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  1. Dueling Network

    its down   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  2. 3rd Place NAWCQ 2015

    congrats max, thats awesome
  3. 1st Place Goat Control tournament

    well it's true but someone deleted my post i guess...even tho that kind of thing should be in the public
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    sure i'll take that bet.      ok just posting to be clear that i accept.      https://tempostorm.com/decks/midrange-paladin-magicamy-meta-snapshot http://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/2smefh/finally_cut_bolvar/ http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/189431-fighting-the-meta (#1 paladin deck on hearthpwn atm, again no bolvar)   so basically bolvar ended up sucking from what i can tell   truthfully, i quit heartstone a while ago and it feels dirty coming back to ask for money, so i'm going to call it off atm...if i ever go bankrupt from sports gambling i'll hit you up in 10 years. everything i said 2 months ago about bolvar seemed to be true, it basically became silence bait if it is ever used and just takes up room in paladin restricted to 30 slots.   i've checked r/heartstone, hearthpwn, tempostorm, googled online tournament decks for recent play, checked gamefaqs where i found this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/710060-hearthstone-heroes-of-warcraft/71150476 (title: bolvar found in 0/11 pally decks in the best of the best tournament), so i can safely say i see no one using bolvar   i guess what im saying is i was right you were wrong suckas! never doubt the king. 
  5. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I made a Paladin deck and wanted to share it so you guys could try it out or fix it or add bolvar >)>     Gazlowe is a cool card when you have good 1 mana spells like Humility. Tosh and Dr. DOOM are my two favorite legends from GvG, the former giving spare parts of Gazlowe and the latter just being really powerful (the boom bots do power up technician). You want to heal a lot (antique healbot, guardian of kings, lay on hands) while abusing the busted parts of paladin (insane 2 drop, muster for battle + quartermaster, tirion). Avenge is mostly just a 1 mana spell for Gazlowe to make more mechs but is also pretty good with muster. I dunno how to really describe it, I've played pretty aggressively but the healing and gazlowe can do some nutty things vs control. Mostly though it's just fun when everything works which is why I'm posting it.    Mage kind of does this better since their spells become fireballs but everyone knows what mage looks like right now :/
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    first 12 win gvg arena (2 11 wins shamans got snuffed out despite having zapomatic best card) :[   i can say without a doubt it is the most insane arena deck i've ever drafted. like wow mage is broken in arena now with the card pool. flamecannon and portal are both so ridiculously top tier     rest of list:    [spoiler] [/spoiler]   think im going to start crafting goldens now with all the arena dust ive built up these last few months, made a golden voljin and it is MAD sexy. have ~10,000 more dust to make a few more goldens.
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    http://www.twitch.tv/thatsadmirable   stream of pros discussing gvg cards (backspace, chakki, ekop, admirable). group of pros all said exactly what i said about bolvar. other pro players have said the same thing. i guess we're all just bad though. literally no good player thinks this card is good. the idea is great the execution terrible.   i cannot wait for my $10 ammitt, i'll be holding you to that in 2 months.
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      can you just admit you don't play this game or acknowledge that rank 10-25 play is meaningless?  did anyone else here ever see feugen in competitive play? what is this dude talking about?   and you are not discussing this card on theory lol. theory does not mean "i theorize this card could be good because its unreleased and needs testing", theory would be "this card can be very good for paladin because of recent example x and this example y". maybe talk about muster for battle + cult master gives a draw engine that lets you consistently see this card earlier and buff it quicker or something. maybe talk about how paladin can take a more control warrior esque route with bigger minions to bait out silence for tirion (including this one) and rely on muster for early game kills.    you've literally brought up the paladin hero power and "feugen is a great card" as your talking points. do you realize how clueless you sound? you could make legitimate points but you've basically reduced your argument into "i don't know how this card could be good but it could be and you're a moron to discount it"
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      unless i'm misunderstanding, you're implying either feugen is unused in paladin because it can trigger stalagg but if that didn't exist, it'd be an auto include OR that if you played paladin, you would use feugen as just a 4/7 beater   i really don't think you know what you're talking about   I think I do know what I'm talking about and I have a lot on my end to back that up. And yes Feugen at its unveiling was widely considered just a simply good card because it was a 4/7 vanilla beater in Control Paladin. If you can't remember things, it doesn't mean I don't.     i said fuegen would see no play at the beginning because i'm not a moron. and widely considered? i don't think i saw it in any tournament play from the naxx vgn tournaments and definitely didn't see it past that.     you sound like a moron, we're discussing the card based on facts and theorycraft and you're just bringing up retarded examples (ID PLAY FEUGEN IN PALADIN EVEN THO IT SUCKS, OK I MEANT WHEN IT WAS RELEASED) or just saying we're "bad" because we aren't praising the potential of a shitty card. ok
