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  1. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Scum Win]

  2. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Scum Win]

    Ill try to play in case no subs are available though.
  3. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Scum Win]

    Im alive. I do need a sub. I got hit with the university hammer and i procastinated and now need to sort this out before my ass is destroyed.
  4. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Scum Win]

    Man that verse sounded so well until i started to wipe
  5. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Scum Win]

  6. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    in @ZeroPassion I SEE YOU THERE BOI YOU CANT HOLD THE 9TH SPOT without fighting me.
  7. Relax mafia aftergame

    If it makes you feel any better, all my floating day 1 was for naught because apparently i am vanilla even when i roll a power role.
  8. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

  9. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    I'm not lying about what I'd do as scum lol. I instantly believe you.
  10. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Mark you can stop now. the real argument on you is how this day went. Aruging vis a vis on nightkill is irrelevant because you have perfect info and we dont, we cant figure it out and can only assume. the moment you had to pull the lost and confused lamb card and then go agressive is where you stop.
  11. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Real talk, We should raise above this (even though i know that mafia sites use it). If we dont suspect people because "they would never do this as scum" we stay bad. Mafia is a game of wits and lying. The whole fucking point is to keep one upping each other, keep questioning ourselves and never fail into complacement. Assuming things because of X rather than looking at the whole picture is mechanical and sucks the fun out the game. IF person does X then assume Y. man fuck that.
  12. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    there is a limit to how much information you can get or even if you can get information from it. Its a wifom game because we have no idea what mark and his teammate were thinking. from my viewpoint, both you and jc were on mark's side, gemstone is floating, lol broken,walia. It comes down to me and faint. They read me as a pr however they know im a great lynch, they also dont know if im the cop or doc. they have no way of knowing that and regardless of which one i am if they get me lynched while outing the other one they can very well win, because they can trade one of their own (the person who will Counterclaim) in exchange for the 2 power roles. If mark remains then he wins because if he nks you or markus he can lead the rest. They could have also read faint as a pr, however he wasnt in the red zone today so he was a better kill. They could have also wanted to use the mark wifom of "id never do that!". Even more, i think it would be very hard for mark to lynch faint. So he either leaves him alive or nks him. Id rather not leave faint alive because he has proven he can lead town and sniff mark town. So the only option is to nk him. TL;DR: - faint is the only good town that isnt pocketed (could plan to cc me and out both the power roles) - could be read as a pr - lynching faint would be really hard because of how mark defended him and leaving him alive is dangerous.
  13. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Its not even been 12 hours lol.
  14. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    markus made the ball switch on markus. I dont think there is a need to change the direcion to your teammate to save the cop.
  15. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    I think im one of the easiest players to call a PR on your first point. Faint didnt work with you lol. Saving a town player to then nightkill him is a "look why would i do that as scum!" move. You could also have read him as the other pr. Between the 2 of us it would be way harder to lynch faint hence choosing to rb me and kill him. There were no strong town players to kill. Other thank markus and jc who you had pocketed. I was a viable lynch and so were the rest, pr hunting was the best thing to do. I also wanna add that arguing vs scum onto plans is sort of pointless, scum have perfect info i dont. I can only try to pry onto your mine. Your actions on this day are what define your aligment, arguing about nks gets nowhere.
  16. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    never in your entire life should you believe mark when he says: 1. trying to figure things out 2. didnt realize we had x
  17. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    too cute to be true when markypoo be pulling the woos on the fools
  18. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    It was pretty lucky there. From my pov it was your partner (or you i guess) ccing me or claiming a power role first since you have a good grasp on the setup. Id say i get lynched first in a cc battle (had broken not claimed which he had no reason to). If you lead the lynch next day vs your partner on final 3 you win.
  19. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Walia and solstice. A first page into the day 1 means jackshit when you inmediatly switched to the fastest way to end the day. Literally the strongest reason i have on anyone here. you also ended up voting tyranno for omgusing you over walia.
  20. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    If walia is scum it also helps for distancing. Jc was right that walia was more scummy than tyranno however i didnt see that and rather chose to kill tyranno (sorry dude) who i didnt want to waste a scan because in the event he was town i didnt think he would be a viable lynch target. walia however was, that way i could clear the day lynch or get a red check.
  21. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Pushing me first thing in the morning would raise suspicions when i flip. So you let others do it first (jc/markus) then join in (like it happened). That way you can blame them when you make another switcharoo about blaming a person who voted someone who you also voted.
  22. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Also, you didnt push me. you pushed walia then switched when i had 2 votes on me.
  23. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Thats wifom though. i can make the same assumption on you pushing me today in hopes id die before i could claim (like it happened), or a cc (which got foiled by broken claiming doc). If you plan on lynching me today, which i was a great lynch for it makes no sense to nk me.