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  1. Since we all are a bit restless, and in times like this it's up to elder statesmen of the game to fulfill a sacred duty. Sit down laddies, and I'll tell ye a tale. One of dragons and magicians and powerful magic. For ye see, before the advent of this thing called the forbidden and restricted list, this land was governed quite differently, indeed. It all started with these cards. DARK HOLE RAIGEKI MONSTER REBORN CHANGE OF HEART And THE FIVE PIECES OF EXODIA In the beginning of the game, the time ruled over by the Fiends and Spellcasters these were the original Limited Cards; there were not yet cards restricted to 2 per deck. These cards, were, indeed posted in the rulebooks that governed that governed the game in its infancy before there was a true support system for our game. This would stay the same for quite a while... Then came the mighty MIRROR FORCE; the tenth limited card and final addition of this game's original 5 power cards. However, there was one more thing that was very interesting about this iteration of the list... we would see the first card limited to only 2 per deck; a card some of you may know. The name of this card was HEAVY STORM. Part 1
  2. RE: Nutty setups now and then.   I generally agree. Back in the day, I can remember coming back from trinity hands (For newer guys; opp opens Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Delinquent Duo pretty much leaving you STARTING -2 versus an established field and a game state where your opponent is effectively 5 turns ahead).  Those 2 cards your opp was up back in the day would be something like a Dekoichi and an extra Bottomless. Great cards, yes, but nothing that's gonna put you on tilt or kill you in 2 turns if you don't have an answer. Even something like BLS back then was something that you'd purposely save removal to deal with because everything else the opponent had was bearable and could eventually be overcome, provided logical thinking and problem-solving. This is in contrast to a nutty opening now, which is like Felgrand, Emptiness, Warning set, or something of the like. The big difference here to me is the cards effects and what they stop you from doing i.e. their floodgateyness. It's not like its hard to do. By no stretch am I saying that going "herp derp, play the 3 limited cards in my hand" took skill to realize or pull off. But let's compare this to, say, LSS Shien from Samurai's hey day. Again, they even spelled it out for you; "summon the level 3 guy, which lets me summon the level 2 tuner... oh, now I can make the 2500 attack beatstick that lets me negate a card per turn and has built in evasion to removal."  More recently, it's gotten more ridiculous. It's painfully clear that the Mythic Dragons were made for one another, so it's not like a mystery you have to solve. You just need to get them both in hand, and you too can be rewarded with your own 2800, effect negating, self evading beatstick. Again,the only difference is the power levels just got get more and more ridiculous over time... NONE of these require above intermediate level experience in this game. ALL of them give you a stranglehold on the game, in some way, shape, form or fashion. But this is why games are won and lost, nowadays. Not necessarily because you got outplayed. Not necessarily because your opponent is a genius or even because they have a better deck. But because they got more unfair cards, got established before you did, and because you didn't have an answer. The worst part is...that it's getting, or maybe has already gotten to the point where the IS no answer for some of the stuff that can happen to you. How DOES one get past 2 Felgrands and an Emptiness, anyways? And THIS is better than in '07? Well, I guess that's a matter of personal opinion.
  3. The answer is pretty simple to understand, but complex to enact. The state the game is in now cannot be fixed by any amount of F/L list tinkering. Period. Mistakes were made in the game's past and precedents were set that should not have been. Monsters got too big, got far too powerful effects, and were made far too easy to summon, all against the backdrop of said monsters only being exclusive to one deck as justification. In the beginning, archetypes were not nearly as powerful as they are now; players clamored, Konami listened, and gave them exactly what they wanted. However, they took it way too far and that's a large part of why the game is where it is now. It's a case of "be careful what you wish for." The game is now at a point where changes have to be made to the game itself in order to have any real impact. Higher LP counts, bigger minimum deck size, one SS per turn? Come up with a way to balance monster effects versus their stats? Maybe it's all of these solutions, maybe it's none of them, or maybe it's something altogether different. Who knows? But to think that a simple ban list can rescue this game... just seems shortsighted. The best the game's felt to me in a long time has been more recently with the "play or draw" rule. I think the game needs more of THIS. Actual, factual change to how the game is played and the rules that govern it. The problems that haunt this game are inherent, fundamental, and dwell at its core, greatly augmented by poor decision making in leadership not only initially(during the making of said rules) but going forth from that point on. In my humble opinion.
  4. 3.5 Axis - Chaos Style

