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  1. Garden Stun

    3 compulsory?    sorry, missed that it was escape loll
  2. Prosecution Vs Starless

  3. Prosecution Vs Starless

  4. Prosecution Vs Starless

    2-0 rapture
  5. Prosecution Vs Starless

    i want the last hearth btw
  6. Prosecution Vs Starless

    2-1 rapture
  7. Starless [vs] Prosecution

    reborn was in my hand from starting i ripped sj
  8. Starless [vs] Prosecution

    2-1 marcicus
  9. Most Wanted [vs] Prosecution

    2-1 fierce
  10. Prosecution Vs Orbit

    2-1 forlin
  11. Prosecution Vs Handsome Boy Modeling School

  12. Prosecution Vs Handsome Boy Modeling School

  13. Dueling Network

    ThaVega: gl ThaVega: eff ThaVega placed a counter on "Spellbook Star Hall" in ST-3 (now 1) ThaVega: exodia right' ThaVega has lost 1000 life points ThaVega has gained 2000 life points ThaVega: I think I asked for no exodia ThaVega: eff synchromonster: yes u did synchromonster: but u cant choose ur opponent's deck synchromonster has lost 1900 life points synchromonster has lost 100 life points ThaVega: i specified for no exodia ThaVega has called an admin synchromonster: you cant synchromonster: do this synchromonster: it writes synchromonster: when u write synchromonster: something synchromonster: on ur duel note ThaVega: I asked politely synchromonster: you cant specify anything synchromonster: except synchromonster: tcg/ocg ThaVega: it shows how good person you freaking are ThaVega: why can't you just read synchromonster: i read synchromonster: thats why i took exodia ThaVega: world is full of idiot ThaVega: s ThaVega: bye bye ThaVega has left the duel [img]http://i.imgur.com/vdTEq.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/woKRB.jpg[/img]