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  1. I actually focused on malcolm, slick and solstice and only just adressed you.
  2. Also, 2k17! nice to meet you. Im town nelrick when he actually decides to play. I think a cat game is the both the right game to go redeem myself and go hard.
  3. Ill explain my dear wall. I wanted to see what you would do in regards to the solstice situation. I was going to ask someone, as my theory still is that in my autistic world i think or thought that scum would have taken the chance to intervene. It was a matter of between me and solstice who was worse and lo and behold you chose my shitty memes. Basically the opposite of slick here (in terms of reasoning, he has poor reasoning on malcolm and you on me; based on you being hung up on the joke rather than anything else) Now, granted i have never played with you or at least dont remember so. In 8 pages i havent seen you do anything else but tickle my wasp nest. And your posts in this page are really non-committative (ergo you are skating by without putting a conclusive thought on anyone other than me) and are also quite fluffy; it seems like you are taking advantage of others being memers to joke about. And it just so happens that pressure was on faint and to a lesser extent, you.
  5. Ill be honest, from my own experience as playing scum. I dont think there is logic or reason as to the first posts one makes on day 1. Town or scum, you simply go with the flow until an actual line of play pops up. How do you differ from town memers from scum memers. Slick took a serious stance on malcolm and so i took a stance on both of them. I also believe i am or was a way better target to vote for. After basically sheeping reasoning from others and some weird posts, its amazing he voted malcolm first and not me. With a vote on me you get a chance to make me meltdown but a vote on another player leaves your options open and lets things play themselves out. Also option 4 is that im in love with slick and just want him to notice me (?)
  6. Its hard trying to call out a bad vote without looking like im riding his weiner.
  7. For some reason i thought you voted him. I hardly think there is pressure on him. now that more people have both posted and voted his initial actions fade and people focus on more present things. I actually dont know if more votes on him would have done anything because its impossible to expect the discussion to stay on him, but i think that my point here is that for someone who called out solsistice post unnecesary i feel the same way on your vote. It would be one thing if it was a rxn but it appears it not. Just from reading the past game, malcolm does the exact thing so idk how anyone can get any info from that. It reminds me of when (i think it was you?) suspected me for posting a meme on page 1. Isnt that the actual literal definition. -Hey i dont think thats a good reason for a vote; my reasoning being that the past games malcolm has done almost quote on quote the same opening posts. As such i do not think there i s any base for suspicion other than it being day 1 and trying to move things along.
  8. Apparently there is a bomb threat close to where i live. jesus fuck this country
  9. Well, even thought its easier figuring who is town than who is scum. On day 1 the opposite happens. I dont think everyone has even posted yet.
  10. Slick you went from a well-placed vote on solstice for a terrible opening post to voting malcolm for being malcolm. The votes on solstice were great pressure but surprisingly so, you were the first one to switch both your vote and the line of thoughts of the thread (it didnt sound so weird in my head). From my point of view, i expected scum to interfere there (at 3 votes) in case solstice was scum.
  11. how about you answer my question first then
  12. unvote vote confuse ray
  13. Wow my pic got no rep Fuk u all
  14. ill leave yall with a pic of my cat playing twister