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  1. Dec 22dn

    Anybody have Boyajian's list? Sounds interesting...been wanting to use Fusion Gate since V-Heroes...
  2. Dec 22dn

    [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1356307172' post='3355670']ALSO I almost forgot, but as an aside that might interest dgz as a whole; I was told by a -pretty- reliable source that YCS San Diego might be in the works for March[/quote] That would make my year.
  3. aw man the San jose one got me all excited...then i read that it's in costa rica. WAY TO TEASE, KONAMI.
  4. [quote name='Ender' timestamp='1355930620' post='3352049'] For Starlight, It was great when I played it. The problem is the extra. I already want to play 16-17 in my extra without Stardust xD [/quote] ^Agreed I'd have to think really hard on if putting in a card that requires an extra deck slot is worth limiting my tool box by that slot. I'd hate to come up on a situation where I think "oh boy, i wish i had X card where SDD currently is". I [i]already[/i] run into that situation without SDD clogging the extra... On the topic of Blackship...not sure if anyone realized this, but Giga Brilliant works nicely with it.
  5. Dec 22dn

    [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1355872434' post='3351442'] I'll be there. Where were you coming from? [/quote] San Diego
  6. Anyone going to this? was gonna go up with some friends, but they all bailed on me D: Unsure if I'm gonna make it up or not, but thought I'd see if anyone from here was gonna show.
  7. Personally I've had more situations where I needed corn than where I've needed Maister or Silvermountain. Those would be the first cards I'd remove if any.
  8. In the words of Faith Hill --> "JUST BREATHE" In all seriousness, if you can calm yourself on the outside (physically), usually the mind calms itself down as well. I'm a musician as well like the dude that posted above me, and the first step to killing the nervousness is to take deep breaths before you start. It might seem trivial, but breathing evenly means you're allowing adequate oxygen to get to your brain, and you are able to think at the capacity you should be. Nervousness tends to cause the body to hyperventilate and restrict your O2 intake....which affects your decision making...which makes you more nervous...and the cycle continues. Another technique for handling nervousness actually involves using the adrenaline surge to your advantage. It's really hard to explain how to do it. My last piano teacher told me to "redirect" the adrenaline to my arms/hands instead of letting it "sit in the stomach" like it usually feels like it's doing. Like I said, it's hard to explain, but if you can find a way to use that adrenaline rush to make your thinking sharper (instead of making you shake), you'll be in good shape. I'm sure it's already been brought up, but whether you're nervous or not, take your time. You're alot more prone to making bad judgments when you're nervous. Never feel afraid to take a reasonable amount of time to gather your thoughts and manage your nervousness.
  9. [quote name='Alistar' timestamp='1355819134' post='3350930'] tribute TKR? cómo? [/quote] Pretty sure he's referring to the Special Summon negation effect.
  10. 3 call, 2 TT, 2 Solemn, and 2 Fiendish chain have been working great for me in this current meta.
  11. There was a good post in the Wind-Up discussion that relates somewhat to the BLS discussion. They talk about specific Wind-Up techs, but the overall concept is solid, and I think referring to it at this point might be beneficial for the BLs topic: [quote name='Farester' timestamp='1355503999' post='3347970'] I think whoever said in the last page that it is ridiculous to claim that you "need" 3 instead of 2 Magician, or 2 instead of 3 Rat, or main Starlight or Avarice or Messenger to get somewhere with the deck made a great point. The versatility of the plays that this deck allows leads minor alterations to the core build to have an attenuated effect on how the deck plays. If you run 2 Rat instead of 3 you are less likely to topdeck it at a critical time and gain more consistent openings but you can still do all the same combos and thanks to Rabbit you can use Rat just as many times in one game as you could if you ran all 3. If you run 2 Magician you lose some of the combos in exchange for less cloggy hands but you can till Shocklock, search Magician off Factory, and reuse it with Rabbit if need be. If you do not run Messenger your overwhelming back row and the deck's ability to gain card advantage off every single monster you summon can turn your opponent's pushes into a loss of resources. If you do not run powerful one-of's like Starlight Road or Pot of Avarice, which can win games when you get them off but are relatively inconsistent, then you can still win by playing intelligently using your resources and Xyz monsters conservatively if you do not run Avarice, or setting minimal back row and making Zenmaines, Maestroke, and Tiras to hedge your field against Dark Hole/Torrential Tribute/Mirror Force and Heavy Storm if you do not run Road. I was only able to attend one regional this season due to school but in preparation for that event I basically lived on here in the Wind-Up discussion and in the Tournament Report section. Everyday I would go over Garon's two regional top 8 reports, Tyree Tinsley's top 8 report, Sean's top 4 regional report, a Montreal regional top 8 report by user Pretty Boy Brady, and finally a 1st place regional report by user