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  1. If FF14 has graduated from good to mediocre then what is a good MMO? WoW? GW2?
  2. Meh Bit of a slow one, p. much a chap just devoted to weird faces. Nothing like as tight as the first two were. Come on series hold it together.
  3. To be brutally honest, if United is going to be spending 100 million plus on transfer fees every summer because of the BT/Sky money, there's no reason that a 30 million purchase can't be a sub off the bench, Real Madrid style. Out of 200 million, he spent less than 20% of that on Mkhitaryan, he doesn't need to prove anything by him, and the spots for the attacking midfielders are extraordinarily tight. The thing is no matter the price tag or the wage, players can play themselves into form to take that starting spot, that's what he's communicating by not just sticking Mkh into the starting side. That was more important than treating a rubber vs Southampton like a cup final and fielding the absolute best side. It wouldn't be too surprising to find Mkhitaryan playing midweek next March because one of United's cast of 20 different players had pushed him out of the starting side. Also whilst the possession statistic isn't sexy, there's no way that Jose is going to change his style away from playing the break come hell or high water, he's won exactly zero trophies not playing the break and he's not about to start now.
  4. Ichigo's kid was cute af and I have run out of nice things to say
  5. The thing about Zack Snyder is that you can't change director after pre-production kicks into gear. You just can't. Just as an example, the timeline for a movie releasing in August 2017 that I know about was "script written, budget drawn up, production all completed by April-July 2015." Principal photography, actually filming the damn thing, took place March-July 2016. The film is scheduled to release August 2017. You basically cannot change the director after like, January 2015 in that timeline. That's part of what made the Hobbit p. bad, they brought in Jackson between the approval and the start of the filming as an emergency move, and Jackson had to film three films with a script he didn't help write and angles he really didn't choose but was forced by the setup. The reason Snyder is on Justice League is because Man of Steel was released in 2014, and Warner committed to filming BvS and then Justice League. After Man of Steel bombed the decision was either to rip Synder off Justice League then or there and throw in an emergency replacement, after he had already filmed BvS and done 2/3 of the setup, or just continue on. Justice League started filming in April 2016, they can't have him not direct it anymore, because he has already directed it. The film has probably wrapped, and is being edited right now. Guaranteed Snyder will be dropped into the pit of darkness ASAP by the studio, but unfortunately the time frame is such that they can't do that. Following this they really need to just go crawling on their knees to Christopher Nolan more or less, but he earnt enough box office returns that he has a license to do whatever the fuck he wants after Batman, which is why Interstellar was made .
  6. Enderal is outtttttttttttt
  7. I played a bit of it, but I have to say https://p-insurgence.com/ is much much better, although they've only finished it up to the first 6 gyms. Sequel to Zeta-Omicron by the same group. Uranium's issue is that it's just too damn slow, walking around takes an age and the lag on the battle interface is slower than the gameboy versions. I do like the extremely low power curve however, first gym is lvl 10 pokemon my word
  8. They made a new public holiday called mountain day so there's basically two golden weeks in Japan for the foreseeable future
  9. We've known Jinbe was going to be on the crew ever since Jesus Burgess was announced as the helmsman of the Blackbeard Pirates, and Jinbe was steering the ship from Impel Down. Luffy was always going to round out his crew with an equivalent.
  10. It's not a co-op game because they didn't build the functionality for co-op in. Also if it was a co-op game you'd probably need a PS plus subscription for the multiplayer, so there's that. If you can easily meet up with your friends then things are going to get shady on the Sony front. Definitely though they are clearly all shitting themselves about the hype vs the actual reaction to the gameplay, they've swung from the don't watch it mode pretty rapidly as they realised that'll do shit to the main dev just admitting that he's nervous about the hype gap. But re the embargo, 1.03 was pretty big and the streams definitely confirm that, the difference between 1.03 and 1.0 in terms of the story was large enough it'd actually explain the embargo beyond the usual "no reviews it'll destroy the hype angle." It's not quite the same as games like Assassin's Creed Unity and Doom where they didn't send out review codes at all.
  11. Still think it could go either way, but the streams make it out like it'll definitely be a pretty good game, just not Grand Theft Auto It's not really just exploration, you're playing it like Starbound in many ways raiding planets for stuff to upgrade your gear to go to more dangerous planets etc, and there's the overarching storyline of "you want to get to the core and see what is there" as well as other stuff. It'll be okay, but I think the hype for it is largely built up around the absolutely insane logo and branding the game has, and the colour palette. The actual gameplay probably won't quite measure up to the hype, and it'll just be an 8/10 game
  12. Yeah I caught this. It's definitely pretty great, only issue is that it's released in Weekly Shonen jump, so there's no small risk that it goes 40 issues then gets cancelled. It's absolutely a high tier series from the looks of things. I wonder if they cancelled Bleach just to fit this in or somesuch
  13. Is there anything odd banned apart from the life gain cards? Or is it just the usual story, TCG+OCG combined list as always
  14. The last 20 chapters of this have been actually excellent, like truly beyond belief excellent. I've always thought that ending a manga is far, far harder than starting it, writing beginnings is easy because you're unconstrained, writing the middle and the end is far harder because making it feel natural vis a vis what you have already established is apparently way to fucking much for Tite Kubo, Mishimoto and others. Tokyo Ghoul, after a slow start to Re, has honestly hit the high notes with the reveal saga so far. Everything about these reveal chapters has been written, so, so well. Also stolen from reddit
  15. So it's straight up better than DN, because as good as DN was the sounds were obnoxious