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  1. Nekroz - Discussion

    I feel like heroic challenger assult halberd fits the bill for additional warriors to support 3 rota with 1 shurit. The card helps rank 4 plays without burining your normal and if it hits it can generate free cards by its self. overall 1700 is solid I feel the card is worth a look as it could be a nice addition to the deck.
  2. gk and eventually 3 gateway sams (late 2010-early 2011) Wind-up hand loop/inzektor/rabbit (nats 2012) HAT format (post drlg) quit during this one I actually really liked water vs fire (both formats of it, the rabbit version and wolfbark version) and enjoyed playing yugioh the most I'd say during this time, maybe only 2nd to baby ruler format. something about 2 decks or don't play makes for the most enjoyable formats for me, and I guess thats reflective of the formats I had success in.
  3. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

    whats even worth picking up before the new set drops in august? isn't the meta going to shift significantly pre-Toronto?
  4. ARG Format

    This is pretty disappointing to say the least. When Konami releases the list eventually I'm going to have to play two slightly different variations of the same format if I want to compete in the events in my area. I don't think stores are suddenly going to drop the Konami list in favor of the ARG list (although this would help push the idea forward) so its going to be pretty annoying to play two lists without that many differences in them. This also sucks for people who may have already booked travel accommodations, etc for these events who are suddenly locked into playing a full event under this list.
  5. Madolche - Discussion

    Yeah pretty much like the deck's downfall was it losing to its self, much like darkworld, where you get a fist full of normal summons that take a LOT of turns to utilize but the deck's strongest point is early. Double summon made the deck so fast, we were ending most games if we drew even below average with a double summon. The card instantly turns shitty cloggy monster laden hands into a very respectable amount of power that can basically deal with any problem in the game and slam 8k down like its nothing. The deck was insane because nobody was expecting it, it shit on artifact, gears and dragons because a turn 2 8k board was a very real feat with the deck.. That being said, it was a meta call deck and it did it's job, get one of the pilots (Chris) to top 16. But alas the cat is out of the bag and it may be time to move onto something new for us.
  6. Madolche - Discussion

    Uh the hands have since been removed but I think for the event they were a good call. Idk like when we weighed it out it seemed like double summon was drastically better and we all played a bunch of games with each and double summon would consistently perform while instant was lacking the oomf the deck needed. Just like being able to flop a double summon and kill essentially any board and then kill them was well worth the extra card investment bar none. Even if they live your fields are that much harder to break. If you guys wanna try it I think that once you see the interactions beyond the surface of "It sucks with only 1 monster" there was a good reason why we played it lol   Edit: another huge part was in respect to removal. Being able to get warning'd/bth'd/tt'd and then double summon and continue like normal was insanity
  7. Madolche - Discussion

    Sorry, thought it was fucking obvious enough that Double Summon fixed the decks biggest problem. I didn't feel the need to explain myself earlier because there is no reason for me to spoon feed reasons why the card is literally incredible in the deck. When we were working on the deck in the chicago hotel room instant fusion was almost immediately discarded because of how fucking garbage it is just on the surface. No tiaramisu should be the issue right off the bat, no usage of the monsters begging to be summoned from the hand, vulnerable as fuck to C, takes up extra deck slots the deck doesn't have. Literally all the cards in your deck work with double summon, it has amazing synergy with chateau and ticket. Not to mention the fields you can make are absolutely disgusting with this card. How is this even still being discussed?
  8. Madolche - Discussion

    [quote name="Arkiteckt" post="3759331" timestamp="1400649036"][quote name="Punpun" post="3759254" timestamp="1400636243"]you guys have autism if you think instant is better than double summon rofl[/quote]I've never felt as motivated as I did after meadowlands until now. I'm a persistent guy, once I set my sights on something its going to take a gang of people to break me.   How is Double Summon superior to Instant Fusion again? IF provides an easy way to either start/continue our best plays, make less resource intensive Rank 4's in a deck that struggles to do so outside of committing lots of cards to the board, and as an aside it can provide a DDW target (Mavelus) on the fly. It only requires 1 other card to be live... whether it be Mess + IF, Mag + IF, Hoot + IF, or Anjelly + IF. Double Summon requires it and in most cases 2 more cards to be made live. The only time it doesn't require itself and 2 other cards (3 in total) is when used in conjunction w/ Mag. This shit is a no-brainer. Maybe an argument can be made that Double Summon has slightly more uses when used in Madolche deck loaded w/ an additional 4-6 normal summons. But it still does not even compare to the versatility of Instant Fusion nor does it address the white elephant in the room, which is using a deck that requires gimmicky -1's to even be slightly successful because of how clogged you are w/ normal summons.[/quote] Based on this post its glaringly apparent you haven't played the card.
  9. Madolche - Discussion

    you guys have autism if you think instant is better than double summon rofl
  10. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

    I realize I'm a little late, but:   1. I can't stand to see all these accusations towards Chris, kid puts his heart and soul into the game, gets a 2nd ring and a 5th top and still no respect. Pathetic. People saying he was cheating in the tournament, bribing people, the works. Baseless accusations. People just can't stand legitimate success I suppose, but at the end of the day he knows his win was well deserved, and I guess that's all that matters.     2. As far as the feature match goes, after watching it, and hearing chris' side, here is my understanding of what happened. Chris is unsure of if he can use anjelly a 2nd time once he brings it out because of the word "this" in the effect, he calls a judge and the judge mistakenly rules in his favor. The feature was removed because of the mistake obviously, but if we look at the big picture, that game was 100% over regardless. After the match Chris is informed of the error. It was a mistake, move on.   I used to love dgz, but this is disgusting. Give the kid some credit for fucks sake.
  11. Edison NJ Top 8 Regional Report -

    Good shit my dude, grats on the top  :) its nick btw
  12. Fire Fist - Discussion

    played this at the Edison regional this weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjNZisFiMTs&list=TL53q3uJsspCk1ZfhAsIBcq-Fov0g7L_HL
  13. Booked!  :D Staying at the Double Tree right by the venue too. 
  14. New Yu-Gi-Oh Rules!!! ~

    lol i saw this on /r/trees this morning
  15. op should just ask kevin silva to prom