Light XIII. Tyree, Brady and Light ran 2 Magician while Garon topping twice and Sean ran 3 also Light ran no Avarice and some of them ran 41-42 cards. From testing it just became incredibly evident that these minor differences had almost no impact on the way the deck plays as long as you keep in mind that certain plays may not be available(setting 3-4 without running Starlight or recycling your Xyz monsters during a grind game without Avarice) and can then make compensatory plays that are just as good. I went undefeated at my 450 person regional running 42 cards, 2 Magician, 2 MoP, running Starlight and no Avarice. I now run 40 cards, 3 Magician, and main Avarice(those grind games are far too common against rabbit) and the deck plays virtually the same. Success with Wind-Ups depends upon knowing all the combos and rulings associated with the deck, understanding how the deck wins, and most importantly knowing how you should play it at different points during a game. I think that inexperienced players put too much emphasis on the ratios in this deck when it is not all that relevant to succeeding with the deck, for example after reading Mike's great article on the deck I came across this eye-roll inducing question in the comments section below the article: "Now for the golden question... In your opinion, 2 or 3 Magician?" [/quote]
  12. I'm going to start with the disclaimer that I haven't really read up on Fire fist/kings extensively yet, so I'm not 100% sure how they work. I've gone over some of the fire fist stuff so I have the general idea. But I'm gonna play devil's advocate here... You seem to be ranting and raging over the shift in focus that the game has taken. Outside of maybe PLANTS, themed decks have been the majority of the Meta for a while now. The introduction of these two new types doesnt really change that fact. I wasn't around during the Goat format, but it seems like alot of people here like that. I'm not sure if you're referring to a format like that as something you'd like to see...but I've played around with the format and found it quite bland. Thinking of which broken limited cards to run in your mash-up deck (that don't even necessarily "work together" as you put it) didn't really seem enjoyable to me. Also to be fair, even back then, mash up decks like Chaos, Tele-Dad, (even plants) had standard builds. just because they weren't themed didn't mean that everyone was innovating. A couple people innovated...eveyrone else netdecked. Same with themed decks and the techs that are used. While the game seemed to be more build intensive in a format like goats, the current themed trend seems to be more involving play-wise. I realize some people will disagree because they just see the herp derp that has been the last couple formats, but what I have seen is how much more complex the game is compared to "older" formats. Game states in general are much more complex than the one-for-one formats of years past. Sure, things are going towards a search oriented play scheme, but you can't deny that these decks have brought with them a myriad of OPTIONS with them as well. Look at wind-ups...mermails...agents, etc. They all have OPTIONS...and it takes a skilled player to use those cards in the intricate ways they've been designed in the most efficient way possible. Yes, some cards are broken. Yes, some strategies are broken. But the game as it sits now is much more complex in playstyle than it was before. Just cuz decks can search and have broken boss monsters doesn't mean that the deck is auto-pilot win. Isn't that what everyone was afraid of when Dark World came out last year? It ended up acutally requiring a ton of skill as far as playstyle and siding and making the optimal choices for your discards and searches. Again, i haven't read up completely on these new fire monsters so they could, for all i know, be legit broken tier 0. But I just wanted to address the reaction of the first post with these thoughts.
  13. Just to be clear, I completely understand your point, and I agree to an extent. It's just that i think with ONE card, you're not going to get everyone having the same results. You'll get some people that see it useful the majority of the time when they draw it (me)...and some other ppl that can't seem to draw it live. I'd dare say that putting a standalone monster in that spot can have the same issues late game where you need a biggie and are stuck with this "stand alone" monster you put in there that won't solve your problem. I dont' think there's a solid yay or nay on whether to run it or not.
  14. BLS won me like 3 war duels today. Never drew it clogged. Just sayin :\ I really don't think the ONE card diff is going to make THAT big a difference in consistency. THat's my main point. I had one long drawn out game cuz i coudln't draw a boss monster. I mean, yeah the 5 or 6 wars i did today aren' treally enough to determine the long term validity of running BLS...but I it's putting in alot more work than you guys are giving credit for. Maybe you should just try it? EDIT: and just to add...your argument against the "it would be good in any deck" reasoning is pretty invalid. Agents is the only viable deck that runs a large amount of lights. Half the problem is already solved. There aren't any other decks that run enough lights OR darks to warrant running it right now. So saying that it's the same as saying it "works in rabbit or wind-ups" is ridiculous. We're saying it's too good because it is too good AND we actually can get it out on a fairly consistent basis.