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  1. Prices are not firm.  Taking offers as well.
  2. I have 3 Yugioh Playmats for sale:   YCS 100 (Tour Bus) Mat: $45 shipped. WCQ White Dragon Ninja & Hanzo Mat: $55 shipped WCQ Legendary Six Samurai Mat: $65 shipped   I don't check the forums much anymore, so please PM me if interested!
  3. Requesting a mod trade between myself and Deathbot.   IF we could get a mod that's close to or within California, that would be great as both of us are in CA.
  4.   PM'd     San Diego.  Let me know.   I live near San Jose -_- I am definitely interested.       I have another offer pending, but how would you want to do this if it fell through?
  5.   PM'd     PM'd         San Diego.  Let me know.
  6. As the title states, I am liquidating my collection as I am quitting the game.  I would prefer to sell the collection as a whole, but am willing to sell individuals if the deal is significant enough.   My entire collection is well worth over $1500, however, I am willing to let go of everything for under half of that @ $800 OBO.   My contains enough cards for decks such as: Wind-Ups Rabbit Agents Hero Variants Samurais Evols Monarch Variants and more   Besides cards, I am also selling:   Hanzo Regional Mat - 30 Six Samurai Regional Mat - 40 YCS 100 Mat - 40 20 page, 9 slot (360 total) Monster Binder (blue) - 25 16 page, 2 slot (64 total) Monster Card Binder (holo red) - 8     Now onto the cards!  The higher value cards have my values listed next to them.  That is the price I am selling them at individually.  You get a huge break if you buy the whole collection ;)  The list below is not comprehensive.  It is simply a list of the more notable cards.  I have many many more commons and holos that are of lesser value.  If you are curious as to whether I have a specific card not listed here, please feel free to post here.   * = 1/e GR = Ghost Rare   MAJOR STUFF     Extra Deck Cards   1 SCR Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon - 15 1 SCR Ally of Justice Catastor - 24 1 SCR Black Rose Dragon - 15 1 SR  Blade Armor Ninja* - 8 1 DT  Daigusto Phoenix - 35 1 ULT Elemental HERO Nova Master - 15 1 SR  Hieratic Dragon King of Atum - 8 1 ULT Legendary Six Samurai Shi En* - 10 1 UR  Leviair the Sea Dragon - 8 1 SCR M-X-SAber Invoker* - 10 1 SCR Naturia Barkion* - 12 1 SCR Naturia Beast - 12 1 DT  Naturia Beast - 30 1 GR  Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon - 10 1 SCR Photon STrike Bounzer - 14 1 UR  Shock Master - 15 1 UR  Stardust Dragon - 17 1 SCR Steelswarm Roach* - 16 1 SCR Wind-Up Zenmaines* - 12       Monsters   1 SCR Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning - 30 1 UR  Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite - 8 4 R   Effect Veiler - 9 1 ULT Elemental Hero Bubbleman - 15 1 SCR Grandmaster of the Six Samurai* - 30 1 SCR Hand of the Six Samurai* - 10 3 SR  Legendary Six Samurai Kizan - 7 3 SCR Maxx "C" - 20 1 HL  Sangan - 8 3 GLD Thunder King Rai-Oh - 15 2 SCR Tour Guide from the Underworld - 50 1 R   Tour Guide from the Underworld* - 15 1 UR  Tragoedia - 14 3 SR  Wind-Up Rabbit - 2 3 SR  Wind-Up Rat - 5 3 SR  Wind-Up Shark* - 10     Spells   1 ULT Allure of Darkness* - 20 1 UR  Dark Hole - 20 2 ULT Emergency Teleport - 10 1 SR  Forbidden Lance* - 17 1 SR  Gateway of the Six* - 10 1 HL  Heavy Storm - 10 1 SR  Mind Control - 5 1 ULT Miracle Fusion - 25 2 SR  Monster Reborn - 12 1 HL  Mystical Space Typhoon - 12 3 UR  Mystical Space Typhoon - 15 1 BP  Pot of Duality - 6 1 SR  Pot of Duality - 7 3 SR  Six Samurai United* - 40 3 SR  Wind-Up Factory - 5     Traps   1 UR  Deimsional Prison* - 11 1 SR  Dimensional Prison - 10 1 C   Dimensional Prison - 10 2 SR  Fiendish Chain - 10 3 HL  Royal Decree - 10 1 GR  Solemn Judgment - 6 4 SR  Solemn Warning - 7 2 HL  Torrential Tribute - 10 1 SCR Treacherous Trap Hole - 15     OTHER STUFF   Extra Deck   1 SCR Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 UR  Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 R   Armory Arm 1 SCR Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 SR  Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 3 SR  Elemental HERO Absolute Zero 2 SR  Elemental HERO Gaia 1 UR  Elemental HERO Great Tornado 3 SCR Elemental HERO The Shining 1 SR  Evolzar Laggia 1 SR  Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 SR  Gachi Gachi Gantetsu* 1 ULT Herald of Perfection* 2 UR  Herald of PErfection 1 SCR Heroic Champion - Excalibur 1 UR  Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja* 2 SCR Number 17: Levithan Dragon 1 SR  Number 20: Giga-Brilliant* 1 UR  Number 25: Force Focus* 1 ULT Number 25: Force Focus* 1 UR  Number 30: Acid Golemn of Destruction 2 UR  Number 39: Utopia* 1 UR  Number 96: Dark mist* 1 ULT Number C39: Utopia Ray* 1 R   Photon Papilloperative* 1 SR  Scrap Dragon 1 UR  Shadow of the six Samurai* 1 SR  Soul of Silvermountain* 1 SR  Temtempo the Percussion Djinn* 1 SCR Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 UR  Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity*     Monsters   2 SR  Archlord Kristya 1 UR  Caius the Shadow Monarch* 2 GLD Caius the Shadow Monarch 2 C   Card Trooper 1 C   Chaos Sorcerer 5 SCR Cyber Dragon (alt art) 1 SCR Dandylion 2 UR  Destiny Hero - Malicious 1 GLD Dimensional Alchemist 2 SR  Elder of the Six Samurai 1 SR  Elemental HERO Bubbleman* 3 SCR Elemental HERO Neos Alius* 1 SR  Elemental Hero Stratos 1 SCR Elemental Hero Voltic 3 UR  Evolsaur Cerato* 3 SR  Evoltile Najasho* 3 SR  Evoltile Westlo* 3 SR  Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo 2 SCR Gemini Imps 1 SR  Genex Ally Birdman 1 SCR Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 1 GLD Grandmaster of the Six Samurai 3 R   Herald of Orange Light* 1 UR  Honest 3 C   Kabazauls 2 sR  Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1 ULT Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi 3 SR  Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki 1 SR  Light and Darkness Dragon 1 UR  Light and Darkness Dragon 1 ULT Mobius the Frost Monarch 1 SR  Neo-Spaceian Grand Mole 3 UR  Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo* 3 SR  Raia the Storm Monarch* 1 SR  Rescue Rabbit 1 GLD Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 1 SR  Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 1 C   Sabersaurus 3 R   Snowman Eater 1 HL  The Six Samurai - Zanji 1 SR  Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch* 1 ULT Wind-Up Kitten 3 C   Wind-Up Magician 2 SR  XX-Saber Darksoul 3 SR  XX-Saber Emmersblade     Spells   1 SR  Allure of Darkness 3 R   Asceticism of the Six Samurai 1 R   Book of Moon 1 SR  Dark Hole* 1 SCR Destiny Draw* 3 C   Dimensional Fissure 2 SCR E - Emergency Call 1 GLD Enemy Controller 1 C   Forbidden Chalice 1 BP  Forbidden Chalice 2 SR  Heavy Storm 1 UR  Inzektor Sword - Zektkaliber 3 UR  Miracle Fusion* 1 SR  Pot of Avarice 1 SR  Reinforcement of the Army 3 SR  Shien's Dojo 2 SR  Shien's Smoke Signal 2 C   Soul Taker 2 SCR Super Polymerization*     Traps   2 C   Bottomless Trap Hole 2 SR  Call of the Haunted 2 C   Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 ULT Grave of the Super Ancient Organism 2 R   Horn of the Phantom Beast* 2 C   Macro Cosmos 3 SR  Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation 2 C   Royal Decree 1 UR  Solemn Judgment 2 SF  Skill DRain* 3 SCR Starlight Road 1 C   Torrential Tribute
  7. Dec 22dn

