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  1. Link Summon Awareness Thread

    I have one question if lets say you have talker and a chidori and a dire wolf on board and your talker is destroyed does the wolf and chidori also get destroyed
  2. Stardust Warrior

      "Warrior" as in archetype (Junk, Road, Stardust) not as in Type.   my bad 
  3. Stardust Warrior

    It seems cool to bring out colossal fighter to die and then bring this baby back up from the grave.
  4. Froggies (April 14)

    why no des croaking? Card is really good and its not hard to get 3 des frogs on field its pretty much the win condition of that deck
  5. End of the Line [vs] Pokemon

    im on for a games 
  6. talk about your current crushes itt.

    Sounds like a plan. Well see what happens. Thanks
  7. talk about your current crushes itt.

    Thats kinda one of my worries. But is fear of that the only thing that should stop me from trying.
  8. talk about your current crushes itt.

    Is it wrong to try and break up a relationship that you know nothing about just to try and start a relationship with the girl? Or is it better to just not do anything? I really think this chick likes me but i don't know if i should do anything about it.
  9. Stun - Discussion

    Ya that's true. sorry guys about the rant its just that dyna was my hero at that particular ycs lol.
  10. Stun - Discussion

    I toped 16 at YCS toronto last month with a hero stun deck and i makes me sad how people are giving fossil dyna such a hard time because there is little backfield protection. Dyna is plenty capable of taking care of himself with 1200 atk. The only card in a plant deck that can get over it is tengu which there is only 3 of in a deck and the only card an agent deck has that can get over it is a venus. For those 6 cards 3 in each deck a set d prison or solemn warning will be your savior. You would be surprised how many lengths people will go to to get rid of a dyna on the field and you just laugh at them cuz u have a reborn to bring it back or another one in hand. on average from the tourny it took about 4 turns to remove a dyna from the field and by then i had another one or something much worse for them. So i ask you plz do not give dyna such a hard time the card is amaizing and does not need protecting. Dyna is also amaizing against DW!!!