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  1. Locked my keys in my car

    It's freezing outside, so I go to start my car, close the door, and it just locks itself. Does anyone know how to break into a car? I don't want to have to call a locksmith/lose a full tank of gas.
  2. Stock Market Investing

    I'm going to preface this by saying I'm a huge noob, as I have only started thinking about investing since I opened an account in March. However, I feel I've started to get the hang of certain strategies, but also that I am severely lacking in most areas of analysis/knowledge. Because of this, my thoughts will probably appear scattered. To build my portfolio, I started by trying fundamental analysis, i.e. analyzing specific companies to see whether they were good long term investments. However, I quickly moved to focusing on technical analysis because it produces quicker results. Unfortunately my first investment (AAPL) turned out to be a huge mistake, because I underestimated the impact of a company's reports, even when the contents are basically known beforehand. My second investment (ABX) was aimed at taking advantage of fluctuating oil prices, planning on selling the stock quickly once it appeared to peak. If you look at ABX's history over the past few months, there have been multiple opportunities to buy and sell quickly. One thing I've tried to do is pay attention to daily fluctuations in prices when selling/buying to cover my transaction costs. For instance, over about a month, most stocks dipped in price significantly around 11:00 am, 1-2 hours after the market opened, regardless of where they were trending when the market opened. Recently I made an investment in NVIDIA which I planned to be long term, but I basically chickened out as it wasn't stable enough for my liking. I still think it is likely a good investment now, despite having already increased dramatically this year. I'm going to be focusing on another account (in Voya investments) soon, as it's been losing money, which will be a very different experience having to use the different Voya portfolios. If there's interest, here's my transaction history: Current Investments: 5434+/-20 Cash: 4.97 Performance: ~9.0% (lower than it appears due to an account bonus)
  3. Espa Roba

    This is a guide to farming Espa Roba level 40 and 30 (decks are equivalent). Espa Roba's lv. 40 deck: Farming Decks: Dark Paladin Fusion (recommended for time efficiency, but high cost) 7-8k Duel Assessment with Union Attack, 7k without Required cards: Example Decks: Cyber Angels (Slow, but cheap) 7k duel assessment without Union Attack, 7-8k with. Required cards: Example Decks: Will (probably) update with guides for using.
  4. dude fuck the beatles

    Markus you're just wrong. The Beatles were definitely shit human beings, but they were great musicians. Their music was simplistic in general, but that's part of the reason it took off.
  5. @Jazz will you be on an hour from now?
  6. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Ninjas will still be viable with a different build I think. Ca's can adapt for sure. There's sapphira and Vennu which I think both are promising.
  7. I am out

    I actually want to apologize, as I've given you shit sometimes, and it's mostly unwarranted. Due to minor disagreements, really. You are certainly a contributor to the site, and you haven't caused "bad things" for it. If people are blaming you for Allen leaving (I've seen that a couple times), don't take it to heart. It had nothing to do with you personally.
  8. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I expect it to be good old underwhelming Ra. It's still an actual God card, so people will be excited.
  9. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    I could've sworn rip kid no cry was already permabanned earlier today.
  10. Retiring effective immediately

    Well that's sudden. I believe that if something is making you unhappy, or even just not contributing, you should change or cut it out immediately. It's unfortunate for the rest of us, but if that's what DGz became for you, then good to leave.
  11. Rogue - Discussion

    Hazy is definitely viable right now, not tier one though. The best build runs 3 Soul exchange, but you can build a budget version with the continuous trap that will still do fine on ladder i think
  12. Definitely a great starter deck for getting to legend/KoG. Didn't realize how much was in that pack.
  13. Rogue - Discussion

    what do you think about it as a venus skill?
  14. Rogue - Discussion

    that seems interesting. Probably not good competitively, but maybe for farming? Something to keep an eye on at least. Also might see use as a skill for Venus decks.
  15. Autoduel decks

    I usually just use Grit or the 1k life point boost for autodueling if the character has it. Or some other passive skill
  16. Duel Links Friend Code Thread

  17. Ninja - Discussion

    Yeah, unfortunately you need 2-3 transformation. We should post an example list up though, probably the one that won the KCC.
  18. Rogue - Discussion

    Can you explain that strategy a bit more? Anything using field wipes well seems interesting.
  19. Is it because I miss getting flamed?

    Things have definitely improved over the previous DGz activity slump. Discord activity also keeps main site activity somewhat depressed. Mafia offsets that with some boosted posting numbers. Warring is back with small, but reasonable numbers, and the Duel Links subsection seems to be taking off. Duel links also now leads to the world championship, so hopefully there will continue to be a steady increase in activity there.
  20. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    i expect that CA will be getting hit a second time
  21. Ancient Gear - Discussion

    for anybody without floodgate, pulse mines seems greta
  22. Autoduel decks

    Been testing CAs for autodueling. You either can't run Machine angel ritual, or can't run the level 6s or the AI will do stupid stuff. But I think a deck that just summons dakini consistently is very good for autodueling. And many people are going to have the cards because of just playing CA.
  23. Soul lost? What happened to our rematch?
  24. KC Cup

    damn I'm envious. I have a lot of grinding to do to get there.