    I was on the new guy's side until the "gg nub" post. :/ You answered DGz inherent elitism with your own equally-smug-but-believed-to-be-justified-attitude... Even then, there might have been a leg to stand on had  you been right, but you weren't. The deck is pretty lacking, man, sorry. Then the whole "HAT playing scrub" comment. :( The worst part about the rampant elitism is that it's somewhat justified as DGz is, I believe whole-heartedly, ACTUALLY LITERALLY the best out there TALENT WISE. You're hard pressed to find an event that a DGz poster hasn't won/damn near won, even dating back to the days of top 8 only finishes. With this new "top 32" stuff, forget about it; it's probably multiple guys each event. That said, I'm pretty sure that nobody whose posted in this thread (and likely the VAST majority of DGz' regular rotation of posters) would lose to this regardless of what they ran. Just tellin' it how it is. If you're gonna go around and say the things like you did, you have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. They weren't right to be dickish, and never are as far as I've ever been concerned. But you have to offer better than this or else you only make them look right... I know it's frustrating, but you just have to roll with it and remember that in the end, these types of occurrences ONLY MAKE YOU BETTER. It'sDGz' own way of helping; like a Marine drill instructor or an Army staff sergeant. By the time you can post and not get flamed crispy, you'll be a LOT better, I promise. Just a little insight into what actually just happened here and why.
  5. TL:DR: It's not a backrow heavy grind-y format because of draw-pass or damage v. advantage. It's a grind-y format because summoning into traps>getting legit reads blown up by -2 MST. :/ I've been trying to play again recently and it does feel something akin to how the game used to be. And it makes sense why; the best deck is composed mostly of high powered normal summons, powerful backrow, and tools like Hands, which let you play defense while building resources. I mean, I LOVE HAT in the sense that it's a deck made in the old style. It's not something that Konami threw at us and said, "these cards all have the same name so play them all and you now have broke.dek." HAT, like Dino Rabbit, Plants, Goat Control, Tele-DAD came from the PLAYERS. The only thing I dislike about the deck, and consequently the format as HAT's the deck to beat right now, is that is seems like it's "Grind Game LITE." This touches on what the last couple posts before mine were about. Back when, what constituted good play was making reads, maintaining resources and accordingly making well thought out plays. This is what created the basis for many of the amazing grind games we used to play in the past. HOWEVER The "LITE" aspect comes into play in 2 main instances. a) BLUFF IS A BIT TOO STRONG. "Okay, he had that face down set when he BTHd my Thunder King." "It's gotta be something that does something other than stop a summon." Maybe Tripwire?" "He hasn't launched any attacks, I can't rule it out." "It's not D Prison; I swung with Ice Hand twice while he had it on the board." "No, wait... maybe it's Moralltech." "That would explain why he hasn't activated it; because he CAN'T." Part of the problem with HAT, and Artifacts in general is that EVERYTHING can be a Moralltech or a Sanctum or an Ignition. You just have to find out now, by jumping into the fire and if you get burned, you get burned. This is in stark contrast to using a Space to find out what to find out what it was he was hiding and gaining insight into the rest of his back row. the other main one is b) YOU GET PUNISHED -HARD- FOR GUESSING WRONG. My problem with this isn't the fact that you get punished, period; if you play less than optimally you should never be allowed to come out on top. It's the fact that the little guessing game I described up above gives entirely too much to a player for what, setting a card? The problem here lies in the fact that you pretty much have respect ALL of his backrow, regardless of the situation, and put them through a gut check before confirming that hey MAY be an Artifact card. Of course, gut checking means you've opened yourself up to all his defense along the way. And Space is no longer a real option because you can end up going like neg 2 for next to no reason. These types of situations are what I think was being referred to by "sitting on my hands." What's you other alternative? Just don't attack all, I guess.
  6. Shut the fuck up.

