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  1. here are some kitties if you are scum and are (is?) mad that your team is about to get 85% wrecked
  2. i didnt space this time because some of you are wiggers but i think it looks way worse and hard to read, blame islickz
  3. Alright so ill explain this as easy as possible so even scum cant twist it and the cuddly town players can understand. Without using insults ofc because we pg13 in this b*tch. Now idk if you guys are either all scum or overthinking this because this is meme on town day but its actually really simple. Its all about the damn votes. Lets look at the last votes on the last day: Now at the end of page 22 the votes were tied 3-3 for tyranno and faint. (oh look beast unvoted to tie things up hmmm) I was the defining vote on tyranno and me, sophocles and mascis all were active after that and posted on the thread. (dunno on malcolm) So by using our brains we see that any of us 3 could have voted for faint and made him the lynch! But no instead we voted for the obv scum. But silly nelrick what if the team is one of you 2, faint and tyranno! Well im sorry to say thats prety damn dumb because as we know now. tyranno was the power role. So it makes absolutely no sense to kill him over a mafia goon. But silly nelrick what about killing him for townie points! Well double sorry to say but that doesnt make sense in the slightest either because not only was he the power role, faint was also a great target and nothing stops scum from just bandwagoning tyranno on the next day. So basically we wasted a day on tyranno rather than killing town for the lulz (according to our amazing townies) Of course im aware that some of you are gonna ignore this because the possibility of scum being awful meme idea always exists but let me fucking tell you im better at playing scum than most here and killing faint over tyranno was a no brainer and i dont need to shoot myself on the foot for some next level when the commuter is an awful role for scum to deal with. So with that we explain me and mascis being town. Now i was confident on malcolm being town but following the great posts by his(her(it sub im not sure. Malcolm had an emergency so he could have switched votes prety easily and he expressed that he wanted to kill faint so thats a great way to set up a turnaround and save tyranno. Lets look at my 3rd town pick: Winter multi aka 2nd best looking dude on dg. Tyranno put votes on faint and made him the 2nd place on dying, had anyone on the tyranno train changed minds, faint would have died. So the ways things were set up at the end of day. In a world of faint and tyranno scum they set themselves up that no matter what one scum dies. Instead of idk pilling votes on a third. Once again a nonsensical play that only fucked up scum. Next time on dgz nelrick puts up his scum candidates!
  4. am i being memed on
  5. Ill do a quote train later about my top 3 guys i wanna smurf (heh). Im not supposed to be using my pc today. prob gonna fap before that tho. see you nerds tomorrow
  6. dammit masicis i was waiting to see if scum was going to push one of us before blowing my load. ps. they made a mistake by leaving me alive
  7. I have been holding on-on taking a shit so i could contribute before i got modkilled so idt ill be around for the rebuttals and people calling me a retard while pushing their much better theories about what actually goes in Mcdonalds burgers.
  8. For what its worth i think mascis is actually insane but not in the mafia sense. I think we learnt already that fake claims kill people 99% of the time and i dont see him doing that just to try and see how fast he can die. IT comes down to what i believe of mascis from what i have played with him and his posts so far that i dont see him as a viable target yet.
  9. I never understood or understand (rn) the post battles between 2 people. Underwood once told me that (lol) that if one person is throwing dirt on you its not important to go and argue with him. If his reasoning is really as stupid as you think it is then there should be no reason for one to go and dissect his posts because if anything it shows he may actually have some points on you. Additionally the backandforth only clutters the thread when everything has been said and it seems like you are punching a tree hoping to get candy.
  10. So far i have a lot of loose thoughts. Beast in one post agrees with sage on mascis not being scum from the perspective of what he did but then he suspects him later on. My vote boils down to what i can do right now since i came in so late. And tyranno defending jazz only makes sense in a world where both are scum. Like i said whats the reasoning to defend a player whose alignment you dont know? Throw 1 day in case he is scum? On the other hand, If scum: tyranno and jazz: town he wasted his time because the jazz lynch didnt go nowhere and he didnt get the possible townie points. vote tyranno
  11. Im not going to be able to sum up everyone before the deadline. But so far this stooud out to me the most. Sage points out something obvious, i dont see how good effort or whatever is town indicating. I think its fluff words because anyone can do that and if so, you will never catch scum who are decent. What tyranno did only makes sense if we assume jazz got found out and tyranno being who he is went on defense mode because 1. he is the most likely person able to pull it off (that being getting heat off him) and 2. losing a teammate on day 1 is terrible.
  12. Literally everything in this thread sums up as: I think you are scum LOL WTF YOU FUCKING PIECE OF DELUDED SHIT repeat until we hopefully kill scum??
  13. Solstice i think its amazing that you decided amongst all the things that went through that no one was worth a lynch on day 1 and would rather go for floaters. And while i do agree that lynching floaters is good on day 1 that only applies to day 1s where nothing happens. I think its a great play as scum to do that if your buddy is gettting heat so possible kudos for that. Crei i have no idea how you decided to be flaccid at tyranno after he basically rode jazz to defuse his lynch. Zero reason to do that as town. Unless he is some god. Why the fuck did everyone change onto digbick from jazz?? Is melting down the actual literal nuts to avoid lynches? (takes notes) For day 1, Solstice, jazz, tyranno and sage for top picks. Wunter also rubbed me the wrong way. Onto day 2. Crei so far has the best memes.
  14. First pages jazz and tyranno ring all the alarms. Tyranno tries too hard to make jazz look town, and jazz goes "oh ikr!" Sage has a pretty good post to follow that up that then comes down crashing with some irrelevant guesses on roles. It seemed to be trying too hard to find other reasons to lynch him (that were way worse). Surprisingly jazz doesnt go off on his ass for that red light, makes a cute exchange and then sage unvotes literally 2 posts later????? (Sage + jazz otp???) Everyone kinda agreed on jazz here lets see how that turns out, OH SHIT CREI AGREES ON ME ON SAGE. by page 5 i wager my left nut on tyranno,wunter, jazz or sage being scum. (hint i only have a right nut) the more i read jazz and tyranno the more shit gets way crazier, tyranno calls out malcolm among literally anybody else living for what fucking reason. (oh damn jazz follows up on that) For what its worth i also think day 1 is worthless. Lynching should obv happen but its mostly memes and shots in the darks or LOL I GOT SCUM #MVP. No idea why crei goes on to defend tyranno, (????). btw i think leaning town on me is stupid but maybe im oblivious to my solid town ass. Jazz apparently think you can have good logic on suspecting someone who he thinks is town (himself) and that makes me a good town read??? Real question here. I skipped on all the drama.
  15. Im alive gonna read thread etc