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  1. The last 20 chapters of this have been actually excellent, like truly beyond belief excellent. I've always thought that ending a manga is far, far harder than starting it, writing beginnings is easy because you're unconstrained, writing the middle and the end is far harder because making it feel natural vis a vis what you have already established is apparently way to fucking much for Tite Kubo, Mishimoto and others. Tokyo Ghoul, after a slow start to Re, has honestly hit the high notes with the reveal saga so far. Everything about these reveal chapters has been written, so, so well. Also stolen from reddit
  2. So it's straight up better than DN, because as good as DN was the sounds were obnoxious
  3. nobody has more hacks
  4. haha
  5. Alright because I am struggling miserably with figuring out what a good t1 pass field looks like in 2016, can someone run me through a sample hand and show me what they're passing with? Return of the Dragon Lords, BEWD, Cards of Consonance Melody of Awakening Dragon and Effect Veiler is what has stumped me, just need to figure out how to use Melody Effectively and what the core combo is other than make a really ugly Azure eyes and pass. And that hand is probably the stone cold nuts.
  6. I mean Ted Cruz has not toed the line of the RNC on literally anything ever, it's not super surprising that he will ignore them on the "everyone get behind the candidate" line, especially when it's something you do because of actual principles. It's both the best thing for him politically, because it's a point of difference with big Washington and presents him as someone with integrity, and he probably thinks it's the right idea to boot anyway.
  7. Last issue wasn't thaaaaaaaat great, the really hot shit was the "that is my sin" issue But yeah this manga is really getting into form, and well that Escanor chapter was literally off the charts unbelievable
  8. Arguably Bailly is too raw for United, he might not be the bridge player that they needed if they actually did have a bunch of defender juniors coming through. But hey Mourinho needed a central defender, and needed one bad, he still needs a left back but who doesn't need a quality left back. And he needed his transfer kitty for Pogba.
  9. Chelsea have ages to find form though, and on paper they're still closish to where they were in '15 give or take if they find that form. Transfer season isn't close to over. It's a typical EPL season, there's no way you can predict even the top 4, especially after the last one. Chelsea could do it, City could do it, and yea Ibrahimovic could do it, fact is that all of the signings Mourinho has made are top notch, even with side unbalanced.
  10. handy tips they never bother putting in actual pokemon games
  11. Nothing good was ever leaked with spectating a high ranked DN match I am fairly sure. The thing that really closed the gap between the rest of the pack and the elite players in groups/teams was the fact that the DN ladder gave people an outlet to grind, play the most meta of meta decks week in week out and optimise. That taste really democratised being good. Idk I can only remember the majority of players at the top of the DN ladder making really poor tech choices by and large because they weren't plugged into cliques. They weren't setting examples by anything other than their deck choice really. Atm I'm pretty sure you just sign up for the Pros if you want a sim, and play with your friends. Hell the pro ladder can't be that awful can it?
  12. There's nothing wrong with having Ana as an off healer though, Ana+Mercy no Lucio. I'm pretty sure that's what the devs were dreaming about
  13. A fundamental shift in Arsenal's transfer policy would require an actual shift in the owners, sounds more like wishful thinking from the fans than anything. The owners still say profits, and Arsenal will still go for cheap deals, because Wegner's approach ultimately gives Arsenal 10-20% more value for money in the long run. Higuain's buyout clause is low for the quality of player, and Vardy might well be a bullet dodged given he has only clocked up a single season of performance at quality standards. Regardless there's a shitload still unaccounted for, by all rights transfer season hasn't even started to ramp up, so we won't really see the impact of the new money until the end. Most of the real flashy stuff is at the end, the stuff like Ibrahimovic is the exception, because he wasn't a transfer, and he was ridiculously cheap to boot. Regardless though the only team that has the potential to attract players taking any sort of unders is Mourinho's United, other than that all the clubs are paying market value for players by and large. And unlike other sports, especially the NFL and the NBA, unders have never been a big part of football.
  14. Better than Metagame? Really?
  15. Seven Deadly Sins is just holy shit this week. My fav kind of chapter Tokyo Ghoul has had two fantastic weeks as well