  7. Exit Bag

            Was the exit bag metaphorical, or did you just have really weird friends? Because the lack of context surrounding it makes the interaction really weird.   Typo and yes, the bag was metaphor for finally bringing me to grips with what has, was, still is happening. The game the way it was would never come back, so I had two choices; keep playing and continue to be unhappy/stand for what I didn't believe in or put on the exit bag and quit playing, simultaneously saving myself a lot of anguish and letting the powers that be know in the best way I could how I felt. And to the one fellow that noted something about creativity: That may be correct. But I will tell you this. Going back and looking at that top 8, it was very varied; about 6 different decks and the ones that looked even sort of similar had lots of different choices for splashes/techs. There will always be top decks. But I think what allows for more creativity is when the top decks aren't worlds apart from the rest of the pack and when power levels weren't sky high. That's how the game used to feel to me.
  8. Exit Bag

    The exit bag is in question was making me realize that the points I listed here were true and valid. All the practice, all the play-testing in the world can't prepare you for yo for things that happen to you in today's game. There isn't enough defense in the game, enough smart decisions you can make, that will stop you from losing when your opponent has nuts draws. And that happens FAR more often than it used to. The whole thing makes me feel like all the time I put into leaning and practicing doesn't matter at all. What was the point of damage versus advantage when the opponent can just summon uber-powerful monster x who gives no fucks? You used to win long, hard, drawn out games with timing by avoiding making mistakes. Now you just play your flowchart hand in your pre-made deck, summon your conveniently easy to reach boss monster, and roll to victory. Shit like summon 2 swarm monsters, make an Ophion who searches his own protection, and set 4. That's what makes you win nowadays. Really? Summon and tribute my 3 star monster that summons my field-nuking boss monster directly from my deck just because I play a Spellbook previously this turn. Really? It started with Cydra and just all went downhill form there...
  9. Soul Charge

    Well then I stand corrected. It's to Konami's credit that they didn't make this thing the highest possible rarity they could.
  10. Exit Bag

    [Edited only to clarify a point and fix a typo. My stances on the subject remain unchanged regardless of being negged into oblivion/banned/having gunmen show up outside my apartment, etc.] I started playing the YGO TCG on April 15, 2002. During the time I spent with the game, I met some of the coolest people I've ever known, traveled to places I otherwise would not have, and had a lot of fun. All at the cost of a lot of time and a lot of money, but that's to be said for all hobbies, is it not? On a rainy day in September 2012, a good friend of mine put things into perspective for me and, maybe unknowingly, did me one of the single greatest favors ever. He led me to see the way things really were in this game and that I'd been lying to myself. He handed me an exit bag. I think my life has been a bit better off ever since. The closest I've ever gotten to acquiring any kind of wide-scale notoriety (in life, not just cards) had to be in 2006 when I achieved my one and only SJC top 8 finish. It was a great feeling and a monumental occasion. Even better was the fact that the deck I piloted was something that I had been working on for quite sometime and had yet to be done. That deck,  playing off-beat decks, and a reputation for winning made me somewhat famous in the So Cal YGO scene. I was somebody. In the language of player archetypes, I'm a Johnny. That means I like win, but I want to do it with style and on my terms. So naturally what attracted me to the game was the fact that you could play the way you wanted and express yourself through deck making. I also thought it was very cool that I could put in practice and be good at something while having fun. Once upon a time these things were true about the YGO TCG. But times changed. Decks got stronger and stronger. Effects got more unbelievably outrageous. The game just turned into something totally different. This wasn't YGO anymore. But I kept playing. In hindsight, I can see that the signs were there all along. Part of me wanted those days back again, where you could make it if you knew how to attack correctly and didn't walk into your opponent's outs. I really thought that sharpening my skill as a player could negate what I saw happening to the game right in front of my eyes, but refused to admit. Look, I'm getting long-winded here, so I'll make it short and simple. The powers that be don't care about guys like you, like US. We are DGz. We play to win and pride ourselves on playing at a high level. All we want is a solid game where player skill takes a front seat as opposed to what OP, pre-packaged deck Konami hands you. As long as they keep printing shit like Soul Charge or Dragons or the other stuff I tagged, that won't happen. We are all just destined to be warm bodies, moving cards around and following directions with no independent thought as to what you played or why. Yes, you're good at it. You may even have fun now and again. But if you're a competitive player, the time is here, man; has been for a long time. The game now is a bunch of cash grabs to make everyone feel like a winner and help guys that wouldn't have survived Goats or any other period where there was no insta-win yo cold just luck into. The game now pretty much caters to guys that do shit like summon into +3 TT or swing at a +2 Mirror. Just about every deck can either OTK you or put you in an EXTREMELY disadvantageous situation with far fewer resources than it should take to do so. THIS is what wins games nowadays. THIS is what makes you "pro." Embarrassing. If you're a guy that put in all those years of practice to be on the same level as guys that started a few weeks ago, this is for you. If you use cards aren't just thrown at you in order to win, this is for you. If you're tired of seeing people sack games with cards that shouldn't exist, this is for you. If you never saw a problem with 1-2 summons per turn, this is for you. Game Over Has been for quite some time now and will never again return. If you want to stay on, that's your business, but if you're like I was and didn't want to stand for it anymore, then hopefully this post was your exit bag.  
  11. Soul Charge

