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  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    god they look like shit
  2. So Monarchs and BA are getting deleted come banlist time probably. I get the feeling the game is going to change drastically.
  3. dragon

    Yeah I tried Malefic Blue-Eyes briefly. I might just end up playing that over Felgrand/Arkbrave. You're only playing 1 Alternative? I'm interested in seeing your list. And yeah, Melody is for 2x Blue-Eyes into Ravine/Trade-In. That's about it really.
  4. dragon

    pretty surprised i haven't seen anyone post anything about this really, but with nationals being this weekend i suppose it's reasonable that nobody is testing this because it's so new. although i strongly believe this deck could actually function well enough to be played at nats. maybe i'm wrong. i just think i'm on to something. also, this is obviously pre-alternative so it's not nearly as strong as it could be. 3 blue-eyes white dragon 3 the white stone of the ancients 3 the white stone of legend 3 sage with eyes of blue 2 dragon spirit of white 2 maxx c 1 arkbrave dragon 1 divine dragon lord felgrand 1 effect veiler 19 3 trade-in 3 left arm offering 3 return of the dragon lords 2 the melody of awakening dragon 2 dragon shrine 2 cards of consonance 2 dragon ravine 1 terraforming 1 soul charge 1 twin twister 20 1 vanity's emptiness 1 3 blue-eyes spirit dragon 3 azure-eyes silver dragon 2 stardust spark dragon 2 number 38: hope harbinger dragon titanic galaxy 1 number 62: galaxy-eyes prime photon dragon 1 galaxy-eyes full armor dragon 1 number 95: galaxy-eyes dark matter dragon 1 thunder end dragon 1 alsei, the sylvan high protector 15 3 denko sekka 3 dogoran, the mad flame kaiju 3 mask of restrict 2 twin twister 2 amorphage goliath 2 royal decree 15 the general line of thought that went into building this was "spirit and azure-eyes are insanely overpowered cards and abusing them is insanely overpowered so let's search soul charge and summon them a bunch on turn 1 every game". the deck has no problem putting several dragons in the graveyard and managing it's hand size while doing so thanks to cards like melody, ravine and shrine. has the potential to brick, but any unused cards can simply be used with left arm offering to make an insurmountable board. burning abyss, performapal (especially if you search veiler at any point or are just holding maxx c), and kozmo have pretty significant problems with azure-eyes and spirit dragon so being able to spam them is nuts. monarchs that prioritize stormforth can be a problem, but the side deck is pretty strong and sometimes you can kill them before they start building momentum thanks to cards like spirit normal/spirit synchro. i don't see a lot of extra decks in the ocg playing 3/3 spirit/azure but in almost all of my games, i need at least 2 of each, and in some longer, drawn-out games against kozmo/ba, having 3 of each is incredibly clutch. i chose to play a 2nd stardust spark over the moonlight rose because spark/emptiness is still a really solid win condition and spark dragon gives me a level 8 monster to combo with if i'm able to go spirit -> spark before i soul charge, usually ending with spirit, azure-eyes and dark matter. 2 galaxy is good to establish a board with and helps a lot in the monarch matchup, but honestly, i'm strongly considering playing 1 copy of giantrainer because building a hand and burning for 2400 after establishing a board seems really strong and relatively easy to make in here, just not sure how situational it would be and i think i'd rather have general utility. thunder end is also a bit unconventional, but when you're spamming azure-eyes, a full board if indestructible dragons becomes a fuck-ton of direct damage with this card and it's also insanely handy in the kozmo matchup if you're able to stick a spirit dragon or 2. the only card i'm really questioning in the extra is alsei. in some games it's incredibly good, but in a large majority of games, i don't even summon it. i think i'd like to play a felgrand over it as felgrand helps me play around stormforth and ignister. the side is pretty self-explanatory, but dogoran has some pretty cool interactions with the deck. it's usable with trade-in and return. outs big kozmo ships and dark lady. goliath is kind of an odd card but it's so incredibly good against burning abyss, extra deck monarch and performapal. if dragons/felgrand demise pick up popularity, i may end up replacing them with electric virus' or victorias but for now, i think it's good where it's at. anyway, thanks for looking. if you guys have any idea how i can make this better while i'm waiting for alternative, please feel free to post.
  5. is anyone actually seriously testing dragons?
  6. Gadgets (R/F)

    5/7 rf deck in sig tkx
  7. Denglong, Origin of the Yang Zing

    the combos
  8. I love you

    ash sanders will always be my president
  9. he said who the fuck is jono
  10. Clash Royale

    Fucking obsessed with this game. Just got to Pekka's playhouse after about 2 weeks. I feel like this game is pretty pay-to-win honestly.
  11. For only 97 dollars

    pickle youre a monstrosity
  12. Othongas

    This will be the last deck posted in here with a DN screenshot.  Rest in pepperonis. I'm glad you went out with Ojamas, DN.
  13. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Is anyone testing Angmarl?