decks
  6. are you using her to farm yugi, etc? you can do 8k points easily against some LDs with Mai
  7. That's not that unlikely tbh, just pretty unlucky.
  8. they probably run spell reclamation then, unless you're using a combination of Blue eyes ultimate and Cu chulainn
  9. But realistically, no, you don't need to farm yugi any more
  10. a shiny magical blast can be useful for cerberus, and you need either a 2nd union attack or to run Spell reclamation in the farming decks that use it.
  11. I'm not going to lie, lackey is kind of ugly, but it works really well for testing. Also Dueling Network was always terrible for Solitaire testing, and time consuming when you tried. Lackey provides very fast solitaire testing.
  12. Dueling network's UI was nothing special, only the aesthetics.
  13. The fact that people haven't given up on this just because it's a DN clone is baffling to me.
  14. I posted that deck with Banner of Courage for farming Yugi while realizing that I crafted my Banners a while ago and there's no way to get more copies XD. It has more utility in farming than I would've expected.
  15. Gandora has potential to be good Union attack is used with Grave keeper's Vassal, which deals effect damage instead of battle damage.