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  1. Sorry guys i have been sick and have 2 mouth ulcers, past 2 days have been shit. Ill be sure to play better next game and be more active. Ill share the lvp with rei. gl town
  2. shoutouts to psk and crei for the best posts itt
  3. vote zappdos
  4. See while this is not aimed at me, ill explain why i suspect you. On day 1 you put distance on the kahu lynch. Now it just so happens you are using it as an argument for you being town, even more you agreed with the logic on the push. this looks like you wanted to end up on the right side of the lynch to make yourself look town. Town reading rei for no reason is exactly like scum reading malcolm for no reason, as sophocles explained he does this shit all the time. I dont see how this game is the exception. Or at the very least you gave no explanation. Also, going after floaters is easy peasy scum 101. The bolded rings all alarms. Similarly with tunnels is 2k17. Do you not maybe think like idk you are alone on markus? He is pretty low on the totem pole so far. I think he is legit insane but no nothing he does so far other than tunneling you right back rings any alarms. Only thing i can see from you town having boners for each other is that it makes no sense for scum to do that rather than look to push more fruitful lynches.
  5. Conclusions from day 1. I still would have killed kahu. Zappdos, winter and crei raise some alarms. 2k17 also but i agree with slick saying scum would have tunneled the shit out of him and no one did. I also think the former are more sus. Now onto day 2 to get back in track and see what happened.
  6. Zappdos stuck out. Agrees on the logic for suspecting kahu but doubles back because of the train going "easily". Now votes were hovering over 3 and 4 on kahu, so i dont see how that train is going easily with 17 players on the game. Then there is the usual "hey i agree but not really". I never understood nor do the bad town logic as to give someone a pass. thats why i initially voted 2k17 because im not convinced on just passing because of such terrible thinking. Like how do you differentiate between the 2? I dont see anything from reading kahu so far that says that, he made an awful post then tried to go back to it and that could happen to both scum or town. I feel like this is a town reads situation where i dont get why people do such things because they either lead nowhere or make no sense. It seems too like he was trying to end up on the right side of the lynch but still look like he doesnt disagree with kahu being pushed so no matter what he looks good. Then there is calling rei town for what appears to be nothing and going after malcolm for it is weird. For the record so is malcolm voting rei but i have no idea how malcolm's mind works. Francis calls out logic sticking out for kahu, which to me it seems like he wanted to end up on the right side of the lynch (do note this is hindsight, if i had been active at that point id had say both kahu and zapp were scum). Winter comes on on page 7 with the same train of thoughts of zappdos. Again i do not get nor agree with the conception of bad town as to give someone a pass. Also says to swap to markus without a vote, was he waiting to see if a train started(?). thats somewhat sketchy. Agree with underwood on crei voting zappdos without pushing him. I dont agree with not pushing him because it makes the day "auto" i mean if you think he is a better target than kahu doesnt that triumph everything else? Isnt the objective to kill scum? This also applies to islickz voting for markus over kahu. "beneficial to town" is shitty as a reason to not kill someone. I mean its like telling scum "you get time to change our minds!" rather than killing scum. At this point the lynch switched over to markus, do note winter does not have a vote on him. Lol at winter with the "you all fell for my master plan"i pushed him just to see who pushed him never fails. On the matter of 2k17 vs markus. I agree with markus on 2k17 being weird by calling me town and him scum. I do not see anything scummy from markus so far. Even more when i take into account there were better targets at the point so idk why keep tunneling him.
  7. aw man fuck the quote train died.
  8. up to middle page 8, quote train incoming
  9. im alive. Rereading.
  10. also man that blue font is going to make me change background fuck
  11. i think slick is right on the money. I stopped ignoring day 1 meme votes after silver got his shit lynched out on day 1. also, at what point does votes start being suspicious in a bandwagon? IMO without reasoning they are all suspicios as fuck but this is day 1 and you are the third one so something might be up.
  12. vote 2k17 too easy
  13. Also scanned myself twice. Town confirmed.
  14. I wished Kevin (Its ok i call him that , its PSK) happy birthday in another's person comment on him wishing him happy birthday. Ask me anything.
  15. Where were you to support me when i was saying town reads were bad :'( #ripnelduck