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  1. dude fuck the beatles

    Markus you're just wrong. The Beatles were definitely shit human beings, but they were great musicians. Their music was simplistic in general, but that's part of the reason it took off.
  2. @Jazz will you be on an hour from now?
  3. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Ninjas will still be viable with a different build I think. Ca's can adapt for sure. There's sapphira and Vennu which I think both are promising.
  4. I am out

    I actually want to apologize, as I've given you shit sometimes, and it's mostly unwarranted. Due to minor disagreements, really. You are certainly a contributor to the site, and you haven't caused "bad things" for it. If people are blaming you for Allen leaving (I've seen that a couple times), don't take it to heart. It had nothing to do with you personally.
  5. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I expect it to be good old underwhelming Ra. It's still an actual God card, so people will be excited.
  6. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    I could've sworn rip kid no cry was already permabanned earlier today.
  7. Retiring effective immediately

    Well that's sudden. I believe that if something is making you unhappy, or even just not contributing, you should change or cut it out immediately. It's unfortunate for the rest of us, but if that's what DGz became for you, then good to leave.
  8. Rogue - Discussion

    Hazy is definitely viable right now, not tier one though. The best build runs 3 Soul exchange, but you can build a budget version with the continuous trap that will still do fine on ladder i think
  9. Definitely a great starter deck for getting to legend/KoG. Didn't realize how much was in that pack.
  10. Rogue - Discussion

    what do you think about it as a venus skill?
  11. Rogue - Discussion

    that seems interesting. Probably not good competitively, but maybe for farming? Something to keep an eye on at least. Also might see use as a skill for Venus decks.
  12. Autoduel decks

    I usually just use Grit or the 1k life point boost for autodueling if the character has it. Or some other passive skill
  13. Duel Links Friend Code Thread

  14. Ninja - Discussion

    Yeah, unfortunately you need 2-3 transformation. We should post an example list up though, probably the one that won the KCC.