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  1. Anyone in atl wanna playtest

    I'm trying to playtest like all day tomorrow, err, today.
  2. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    idk man, Wiindups/Inzecktors are weanies, C/Veiler then Guiba tf outta em.
  3. Anyone in atl wanna playtest

    Winguardium, leviosah!
  4. Anyone in atl wanna playtest

    The Marriott ! Theres a few prople..
  5. YCS Atlanta, GA

    Anyone at the Marriott?
  6. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    Guiba/TKR/DCK/Reaper for the main ?
  7. YCS Atlanta, GA

    [quote name='chos3n1' timestamp='1329362137' post='3102794'] im getting there friday anyone have fiendish chains trying to buy em and i got a iphone 4 for sale/trade [/quote] I am interested in this, message me.
  8. Maining Maxx "C" Vs. Veiler

    I agree, I think Hoban put it nicely. Also, Max C'ing the Tour Guide vs Zenmeighty imo it depends on what you have in hand.
  9. YCS Atlanta, GA

    yeah, I think I need a place to stay aswell..
  10. YCS Atlanta, GA

    Anyone get in Thursday ?
  11. Top 8 Seattle Regionals

    Freddy, Donaven and I... lololol
  12. Top 8 Seattle Regionals

    You're a dick jarebear.
  13. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    I'm just wondering the benefits of DCK>TKR??
  14. Wind-Up - Discussion

    IDK what these even do yet, but I think running only 2 C is a bad idea.