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  1. wrong person lol, was fluxoff
  2. Here's a general new player guide as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4uzaw40izraypf9/New Player Resource Guide.pdf?dl=0
  3. Awesome! I'd love to try it out. Made an account as Gojira.
  4. Dropping Evolution and Biki, they're nonexistent.
  5. This is early.. thought it was going to be after the ladder rollover.
  6. I'm around rank 20 at the moment, playing mono blue prison/combo with Uzzu the Bonewalker. The deck is a lot of fun. You get to do stupid things, but also interact. I think I have the best sideboard plan currently, with Webborn Apostate as tech for the mirror (can essentially timewalk if played before turn 4). I also play Blue/White (Sapphire/Diamond) control. It's good, but has trouble with decks like the above that can suddenly present a huge board. I expected it to be one of the best decks going into the new set though, with this card:
  7. Not until transmog rotates out i think. I mean, I'm sure the card will see play, and it's great, but I don't see it being the flagship rare.
  8. Watching World End at the moment. Definitely some problems with the execution, but the fairly subtle handling of the plot intrigued me, so I looked up the light novel. It's basically the best set up for a harem story ever.
  9. I'm just saying dodging is fundamentally bad strategy unless the dodging players are expected to truly never play, in which case they might as well not be active.
  10. I just don't get dodging good players. It's like admitting you're terrible AND that you can't learn through failure. I mean, if you're sure you can't beat allen/perovic at goats, then why bother playing the format at all?
  11. Mostly Harmless ♥♥♥♥♥ Gojira / Gojira / current and goats ♥♥ Evolution` / Evolution` / current and goats ♥♥ biki / biki / current and goats ♥♥ xbambiraptorx / bambiraptor / current and goats ♥♥ 2k17! / ſ2kSevenTeen / goats only ♥ kiritosinon / 4D617474 / current preferred ♥♥ The_Be(a)sT / beast / current only ♥♥ DGZ9000 / fluxoff / current preferred ♥♥ Detox ♥♥♥♥♥♥ OD Superman - kperovic - Goat ♥♥ noah1462 - noah - Current ♥♥ Jazz - Jazz - Goat ♥♥ Skully - Skully - Goat ♥♥ PennyroyalTea - Pennyroyaltea - Current ♥♥ Ynusgridorh - Ynusgridorh - Goat ♥♥ Squiddy - Noobman93 - Current ♥♥ Pryda - Pryda - Current? ♥♥ Oh_The_Irony - Naveen - Current ♥♥ War Story OD Superman (Goat Control) > 2k17! (Beastdown) 2-0
  12. Gojira (Goat control) > Ant_88_tnA (Goat Control) 2-1 Gojira (Beastdown) > Ant_88_tnA (Goat Control) 2-1 Very close games. Good war guys!
  13. Gojira > Shining Blue Eyes/Markus updated op with specifics
  14. gojira (beasts) 2>1 mmf (angel goat?)