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  1. The Man Who Sold The World

    Does Barrier Statue of Torrent help in main? How about Gozen match? Have you ever considered Macro Cosmos and D Fissure? Have Imperial Order been errata'd yet? Is that card worth maindecking?
  2. My god they finally banned Emeral!
  3. DGz Live: The Return? Part 2

    Black Salvo is in 603 (called Crimson Crisis?), not 602. How many tournaments were held before / after 602? Will knowing this help determine whether it should be legal?
  4. Fiendish deck

    Never not post.
  5. Not sure if these cards are too overpowered or what: - Dimensional Alchemist: Light, can be 1800 to summon attack TIV, recruitable via Shining Angel, allows you to get back say a Mof hit by noc. Dies horribly when flipped face-down - Photon Thrasher: like Cyber Dragon, except this can be rota but dies to tsuk. Looks like this is less aggressive than Cyber Dragon.
  6. 'I will give you a match loss now because you cheated the last tournament' is not a legit excuse. If 40 seconds of thinking time is too long, half of the players would not even have shown up in this tournament. Also, ALL warnings he received are from the same judge. This judge is not only onto him, in fact many other Japanese players have said they felt they were not being treated equal.
  7. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    Does this work: Tomahawk + 2 tokens = Gaiasaber 1 token = Link Spider A 1 token + Link Spider A = Ib the World Chalice Priestess 1 token = Link Spider B Gaiasaber + Link Spider B = Missus Radiant Ib + Missus Radiant = Bomber
  8. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    You make Gaia Saber, then Link Spider then Bomber Dragon?
  9. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    Can you even activate those cards when Set rotation is up?
  10. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    This deck can easily manipulate the graveyard. It also plays Venus and shine balls.
  11. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    I did not notice these cards. Just noticed what they do. Given our lack of Zoodiacs and abundance of traps, I think this is definitely worth a try. Does this deck autolose to Set rotation though?
  12. Ultra powerful card. Yet I do not understand why you showcase this card with Shadolls instead of Invoked
  13. Odd-eyes Fusion

    With the link mechanics arriving soon, this card should probably deserve a mention. Yes you can use Scapegoat tokens to make this. First of the Dragons cannot be destroyed by battle, also gives no fuck to monster effect. Well we know, Kaiju. However this is just one card in your Extra. But why Odd-eyes Fusion instead of normal Poly? Because sooner or later you guys will be getting these / already got these You get to copy one effect. Also your opponent cannot answer your field just by stalling with a Scapegoat. You can use this to copy a Zoodiac and just start overlaying XYZ onto this card. You can use two Odd-eyes Venom Dragon to fuse for Supreme King Servant Dragon Starving Venom. You can also use Supreme King Servant Dragon Starving Venom + Odd-eyes Venom Dragon to fuse for Odd-eyes Venom Dragon. This also means you can put 3 cards in your Extra deck to summon a huge beater, or give you a Zoodiac monster to overlay with, or just have those piercing abilities to punch through goats.
  14. Windwitch Kaiju Luna Link

    Totally forgot this card is in the deck im retarded THANK GOD I DIDNT DOUBLE POST
  15. Windwitch Kaiju Luna Link

    I fucking promise I only clicked submit once and did not refresh. ffs I even closed the tab to not double post. fuck I am a horrible forum user
  16. Windwitch Kaiju Luna Link

    Solve their field and punch their face? What I feel insufficient about this deck is, that when opponent isn't doing anything, I cannot win at all. This doesn't happen too often, but if you are dragged into a draw-pass game, your opponent can go 'boom headshot' with correct preparation and you cannot.
  17. I like how these retarded cards do shitton of things, generate as much advantage and still couldn't get past a Master P. And then imagine if you COMBINE Draco and Zoodiac and call it a deck. I wonder whether you guys enjoy playing against Draco Zoodiac or Felidar Guardian.
  18. I have a lot of problem understanding Demise in this deck. - Once I play Demise I am forced to commit onto the field. I am forced to set spell traps that I don't want to set, or I am just losing whatever card advantage I just gained by playing Demise. - I lose the option of 'wait till opponent's turn to summon Master P from hand'. - By playing Demise I have to play much less monsters than other Draco decks. I am not abusing the effect of Dragonic D to gain advantage. Like whatever cards you draw from Demise could also be gained by destroying something that net you a card. I guess I will go try other cards like Windwitchs or Metalfoes. I feel that Metalfoes getting two Connections to tribute summon a Draco seems pretty good.
  19. yeah i vape, so what?

    Wait, OP didn't actually mean to shitpost?
  20. Don't know whether these cards are mentioned but: - Skill Drain: Most Master P are summoned via additional normal summons from the traps. Chain Skill Drain to fuck them over. Can be tributed for your own Draco to turn it off. - Macro Cosmos: Whenever they attempt to tribute their spells or traps, ALL get removed. Also stops their Draco COTH from working properly. Can be turned off. - Mystical Refpanel: Just like your Dragon Ruler side deck, this fucks Demise Draco. They remove 10 cards and you draw 2 cards. Also works against Duality, you search and they don't special summon. - PSYFrame Gear Epsilon / Gamma: These can be played around, but if you are not prepared you are going to lose to them HARD. Not only is your trap dead, you are also a lv8 beater behind. With the introduction of Link mechanics, this should be a fun format.
  21. Duelingbook

    Right click screen, then move your cursor to card text. Left click the text and scroll.
  22. Is this actually a plus? While you don't get to coth this thing, at the same time you dont get shitted by Snatch Steal