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  1. There's unlikely to be a poison poison logia simply because it's TOO similar Fire/Magma are similar thematically, but in terms of differentiating characters you would never mistake Akainu for the flame flame fruit because Oda draws them very differently. Ditto ice and Snow, Kuzan and Monet's abilities are easily differentiated, and that's the point of the Logia. It's a device to differentiate characters, and the first job of the Devil Fruit is to make the characters unique and different to others, second job is to work within the network of the universe. There's probably not going to be a flame paramecia for that exact reason, it'd be too similar to the Logia. Seems to me that Rejui has a zoan fruit though, I don't see insect abilities fitting in with the overal Germa 66 look. I reckon She probably has a zoan AND an artificial ability. The exception to this would be if they follow the original Cyborg 009 they're based on and all have wildly dissimilar abilities, instead of matching ones. Instead of them all having a certain insect, one could be insect and one could be super speed.
  2. Cannot say the same about the April 2010 title
  3. You should download Pokemon Insurgence/Uranium/Omicron Zeta and play a hack instead. Add some actual difficulty and realise what Nintendo have been fucking up all these years
  4. The problem is you have to be honest and admit United were flat and terrible vs Hull. Like, yeah they were not a side that was ready for Europe even though they dominated possession vs stragglers, they just kicked it around and weren't even close to clinical in the wet. Mourinho's systems are not close to being in place yet, they're a very straggly side. Plus they're hamstrung by the fact Wayne Rooney has to be on the pitch because jersey sales and United tradishun. City have the advantage at least that they're a much more settled side that hasn't had the open heart surgery Mourinho has performed. Even with Aguero missing City can't be counted out on paper at all, but like all football it depends on who turns up on the day.

    The more troubling parts are the entire point of Usagi Drop and what makes the series so good though.
  6. I can only hope you were drunk at the time when you were actually considering Ubuntu.
  7. Did not disappoint. Most certainly did not disappoint. Well played.
  8. Dueling book is a fucking troll? Like ik we're pretty desperate for some DN, but lets not lose sight of the fact that thing is probably not happening
  9. Seems pretty silly to split the candidates based on that when they're not that far apart in age though. Pretty much the point where it says you must pay taxes, you must contribute to the greater whole to sustain the system in some fashion because that is society. The simple biggest argument for single payer healthcare is that it's really fucking cheap per head. Single payer isn't the best form of health insurance because it insures everyone in society and gives them shit for free, it's good because it's a fucking bargain, it's the equivalent of buying your groceries at WalMart. If the government wants to sign the entirety of society up to a bulk buy scheme, then it's the same as the military or other important facets of the role of government "shit you can't opt out of because it stops america spending twice to three times as much as any other county on earth for the same medical products, which is money that can be spent on the deficit instead." It'd be straight up productivity growth and it'd turbo charge the economy if healthcare insurance prices halved and that money flowed into consumer spending.
  10. Compared to Theresa May Clinton looks like in great health, Theresa looked like she can barely walk whenever she is on camera at one stage, but is apparently well enough to go on a hiking holiday, so it could just be she walks funny. But in general the idea of 70 year olds running for president when the status quo is very much 8 year terms are locked in is pretty frightening. Just think about what happened to Obama's hair, the health issues that a president suffers from stress are absolute killers, and it's happening to people who will be past the median age of death at the end of their 8 years. And that's both candidates.
  11. amazing chap Faith in best manga restored
  12. Jason's changed his article writing style back to Metagame since the last time I read Yugioh coverage, much more fun to read tbh
  13. If FF14 has graduated from good to mediocre then what is a good MMO? WoW? GW2?
  14. Meh Bit of a slow one, p. much a chap just devoted to weird faces. Nothing like as tight as the first two were. Come on series hold it together.
  15. To be brutally honest, if United is going to be spending 100 million plus on transfer fees every summer because of the BT/Sky money, there's no reason that a 30 million purchase can't be a sub off the bench, Real Madrid style. Out of 200 million, he spent less than 20% of that on Mkhitaryan, he doesn't need to prove anything by him, and the spots for the attacking midfielders are extraordinarily tight. The thing is no matter the price tag or the wage, players can play themselves into form to take that starting spot, that's what he's communicating by not just sticking Mkh into the starting side. That was more important than treating a rubber vs Southampton like a cup final and fielding the absolute best side. It wouldn't be too surprising to find Mkhitaryan playing midweek next March because one of United's cast of 20 different players had pushed him out of the starting side. Also whilst the possession statistic isn't sexy, there's no way that Jose is going to change his style away from playing the break come hell or high water, he's won exactly zero trophies not playing the break and he's not about to start now.