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  1. Once upon a time, the people of the dg mafia section were starving to death. The duelistgroundz kingdom was dying, and the mafia village took the biggest hit. Most of the people were dead, forgotten in the annals of history. The surviving ones were weak, far and few inbetween, they didnt possess the strength to survive the harsh year. But then came a cuttlefish mage riding a shewolf. He brought prosperity and memes, but not without a price. The villagers didnt care "anything is better than suffering the harsh memeless winter". And so the cuttlefish sacrificed himself to bring prosperity back to the land. However, the price was too steep... All the villagers had to sell their souls, the dead resurrected and adopted new personas. It was a clusterfuck to say the least. In an effort to save themselves, they committed the greatest sin. Going agaisnt the one true god. What remained was a husk of the former village. All the memes were stale, the pos rep didnt mean anything anymore because it wasnt hard to earn. All the conversations were cringey and stupid. But not everything was lost. A young rogue by the name of nelrick seeked to liberate the village from its curse. He embarked on a quest with 16 faggots to search for a way to remove its curse. But the journey hasnt been easy, some of us have lost their mind, we stepped to close to the truth of the world and got burned. But it wont stop me. I will free the village. THIS IS JUST THE START OF OUR STORY.
  2. Its another 50 pages of meme episode Truly the worst dgz season
  3. If you are alive tomorrow ill tell you.
  4. unshield shield islickz
  5. You felt rather strong about solsitce and mark, you are not convinced he is scum. So why havent you pushed the other 2?
  6. It seems he didnt get any "good reads" in these 41 pages.
  7. flips town*
  8. I was also quote training him, but jazz beat me to it. Ill wait for his responses before i move on to the next one. (Do note that i still think jazz is scum, but its worth discussing me.'s actions, especially in a world where jazz flips scum)
  9. tl;dr on me.: He starts by calling jazz stupid town but does a 180 and then votes him? kinda sketchy. He is a moron talking about his role, but that doesnt get us anywhere and even he said so. However, he says things like "it doesnt help me scumhunt" but literally does none of that in all 40 pages bar calling soltice out for joke posts and floating. The whole reason he went after mark is game mechanics. Why did you change your opinion on jazz? without even giving a reason. You said he was stupid, what changed?. Why dont you have anything to say about the rest of the players? Like where do you go if he flips town? Or even if he flips scum? Its like you have barely have any thoughts (piggybacking on psk, calling out a floater but ignoring the rest) Going after mark doesnt show anything indicative until his flip. If he is town, both scum and town could be pilling up votes for him, town needs to, but scum can piggyback on that. @Me.
  10. Its 97% the same as what PSK say. I dont know what else to tell you. The bolded is not true. Both town and scum had reasons to push you and both town and scum could be in the people that voted for you. Its not indicative of scum because you gave us good reasons to suspect you. If you turn up town, like malcolm, said we will get no info on anyone who voted you even if it was the initial push because they can just claim it was warranted, and guess what, they would be right. Id rather look at the people who didnt vote you no matter your alignment.
  11. I went throught 162 pages to look for memes and now i have to look through 38. sigh.
  12. For scum, no matter what you say, the reason will never be good enough. That much is obvious. Jazz we dont need you to validate our opinion on you. You tried to discredit it, but the majority dont agree with you. Who do you think is a better target? The people pushing you? For what reason? And no, pushing you is not a good reason.
  13. do i really have to put it on paragraphs? Ill do say that i dont think bouncing from target to target is scum indicative in your case, since that seems to be your town play. But you are calling everyone lynching scum which is throwing dirt on anybody to save yourself.
  14. I dont remember any post from gemstone or gareth (i havent read any posts from them) ill be honest and say that after my drive by post i have been too busy defending myself vs mark and jazz while pushing jazz and calling mark an idiot. Ill go back and get back to you.
  15. Jazz has acted pretty badly through the day. Malcolm pointing that we dont get anything from the people voting him is true. However, i think that people defending jazz are suspicious, no matter if he is town or scum. He has done some shady things. I dont see how you could defend him unless you really knew he was town (ergo the person is scum). My vote remains on him nonetheless. (so he is the best lynch unless someone has a better target) Both sophocles and kahu are my top targets for that. Thats where im at right now. Id like to hear who @Malcolm thinks we should lynch.