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      The card is INCREDIBLY undercosted (once a condition is met), that is the POINT OF THE CARD.  Being a 5 mana cost card also positions it very well for being played at any stage of the game (it is feasible to use most or all of ur mana while playing a five drop in paladin).   I find it impossible to look at this card and say "UTTER SHIT" when it could be played as a 5+/7 for 5!  There is a major case for threat dominance to be made here.     Even if we do live in a universe where this card sees no play whatsoever (for whatever the reason: every deck playing 4 silences, paladin doesn't find its place, etc) this card as it stands is incredibly strong and it shows a deep lack of understanding of the game to dismiss it without batting an eyelash.   But as mentioned previously, we do not know the context of the game in which we will have the chance to play this card.  For all we know paladin could be playing four giants, 6 bgh targets, and a 4 silence targets.  We could live in a universe where 15% of the decks play a silence/bgh.  All these qualms are strictly contextual which makes them worthless.   Also what does   mean?     boulderfist ogre is a 6/7 for 6 that can't be bgh or silenced. it sees 0 play and is regarded as a useless card. paladins "could" play it without wasting mana on a swing turn (pyromancer equality, truesilver or consecrate, etc)   at BEST case scenario this card is a boulderfist ogre for 1 less mana. at worst case scenario it is a horrible topdeck late-game and deadcard if drawn during the midgame.   this card is utter shit, we literally have similar cards stat-wise that see no play. paladin does not have room for silly gimmicks like this when it needs to keep up with aggro decks. the absolute best case scenario is holding it while they kill 10+ minions, dropping it, and then hoping they have no answer. that sounds like every other beater in existence except this cards more inconsistent and a horrific topdeck late. i just don't get how anyone who plays this game can look at this card and think "wow the potential". 
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      unless i'm misunderstanding, you're implying either feugen is unused in paladin because it can trigger stalagg but if that didn't exist, it'd be an auto include OR that if you played paladin, you would use feugen as just a 4/7 beater   i really don't think you know what you're talking about
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    sure i'll take that bet.      ok just posting to be clear that i accept. 
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    what deck runs twilight drake outside of handlock? and this card is significantly worse than twilight drake   i dont know how you could look at that card and think it can do anything. it's completely outclassed by spectral knight. you guys are way off on your assessment of this card, there really is little potential here. gvg hype is clouding judgment i think, but if anyone wants to bet i'll put $10 on this card being unused in paladin in 2 months (barring card releases similar to muster for battle that somehow buff this up)   what do other legendaries being bad have to do with this card being bad? what?   i think there is very poor theorycraft going on in this thread, this is the way this card would play out:   mulligan it/open it in hand: recruit on turn 2, muster for battle turn 3, opponent clears board, coin him out for a 5/7 on turn 4 (ideal) mulligan it/open it in hand: slowly lose minions throughout game while card sits in hand, bring it out as a ~10 atk finisher draw it mid-game: mostly dead, you need to wait for 3 minions to die to be worth it (still costs 5) draw it late-game: pretty much completely useless topdeck it while low on card: completely worthless   is a 5/7 on turn 4 or 5 really worth the horrendous downside of it being dead if you don't draw it early enough? fuegen is a 4/7 on 5 that sees absolutely 0 play. spectral knight is played by no one but druids and that looks a hell of a lot better.   it also sits in your hand and clogs until you have a good time to play it, which means you're working with less resources than the opponent for a card that looks a lot worse than other powerhouses like sylvannas   it's basically paladin's only bgh target   i can almost guarantee we'll see cult master paladin with this emerge but i don't think it'll work at all and it will be discarded in a month. this card needs a serious upgrade or buff from rest of gvg (which ive said 3 times now, so if a card comes out that makes it viable don't come telling me "you told me so", we're talking about it as it stands now)
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    bolvar sucks, card is absolutely subpar   cool idea, bad execution   it's a dead card if you draw it late, losing your minions isn't as common as you'd think even with muster, at best its going to be a slightly better ogre. any higher and its a bgh target (which is a legitimate problem since paladin has no other target), it is not worth the card slot when it can be dead so often. if there is some other shit in gvg that changes this then maybe we'll look at it differently then but card is just plain bad atm