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  1. Which should be Sophocles. rei, tyranno, sophocles and zp.
  2. If tyranno isnt scum then we dont kill francis. That would be too dangerous. Do note that im not voting him. Killing francis is only the right play if we have the scum team pinned down to soph and him. Lets make that clear. At that point there is no excuse for not securing the win.
  3. Im trusting francis on soph being scum. Idc if i look scummy, im basically the worst scum of all time for not killing francis yesterday when he said it would take down slick with him. If they steal the win and i was the only one who called it ima raise in the rankings.
  4. We cant kill soph today though. If we kill tyranno and then soph and both are scum the game ends. Then whatever happens happens in terms of win conditions.
  5. In nazi mafia, we went with the logical choice of it being impossible for their being 2 cops because who in their right mind would do a game like that. It didnt go well. So now i avoid that and play safe. Like i did by having none of crei and rei bullshit. Im not going back on that.
  6. 1000%^^
  7. Our best chances of avoiding a win steal is by me dying (from what it appears so) But you havent for exactly that reason 3rdwood. I have been paranoid all game of any of the usual bullshit. First it was crei and rei being neutrals Then it was them being town then it was lol underwood is actually neutral then it was lol lets kill him and fuck ourselves over by killing slick too Now its lol lets not avoid all possibilites of us not winning the game
  8. underwood said slick would confirm him as neutral (he didnt) and that killing him would kill slick (who was town). I stick to what i said yesterday on not killing him because of the risk of slick dying. Underwood voice: Why would i switch the lych from underwood to zeropassion??? If im scum then i should have killed the shit out of him when others also voted him but instead i killed the shit out of zeropassion.
  9. So: First i switch the lynch from you to zeropassion then today i raise the idea of killing you before sophocles (confirmed scum in your words) then the underwood father and son push me for it. the idea of me being the 5th scum is somehow less bastard than a third party stealing a win con when its actually a common thing in mafia games. ALL THAT AND THEY STILL ARE NOT VOTING ME. because when i flip town they lose any standing with the rest and get their booties blasted. Also you still havent explained: If you can avoid a possible win steal, why wouldnt you do it???
  10. we would indeed find out about any other win conditions after a sophocles lynch, however if the event you get to steal the win, its too late. Sadly i dont actually know if you share the win with us or not, or if you are some sort of mentor type shit or "insert possibility here" Whole game i have been about not trusting people blindly because of it fucking us over IM STICKING TO IT also pls answer If you can avoid a possible win steal, why wouldnt you do it???
  11. Man underwood has repping me yesterday when i switched the lynch off him but now he donts. I instantly regret everything.
  12. Its a selective bias episode huh. Oh baby baby what a wild world. If you can avoid a possible win steal, why wouldnt you do it??? You also didnt answer who would have been a better jail target, and now you being bulletproof (a claim on day 2) is a reason why i shouldnt have jailed you even though i had no way of knowing that prior (day 1) There is no universe where town slick leaves underwood alive after pushing him so hard all game, then proceeds to agree with him the moment i raise the idea of killing underwood to secure the win. c u l t
  13. How many times do i have to say that i dont want to have the win stolen from town. Why does it even matter if we secure it before killing a confirmed scum, dont we win anyway? I explained why i jailed you on day 2 and you didnt say anything, who would you have jailed instead then?
  14. If we end up losing because underwood stole the win and i was ignored then thats fine with me. Its quite literally the bane of being me. All i care is rising in the slick mafia ranking.