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  1. I would not side entirely for the deck, but I did lose twice to necro yesterday (malefic skill drain+GK) and I found overworked to be rather helpful in the gk matchup.  Heretic is a bitch though, and I think you can usually end the game with a well placed trap stun or 7 tools.
  2.   lol this is not the correct way to approach card choices. Convince me to play Limiter Removal. I literally decided to play it because I had a fifteenth side slot and I wanted to be funny, one of my friends was playing it and I needed an excuse to move dark hole to the side. I wasn't expecting it to work, I was dicking around.  I'm not going to advocate it one way or another, but here's what happened when I drew it: G3-Spelllbooks: Gigant+zenmaines when opp is at 5600, gg. G3-Spellbooks: Gigant + mk2 on board, detach for mk 2, summon mk 2 to revive an armor.  Summon fortress, swing for 2000+2000+4600+5000 for game. G1-Malefic skill drain:  Gigant on board but drained, traded it+limiter to remove a malefic cyber end and get a gaino back for def. All in all not bad but not great, I was in a winning position in the games I won and a losing position in the games I lost and limiter didn't change that.  What it did change was my thought process: go aggro, not control, then surprise with an otk or huge push when they least expect it.  I personally thought it was a win moar card and I figured A: this is a small regs, why not dick around? and B: the deck is pretty damn consistent I can afford to play one single win moar card for a regional.  So draw your own conclusions, but would I play it again?  Probably.  It has some weird backup synergy with zenmaines and gigant, and game ending death pushes help offset the lack of explosive otks and the lp gained by hobans.  If all else fails make a 3k beater in maines, kill a opp monster, pop a card. EDIT: But if I had something better or a meta choice? Probably not.  The meta was garbage there so I figured why the hell not?
  3. 7-2 Colorado regs with 1 fortress/1 gearframe build.  Played no meta, lost to necro twice (gk and malefic skill drain.dek)  I nearly got deckdev'd four times and on a whim I played limiter removal.  'Tis a funny card and it won me two matches.
  4. Plants - Discussion

    [quote name='Sean.' timestamp='1345916736' post='3264401'] I would at least play 1. You never know when the situation will come up and you wouldn't want to regret not playing it because of so. [/quote] True. Wish I could find room for both, roach is too good.
  5. Prophecy / Spellbook - Discussion

    [quote name='Gagaga Magician' timestamp='1345528437' post='3260971'] 3 Compulsory (this was Wonder Wand but I'm not sure what to put here anymore) [/quote] For my first post, might I suggest running Magical Dimension over compulse? As much as I personally like armageddon into prophecy destroyer, I feel it can badly clog your hand in certian situations. Dimension can turn your spellbook magician into a higher lv prophecy while popping a card, and you can even get that magician search. I also like to play secret village, but that requires keeping your monsters on the board, something that isn't always possible for prophecy. Perhaps safe zone is another alternative? Combine it with secret village and you have a nearly invincible priestess, plus wisdom exists too, so you can even avoid the destruction effect if need be (I think, dont quote me) by calling traps. I honestly only play decree and safe zone as my traps.