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  1. ill leave yall with a pic of my cat playing twister
  2. Oh well. Vote Solstice
  3. Walia talk to me. Was buildthewall already taken? Are you thinking what im thinking?
  4. wait me. is back? Truly a new mafia golden age.
  5. In my break from my mafia i realized the best strategy to win. 9/10 times works every time. if you beat the host you win the game Vote jazz
  6. Actually i change my avi every game to a different cat image.
  7. Also requesting modkill on all players without cat related aviss
  8. /whoelse/ in the bathroom rn
  9. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    Idk if you knew this but if you explain your joke or reference it as a joke, it wont be funny So negged
  10. ama

    is it true you were in jail
  11. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    S u r e
  12. really important poll :^)

    Ελληνικά rei Greek rei master race
  13. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    tl;dr i cant make a big post or small posts without crumbling to crippling anxiety.
  14. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    See thats where im at. Catch 22: Mafia style. If you vote for a new target then "lolshiftingthelynch/loldistancing/lolprotectingteammate" = Scum If not, "lolbandwagonscum"/Distancing= Scum too. AND THEN, If you post your thoughts: "You are just piggybacking/repeating" OR "floatingbitchassbandwagoner" If you make a big post then its bad because you muddle the thread up and are blamed of either changing discussion (for insert scum reason here) or if you suspect the target that is already on ( you are still scum). If you make small posts then you are also scum for... muddling the thread up. jesus FUCK
  15. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Ill read the thread throughly in a bit. Have bio class in an hour. Dropping to say: How to scum on day 1: -wait for a new player to post -vote them -just improvise a push from that -rise in slick tier
  16. D&D Mafia 2.0 Signups

    Shitty shopkeeper in "would you like to buy this silver sword?" *Next monster in the dungeon drops a better sword* F U C K
  17. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    Also i wanted to post this image in the thread. >tfw you realize that markus flavor was the best part of the game
  18. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    It is true. Shoutouts to wunter for thinking that my role confirmed you as town. Truly captures my essence. Next leveling yourself. I died after posting 5 times and i enjoyed the game, yall take this too seriously. We need stupid games like this once in a while (at least i do) to remind us that this IS A FUCKING PARTY GAME THAT CAN BE EQUALLT FRUSTATING AS FUN DEPENDING ON YOUR OWN LOOKOUT. 50% OF THE GAME IS YOUR OWN ACTITUDE TOWARDS IT. IF IT SUCKS IT WILL SUCK FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE.
  19. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    oh ok vote bb
  20. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Jazz are you confident going aggro because its: 1. your fav deckstyle 2. your scumbuddys are with you so nothing to fear 3. all of the above. 4. 2 but also 3
  21. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Im fucking immortal. I aint scared of no role or scum or neutral or underwood or a combination of any of those.
  22. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Thats some irony there. I can say the same (a cop out) on a fucking "town sligh lean" on day 1 jesus. You can go read the last 2 days and see the same loose cannon actitude. Its obviously not a hammer on a nail but i gotta see where it leads me.
  23. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Id agree on faint and crei. Giving points to a newbie is better than a shot in the dark. If anything he might commit self inmolation. But the broken one is terrible because he simply has played the same in all the past games and by that i mean play russian roulette on his ass and hope you get something. The good ol gut read reasoning is foolproof thankfully.
  24. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Vote broken brilliance easier than yesterday but harder than tomorrow. Also its gay that we got like 12 hours for n0 because i wanted to request nudes for my points. (also fuck yeah top 8 power rankings)
  25. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Do you believe in love before d1?