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  1. Space Patrol Luluco

    It's adorable, and the ED is my favourite this season
  2. What's so 'potentially great' about it? Not a dig at you but if you're gonna claim something like that you've gotta back it up with some explanations; i.e.: what does this deck do better than others, how consistent is it (against meta or otherwise), what are your big power plays, etc etc.
  3. Fantastic Four

    It reminded me of early 2000's superhero movies but with a worse plot and none of the heart
  4. Mask Heroes

    Don't you think you're overdoing it a bit with the LP drain cards? Even without the Spacetime Trap Hole and Ring i find myself running low a lot. I can see the value in them but having a number of cards become more and more dead as the game goes on seems a little counterintuitive, especially when your ideal t1 ends with you at 4k. I'd rather side the Trap Holes, and replace them with Mind Crushes but that's just me, Mirror Force is decent too. Good theory though
  5. FF7 remake confirmed!!!!!

    My main concern for this is how they're gonna translate stuff like the crossdressing scene with the super-realistic style
  6. You're going to regret letting me fall out of love with you
  7. Lose A Turn

    So, 'Summoning Sickness: The Card'?
  8. The One

    Came for At One With the Sword, am disappoint.
  9. Oath to Order

    I play it, it gets me to Dark Law more easily if by some chance I don't open Shadow Mist, the added speed is pretty nice and a good amount of the time DDude mills nicely
  10. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ

    Do the triple Silver's Cry contribute to bricks at all? I think you should cut at least 1 for the third Upstart, or MSTs
  11. Kill La Kill, New Show by Hiroyuki Imaishi

      i completely disagree   could you elaborate
  12. Kill La Kill, New Show by Hiroyuki Imaishi

    KLK is consistently entertaining but TTGL is way deeper and more meaningful, no contest
  13. Kill La Kill, New Show by Hiroyuki Imaishi

    English dub confirmed    http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-05-12/kill-la-kill-english-dub-to-premiere-at-anime-expo
  14. -Garfield and Stone were great as usual -Dane Dehaan stole the show, he was a great Harry -I really appreciated Aunt May's role this time, it made the movie feel more human -I found it hard to care that much about Electro after his transformation, he became a simple plot device afterwards, the character was underutilized overall. (Also he could have used one more fight sequence) -The movie as a whole could have used more action, it was more 'The Adventures of Peter Parker' than 'The Amazing Spider-Man', there were only two (three?) real fight sequences -They cut out a lot of stuff from the trailers and that disappointed me, it had all better be on the BD as deleted scenes -The universe begins to expand a lot with all the character cameos and name drops, as well as the villain teases but important stuff like the Bugle is only in it for a minute at most -The stuff with Peter's parents seemed a little bit tacked-on, hopefully we'll reap the full benefits of their inclusion by the next movie -The music was super good, and I don't usually like dubstep  -The change of atmosphere from the first one was appreciated, I didn't like that the entire thing took place at night   Overall I enjoyed it, despite its flaws it's my favorite one since Raimi-Man 2 for sure.   [spoiler]GWEN WHY[/spoiler]
  15. Kill La Kill, New Show by Hiroyuki Imaishi

    Fuck my life i just remembered my weeks are gonna have no meaning until sailor moon starts       in july