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  1. Also re the OP, there has always been a tendancy to undervalue the potential to outperform of a deck, vs the average win rate. The potential win rate of a deck in a swiss tournament is not a bell curve, not a long shot, you have a number of potential win rates that are likely to occur, and they don't all fall equally. Generally speaking FTK decks have had the MOST equal bell curves for performance at a swiss tournament out of all decks IMO, and that's a significant penalty to hold against them. Whereas in warring, fuck you should play those decks every day, FTK decks are an amazing tool in YGO warring.
  2. The problem isn't setting barriers to create fun honestly, the problem is the mentality of condemning the people who want to go for self improvement. Like I love a good Koaki Meiru vs Gigaplant goodstuff matchup any day of the week, the game drags on and the setup isn't that intensive. Or playing Yugioh pauper. Or no effect monsters. That's an okay barrier to fun, and it's temporary, but when you get the sort of people who get in someone's face for entering locals with a certain type of deck at locals, it's just a different level of obnoxious and it's pretty common. Most of the attitude from the supposedly "pro fun people" is straight up anti-learning, anti-intellectualism used to drag down points of view that aren't theirs. Self improvement and pursuing the meta is ultimately a tool to educate yourself about the game in many ways, winning is just a byproduct for getting better and understanding more about Yugioh as time goes on, and most of the scrub mentality is people railing against others undergoing that process because it ultimately puts you above them. Suddenly you are a "meta player" or some shit, when you're actually fine to play them with a pretty awesome Rekindling Flamvell deck whenever, but really when you get down to it they just don't want to interact with you because you have become more knowledgeable than them and that damages their social standing. Which is way more important to them than their actually having fun at card games.
  3. Thingyman wanted me to let the forum know this message

    It is time to assemble the official Duelistgroundz Mafia team
  4. Soccer

    So you mean
  5. I'd feel suuuuuuper scummy not hiring the dude idk what happened to everyone's moral compass. It's cell phones there's literally no reason to hire the hot chick when there's a better candidate.
  6. https://www.anandtech.com/show/11953/the-intel-optane-ssd-900p-review https://www.tweaktown.com/news/59654/intel-launches-next-gen-optane-ssd-900p/index.html Intel went released the successor to NAND flash memory and it's got 5x the speed of *current best NAND Flash* and prices that make it semi affordable. Potentially a new OS drive for anyone with a wallet to wave around, this should be a real world increase in boot speeds because it is in fact that fast. 389 USD for 280 GB 599 USD for 480 GB. Anyway this is a seminal shift in computing because now every PC is probably going to have three types of hard disk drive if you can afford it, these things are going to give you hella boot times
  7. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Hero Beat is the only deck not on that list that's worth playing I'm pretty sure. Hero beat's pretty okay though.
  8. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    This isn't a better Yugioh format than Cyber Dragon Goats though, Frognarch mirrors are just aids which more or less destroys the format's worth as a non deckbuilding competitive format IMO
  9. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Bwings are easily the best non combo deck so arguably they are the 2nd best deck because Frogs are a straight up better combo deck than plants in every way pretty sure.
  10. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    fite me
  11. If his copypasta was funnier/more original I might have banned him for a shorter amount of time, but sadly he couldn't quite make the effort.
  12. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    Mata is a centre attacking mid played wherever for United because he is still quality even when played out of position, I don't think you can blame the player too much when he has been played out of position for years at United and he is doing his best. Mkhitaryan was Bundesliga player of the year or some shit, so he was a great buy for Jose but he hasn't performed that much at the club because he doesn't have a system around him instead he's a bit player on the wing, I don't think they were substantially below par in this game. They played at their normal level which is actually not as good as Kevin De Bruyne's level shock horror. But yes now the club has food for thought, next season they might not necessarily want to buy Ozil AND Griezmann and might instead want to look to the middle of the park. Anyway now it seems like the writing is on the wall, United's average level is pretty well established after this start to the season and they aren't going to massively improve, it looks like another year of teams fighting for second place behind Manchester City's depth
  13. Shit People Say In Discord

    Lamby was some sick Singaporean guy who went to worlds iirc don't pretend to his greatness
  14. Shit People Say In Discord

    I move a motion to seperate this thread into shit N3sh says in Discord and shit everyone else says