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  1. for mokey mokey, all traps, and ritual summons NPCs you can still use cerberus for 7000-8000 Idk a good one for the others.
  2. I found 2 shard of greed to be too slow. Cup of ace was situationally useful to either be a pot of greed or force a parasite draw. It's not a good card, but it played better than my other options.
  3. Made King of Games with this: Weevil - Parasite Infestation 1 Big Shield Gardna 1 Sphere Kuriboh 2 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 2 Gyaku-Gire Panda 1 Parasite Paracide 3 Jerry Beans Man 1 Half Shut 1 Black Pendant 1 Shard of Greed 1 Twister 2 Order to Charge 2 Mask of the Accursed 1 Cup of Ace 1 Mirror Wall Didn't have enough good cards for pure burn, got every card except dinos off of grinding Rex Raptor, so this is what I ended up with. The idea was that parasite is turning off field buffs so I can burn as well as play the fair game with Panda and Jerry. Helped that everyone in Platinum was terrible, though my best matchup was actually against the good Rex decks. I had the most trouble with dedicated water board clear decks.
  4. Yep, finja decks are great
  5. it's a pretty good fake, but i'd be surprised as well.
  6. That would be a lot of power creep if all those cards are rotated in.
  7. a slightly worse torrential tribute. I expect we'll start seeing it around fairly often
  8. This app is so much more fun to play than actual yugioh tbh stone age yugioh is way better sometimes it's frustrating for the same reasons current yugioh is, but on a much lower level.
  9. Yeah, on #15. My pulls in general were amazing that time too, so it was all worth it.
  10. on my 12th reinstall kill me
  11. lol "radically transforming his appearance" literally just changed his hair color
  12. parasite burn seems legit
  13. What card am i looking for doing this; just mirror wall?
  14. I was asking if it was prohibitively time consuming
  15. how viable is this strategy starting out? No data from the beta was transferred