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  1. Return to Yugioh pt.2

    you didn't even mention how he called you a madolche.
  2. NAWCQ 2014

  3. ycs philly top 8 with no ignition.deck

    The Legend.   Good job finally getting your well-deserved top.
  4. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

    Naveen lost   Brian Clark the dream

      Were you Hoban to make one?   Whoops meant to pos
  6. ARG Nashville Top 16

    Great report!!!!!!!! You now have 2 premier tops to Brian's zero so you are 2x better than him.
  7. League of Legends

      Oh there is a reason Kha Zix is pretty amazing right now and def needed to be toned down a bit, although they hit him too hard imo.
  8. Dueling Network

      He was so good you had to cheat to win vs him :-p.
  9. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

      Added you, can you add me? :)   Pengwan, I also added you.   Sittin on tha bouble, I also added you.   Arshen, I also added you.   IamTheGreat, I also added you.   Can you guys add me back? My FC: 3582 - 9572 - 6160   I added you back, the first pokemon I found in your safari was shiny doduo lmao   Also for anyone who has my safari can you tell me what it is?
  10. AMA while I do project

    Dark Master Zorc or Paladin of White Dragon?
  11. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    Not really sure where to post this so I will just put it here.   If I have a male adamant scizor with swarm is there a way i can breed it with something else to get a adamant scyther with technician? I don't really know much when it comes to breeding.
  12. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    0946 2821 1716 Add me, I honestly do not know what my safari is yet but I will update this when I find out
  13. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    my goal is to be the third best player in the world.
  14. I won't tell you what I think of you