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  1. Metalfoes

    how do you guarantee being able to activate EERR?
  2. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    I don't know what point in the process you are at right now, but if you're going to carry a gun (not sure if it's the best option, but it's a fine one imo), make sure you're well trained in it, both in safe handling and use. If you're in a situation where you have to shoot, you better disable them with the first shot. Bullets are expensive, but practice is important.
  3. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    no, don't watch Sword art online at all. It's really quite terrible. I could rant on how it fails in every aspect, but it's probably not worth it. I know it's not really anime, but Netflix's Castlevania was quite enjoyable for me, if short.
  4. Stock Market Investing

    I assume you mean InteractiveBrokers the company? They have a pretty good system it looks like. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think you have to pay at least $10 a month on transaction costs, but there's a very low cost per transaction. Definitely a good place to do high-volume trades. Yeah despite nvidia's absurd growth in the last year, I think it's still a fine investment, whereas AMD is not, while having similar growth over the past year. £10k seems like a good amount to start with, even if you plan on only doing long-term investing. Obviously the more you have, the better you can diversify.
  5. Stock Market Investing

    Now, I know how these work, but you need to have a different kind of access to the market than I currently do. I'm not sure how to get that.
  6. Stock Market Investing

    Small update: I ended up buying more Apple towards the end of the year, and obviously it has done insanely well. I've continued to play with Barrick Gold (ABX). Their most recent earnings report (about 3 months ago) missed expectations, but it was clearly oversold, so I bought into it again, and it's gone up about 4% since then. I expect it to continue creeping up barring major changes in the price of gold. Unless something changes, I plan on holding these two until a year is up at least to get the reduced capital gains tax.
  7. Thor: Ragnarok

    So, this movie looks great, but I have to imagine it will feel rushed. I mean, there is no way they can fit all the stuff shown in the trailers in a normal marvel movie runtime.
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    From how the manga is doing, I think the anime has a good chance of continuing to get better.
  9. It's probably just that all your recent posts have actually been terrible so the majority of the world's population is wrong?
  10. why do i never think i am wrong?

    If you can, try to get a meeting with a psychiatrist. They are inexpensive if you have insurance, and you can pay with cash. It seems like you are not independent though. From what it sounds like, there is definitely medicine that could be prescribed for your exact issue. Something to try: If you are at home and recognize that you are unreasonably angry, try meditating. Isolate yourself and think calmly about any possible reasons/triggers for your anger. Examine how it has influenced you that day. Obviously, don't beat yourself up over it though, be constructive. Then, recognize if there are any activities that calm you down. Using "escapes" is totally normal.
  11. @OD Superman that's why i qualified the statement with "integrity". Because of the structure of warring, intentionally imbalanced personnel placement is still misrepresentation (this could be seen as an extension to "dodging", targeting players, or preventing members from playing). Also, there were initially some suspicions of intentionally bad play.
  12. Also, there were no concessions involved here, so none of that documentation applies. The games were played out. The accusation is that the games, or their integrity, were misrepresented.
  13. Also, to those trying to apply law to this, I believe tacit collusion and indirect bribery both broadly cover this issue, and are terms stated in the konami documents. In fact, if Silver had acted only slightly differently in this scenario it would be a clear case of indirect bribery (as far as the information that has been presented to me).
  14. It's already been stated that the thread in question was not supposed to be comprehensive. Obviously a comprehensive set of rules will need to be more broad and carefully drafted. That should be discussed in the context of the new season's structure, however.
  15. Stop trying to make this about the DRP, no one actually gives a shit about DRP. Seriously, this whole discussion is humiliating. Grow some balls Jazz and admit that collusion is different from concession. Making an issue out to be more complex than it actually is doesn't change reality. Allen, quit arguing dumb points and just leave it at "it was illegal". Take responsibility for a flawed system like a leader is supposed to and move on to an improved one.