    Anybody have Boyajian's list? Sounds interesting...been wanting to use Fusion Gate since V-Heroes...
  8. Dec 22dn

    [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1356307172' post='3355670']ALSO I almost forgot, but as an aside that might interest dgz as a whole; I was told by a -pretty- reliable source that YCS San Diego might be in the works for March[/quote] That would make my year.
  9. aw man the San jose one got me all excited...then i read that it's in costa rica. WAY TO TEASE, KONAMI.
  10. [quote name='Ender' timestamp='1355930620' post='3352049'] For Starlight, It was great when I played it. The problem is the extra. I already want to play 16-17 in my extra without Stardust xD [/quote] ^Agreed I'd have to think really hard on if putting in a card that requires an extra deck slot is worth limiting my tool box by that slot. I'd hate to come up on a situation where I think "oh boy, i wish i had X card where SDD currently is". I [i]already[/i] run into that situation without SDD clogging the extra... On the topic of Blackship...not sure if anyone realized this, but Giga Brilliant works nicely with it.
  11. Dec 22dn

    [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1355872434' post='3351442'] I'll be there. Where were you coming from? [/quote] San Diego
  12. Anyone going to this? was gonna go up with some friends, but they all bailed on me D: Unsure if I'm gonna make it up or not, but thought I'd see if anyone from here was gonna show.
  13. Personally I've had more situations where I needed corn than where I've needed Maister or Silvermountain. Those would be the first cards I'd remove if any.
  14. In the words of Faith Hill --> "JUST BREATHE" In all seriousness, if you can calm yourself on the outside (physically), usually the mind calms itself down as well. I'm a musician as well like the dude that posted above me, and the first step to killing the nervousness is to take deep breaths before you start. It might seem trivial, but breathing evenly means you're allowing adequate oxygen to get to your brain, and you are able to think at the capacity you should be. Nervousness tends to cause the body to hyperventilate and restrict your O2 intake....which affects your decision making...which makes you more nervous...and the cycle continues. Another technique for handling nervousness actually involves using the adrenaline surge to your advantage. It's really hard to explain how to do it. My last piano teacher told me to "redirect" the adrenaline to my arms/hands instead of letting it "sit in the stomach" like it usually feels like it's doing. Like I said, it's hard to explain, but if you can find a way to use that adrenaline rush to make your thinking sharper (instead of making you shake), you'll be in good shape. I'm sure it's already been brought up, but whether you're nervous or not, take your time. You're alot more prone to making bad judgments when you're nervous. Never feel afraid to take a reasonable amount of time to gather your thoughts and manage your nervousness.
  15. [quote name='Alistar' timestamp='1355819134' post='3350930'] tribute TKR? cómo? [/quote] Pretty sure he's referring to the Special Summon negation effect.