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  1. >yesterday "get out" >today "ok but maybe not" asgfdghslkfnalkaenflkmc I guess i jumped the gun ?? But this sure as hell wont be the last time (its also not the first time) so i should still prepare for the 2nd time when she warns me about calling the cops to evict me. Unless she pulls the bipolar later on i should be able to play. Thanks for the support guys!
  2. triple points for this being recurrent in the family i guess if they fuck you over you gotta fuck whoever follows too.
  3. bonus points for being told that the day before my bday
  4. im vanilla town so i might as well get the quota
  5. Sorry guys wont be able to play now or probably for a long time. Shit is getting tough in my house, possibility of being kicked out etc So im going to have to set my priorities for now.
  6. holla at your boi if you need a sub
  7. Yeah eventually.
  8. If you only need 1 more then sure i can be that boshi.
  9. I have no idea how you have survived this site or even joined in the first place. Silverwolf got it 10x times worse and made her quit the site but i didnt see you complaining or anything. Its easy to talk shit or join in but complain when its on you. Malcolm is prob going to call me a faggot for not playing, someone else will said even if i tried i wouldnt win, gemstone will tell me im everything wrong with mafia, markus will blame me for not painting you as scum better etc etc But none of it matters (except improving) because its just a game and at the end of the day we are all still cool with each other.
  10. Even if they were why do you fucking care? This is an aftergame thread, thats the whole point. we complain about irrelevant shit, circlejerk about "oh man i called the scum team on day 1" and so on.
  11. "Jokes about fucking each others mom, what are you a fine looking 23 year old man?"
  12. Are we on the same site? We have always joked about killing ourselves. Literally go check any other mafia game. Why are you acting like i fucked your wife? Why are you being so insecure? What sore spot did i hit? Are you actually a silverowolf alt?
  13. Its a joke why are you so angry?
  14. Im explaining my actions, you made the post about how it was amazing the cult leader didnt win. if you dont care then dont reply to my posts??? (apparently you care) Again i dont know what i did that made you so uncomfortable. you are right that i could have won but i didnt and thats fine. You obviously care about this more than i do. You think im being passive aggressive because you chose to look at it that way, thats really not my problem. At best its weird about what markus did at worst who cares.
  15. On a scale from 1-10 how butthurt are you right now? You can still circlejerk you know. If me posting that makes you angry then seek help.