    http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC1.A0.H0.Xyugioh+soul+charge&_nkw=yugioh+soul+charge&_sacat=0&_from=R40 It's already starting and the card isn't even out yet. :/ It'll obviously be SCR and one of the most expensive cards in history by the time it's said and done. Who thought this was a good idea? It's gonna hand a lot of people wins who have no business winning and shit on a lot of people who otherwise made all the right decisions. The WRONG decision they made? Activating a +4 Torrential? I guess... Actually the mistake they made was ever playing this game in the first place.
  12. Rank-Up Control Hunders - Doing things the Hard Way

    My best guess is that the Extra is cramped because of automatically having to play an Xyz and it's counterpart, In the situation that you can't Synchro, I guess any Watt>Prism because they actually do something non-Synchro related. But this opens up a lot of other questions: chief among them should he make space for Synchro mons?
  13. Supply Unit

    What  like about it is that it spurs interaction. There is also the fact that it helps in grind games while simultaneously helping you establish a grind game. I will play it in my Machina Gadget as I feel it will be excellent at doing just this. I play this, summon a Gadget, get a Gadget. Now my opponent's in a quadrant. If he attacks the monster, I draw and am 2 turns ahead (the tutor and the draw.) If he leaves the Gadget alone, I have my monster, my LP, my tutor from last turn, and potential Xyz next turn. If I draw a defensive S/T, I look really good. That's a bad situation and worse one. The fact that my opponent giving me a draw and a search is likely his best option...sounds pretty good to me.
  14. Bravely Default

    I have the jobs unlocked, but haven't gotten into training them yet. The Ninja/Spellfencer combo seems good and is probably up there with, if not the most, hard hitting combo in the game. The other ones seem kinda straightforward as Arcanist and Spiritmaster are buffed version of White Mage/Black Mage, respectively. I don't really know too much about Vamp. I also wouldn't sleep on Knight/Templar as Knight gets Dual Shields and Templar has that one attack which adds P.DEF to P.ATK. A Knight is supposed to end up in the high 600s-low 700s with all the heavy armor and two so, that attack makes him a literal tank. That and the Templar's Rampart is kinda nuts. Speaking of Knights, did you notice the fact they have a B in MIND? I made mine a Knight (White Mage) and there have been several boss battles that he's won almost single-handedly, surviving, then reviving the entire party. Just putting that out there.
  15. New(ish)-Age Engines

      + A while ago I saw a friend play this and I really like it. Maybe play 2 of each? With just those 4 cards alone, you can get 2- rank 4s per game reliably. *They attack, kill the Ariel, you get a Beast. *You manually resolve it and find the other Ariel leaving a)a poke and another set or b)an immediate rank 4. Either way, you have juicy some juicy Gishki Beast top-decks for later. *You manually resolve it, bet a Beast, then summon to make Shock Ruler some poorly designed rank 4 that takes 3 material.   The key difference between this and Tenki/Wolfbark is speed, obv. And the fact that FIRE Beast-Warriors>Gishki effect monsters. But Gishki Beast's Tenki being a monster has merits; you can't activate Tenki then use it as half the material to make a 101. Tenki also doesn't protect your LP, give you a chump block, provide tribute fodder, or poke for 1000. It may not ever matter, but they didn't even bother putting the "effect is negated" line on Beast. If there were any good GIshkis with non-ritual-related ignition/continuous effs. then this engine would be NUTS.