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  1. Undisputed

    back in action. Will look for some duels in the next couple days.
  2. Undisputed [vs] Actual Literal Nuts

    Crazy games. G3 was close...i'm pretty sure I lost that to myself.
  3. Undisputed [vs] Play Action

    on...hmu on DN.
  4. Undisputed [vs] Actual Literal Nuts

    I challenged Boner last night but he said he was leaving the last heart for someone else. Anyone claiming it? If so, what time will you be on?
  5. Undisputed

    Hey guys...gonna be out of town with my wife til about Saturday-ish. I might squeeze in a war here or there while we're at the hotels, but other than that, i'll be out. Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas!
  6. Los Angeles Regional

    Anybody have Boyajian's list? Sounds interesting...been wanting to use Fusion Gate since V-Heroes...
  7. Undisputed [vs] Martyr

    i am on. hit me up on DN.
  8. Los Angeles Regional

    [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1356307172' post='3355670']ALSO I almost forgot, but as an aside that might interest dgz as a whole; I was told by a -pretty- reliable source that YCS San Diego might be in the works for March[/quote] That would make my year.
  9. Undisputed [vs] Children with Terminal Illnesses

    Good war. With I could have gotten a dool in D:
  10. Undisputed [vs] Children with Terminal Illnesses

    on...hmu on dn.