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  1. Didn't they actually give us a date with the first or second list? I don't see why they couldn't again.
  2. It's December

    mermail time
  3. Philadelphia, PA 10/5 Regional

    So how did the event go? No one really posted anything about it on facebook.
  4. ARG took down the Billy vs Frazier match lmao.
  5. Podcasts

    http://podcasts.joerogan.net/ Joe Rogan podcast.
  6. Mermail - Discussion

    Barring no Maxx C, I could turn 1 Gaios, Bahamut, Trite with Sphere, MST, Gunde in hand. Pretty good I'd think. 
  7. Astral Pack 3

    Really happy about the super Gunde.   I have a feeling the ultimate Marksman is going to look a bit weird.
  8. Mermail - Discussion

    Definitely not.
  9. Mermail - Discussion

    Interesting. Maybe I'm being to narrow-minded with Ocea. I'd personally think linde, zenmaines turn 1 wouldn't be a bad play. 
  10. Mermail - Discussion

    I love ocea. My favorite turn one play is summon teus search ocea, summon it, end with linde and a zemaines.  Ocea is a must.