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  1. the creator says that in the longer vid on kickstarter lol
  3. B0ner#1285, rank 62
  4. i mean im sure you watched what lebron just did. messi, etc. literally any game there will be elite level players who do in fact single-handedly decide the outcome of a match. and even at lower levels if the best player on the server is that good they'll just carry. happens a lot imo.
  5. add me if y'all want on PC: B0ner#1285 im lvl 120 rank 54 edit: sorry for sig i can't figure out how to edit it lol
  6. lionheart is definitely mostly right here rofl.
  7. woo 2nd dia acc   [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  8. i need sth w/ sick bass n good mic   thank you
  9. god fuck this
  10. dirt nasty   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  11. af tbh
  12. ye those sound like symptoms of being in hot w/o water
  14. a girl kissed me last night and now she's all i think about help team
  15. i warme dup 2 pieces of bacon but it turned out to be 3 :)   I've had a stronger hankerin for coffee than tea in the morning lately