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  1. Just pre-ordered the stuff for this deck. 4 Glint-Nest Crane 4 Aetherflux Reservoir 4 Bone Saw 4 Cathar's Shield 1 Implement of Examination 1 Ornithopter 1 Prophetic Prism 4 Renegade Map 4 Anticipate 4 Metallic Rebuke 4 Paradoxical Outcome 2 Reverse Engineer 4 Whir of Invention 19 Island I'm still messing with the numbers and Baral's Expertise (it can return your own stuff, or a combination), but I think this has the potential to be really strong. With a good hand you can win on turn 4, you have some game one interaction with Crane and Rebuke, and any midrange matchup seems incredibly easy.
  2. So this game has been brought to my attention again, since apparently they're building their own online client. That could be huge for the game's success if done well. I saw that they invited a number of prominent Magic players to their Worlds event to push the "convert" idea. The dark draft idea mixed with constructed is actually really cool. Kark seems a little OP, has it become a problem?
  3. I just reread this announcement; none of the events are Modern Masters sealed, it's Amonkhet sealed. That's extremely disappointing.
  4. While I believe that it increases your win rate if Tyler found that, your argument doesn't make sense. By that same token, it also creates hands that are "draw live or lose" scenarios. For instance, take a hand containing hand destruction and cup of ace going first (without both a ritual and aquamirror to discard). If you whiff on cup of ace you cannot win. In that scenario it's probably better to just pitch it to hand destruction. Similarly, a starting hand containing library and cup of ace will usually only work if you win the flip, unless you have 2 other draw spells in hand.
  5. I honestly think Dark world dealings might give you a better win rate. I'll be goldfishing a lot though. I might just make a program to goldfish for me tbh, then it'll be clear.
  6. Cup of Ace reduces you to 50% win or lose on the spot pretty often. I don't think that's a good card. Sure on average it's an upstart goblin, but generally you're using a single copy early on and it can just screw you.
  7. Affinity is not a deck without Mox opal. You lose speed, an irreplaceable artifact, and colored mana sources. You'll start getting hands that just don't win against anything.
  8. the minimum to combo is a level 8, mind augus, library, and aquamirror. I think the probability of exiling all the pieces is less than 50%, so it's still better than cup of ace, at least.
  9. 3 fusion conscription is a lot of dead draws. Also, I think gamecial is best left in the sideboard. It's pretty easy to get access to the lv8/waters in this deck. They're what mostly lead to the dead draws anyway.
  10. This definitely seems on track. 1 desires is actually great in this deck since you can easily search out the essential pieces. Cup of ace is still kinda trash though There isn't. There are multiple rank 4s that add cards from deck to hand, but they're all irrelevant card types. you could run a water lv1 to get with Abductor for Moray/Magical Mallet. Probably too convoluted though.
  11. what about magical abductor? I've been using it when messing with tempest magician, but that deck runs Magical Citadel of Endymion. Even so, I think it's pretty good in any library deck. The first abductor searches out Luster Pendulum, which then opens up rank 4 xyz or summoning extra libraries.
  12. Is this the first announcement of Modern Masters 2017 or was that known already?
  13. This doesn't make sense either. You should have more than 2/3s igknights if possible. There's no reason to be exact
  14. It's still going to be a different actor, just the same face. The face shouldn't matter that much.
  15. I think that's definitely a real deck. Heart of Kiran into a Planeswalker is just stupid.