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  1. I have a big chemistry assignment and have to get up at 4:30 am so idk what ill do but ill read and post tomorrow prob at night. hugs and kisses ps. mascis may be bipolar (?) or have some mental illness idk.
  2. Salty has a great fucking point. Mascis, digbick, mark/tyranno/silverdude for scum team? idk if its 5 or 6 or what. unvote vote mascis
  3. There is no point in discussing it. the only people who know what happened are the ones who used shit and its no claiming. Just keep scumhunting.
  4. >shit win con that just so happens to work >LOL STOP CRYING o k
  5. >literally trying to make reads based on flavours. stop
  6. Holy shit stop trying to make sense of the night actions. We have literally no idea about any abilities. All you need to know is that scumwood is scum and so is juan. Lets go on. vote mark
  7. hi
  8. sign up thread being this long does not bode well for my longterm mental health RIP Nelrick [2017+(-1996)]
  9. Well lets be honest, if we get some actual literal multis the game can only get better.
  10. Gonna require a picture of markus with a wig just to be safe. If rei asks you for nudes then that works too.
  11. god damn claire fucked the kids life
  12. Have got cam and mic. Also willing to send nudes (face pic)
  13. I also think you guys give me too much credit. I planned on floating until i got my power off. However i suck so bad that the moment i started playing i fucked up.
  14. It was amazing that faint pulled through. I thought we were gonna lose after my fuck up on tyranno but jesus faint good job.
  15. I legitmately thought slick was scum after what he did day 1. However that will never get me nk'ed because i knew people wouldnt follow me in the case i was correct. I did try to make me look like a bad NK by not committing and basically pulling the same thing i did in multi mafia. I dont think one should get any award for whats basically mechanical play. The response i gave to JC was 100% genuine though, it just happened to help me stay alive.