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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    It's like cringe but good cringe, I need to catch up but honestly was one of those series which was really enjoyable, if you used VLC's fast forward button just a little bit
  2. That spoiler doesn't happen or is relevant to the major plot points , internet bullshit. There are much, much funnier spoilers. Feel similarly about Zero/Ao definitely leaving the speedhack on for the entire game basically, but like a Trails backlog is legit How Zero was going to evolve probably was not suuuuper expected if you didn't have a decade of Azure spoilers from wiki and because of Cold Steel being localised 8 years earlier. But if I played it on PSP I'd actually die.
  3. What games are you currently playing?

    I'm in this position it sucks. I wanna skip Azure to get to Rean but I also don't wanna skip Azure to get to Rean
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Gonna play the complete version with all the parts in 2026
  5. What games are you currently playing?

    Will of the Wisps and Trails from Zero on PC came out and I just went from zero games to play to way too many
  6. You need to take a deep dive into their business and understand the margins/revenue/turnover of the business and *break that down over types of products* I know basically two things about the rocks for fancy homes business. One is that breathing silicate dust potentially gets you asbetos-like symptoms, the other is that a *lot* of the money is in kitchen and bathroom bench tops. Idk how mailing those works. Make sure everything stacks up before going online. Because the construction and interior design industries are extremely analog for very good reasons. It's not FMCG where the channels are online for earphones, it is done through builders, architects, designers and retail shops that manage customers who make one of these purchases in their entire lifetime. Going direct to consumer does not seem like a successful strategy in my mind. Idk I could be wrong and you know all the details but in terms of storefront you have to think about *who* you are targeting and why.
  7. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    I'm finishing college in June and got probably the best internship out of my whole class doing backend database work full/part time while I study till I graduate for big bizness, but it's kicking my butt and I feel super huge imposter syndrome doing 5% of the work of my boss after being there for 6 weeks. Got my shit together big time when I got the offer on a lot of fronts because it's something I really cared about, am a lot fitter but I've basically put 10kg on in the last year which is unnerving, even though I'm way more athletic than I was ~1y ago.
  8. Steam Sales

    That is enough gaming to last you into 2022 pretty sure
  9. The new star wars film

    Haven't even seen the new one, but definitely think that Attack of the Clones and the Phantom Menace are not that bad, esp Phantom is fairly alright and self contained. The internet hatewagon is by far the most exaggerated circlejerk I've ever seen anywhere. TLJ is honestly my favourite and the one I enjoyed the most by far. Even though it had the worst scenes in the entire series and some serious plot holes, it also had some of the best scenes by undermining expectations of what would happen if this was play by play Star Wars film. Rogue One was pretty great. Force Awakens being reheated New Hope is worse than anything any of the other films have done. By far my least liked unless you somehow watch it without seeing New Hope first, then it's an amazing film.
  10. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    Crosscode The Nameless Mod I'll add more when I think of them
  11. Storywise Disco Elysium is the storytelling game of the decade atm, GOTY for me by far and a real candidate for best written videogame ever Trails has the best story arc and the most believable overall world, but Disco Elysium per dialogue box has writing that is *much* better than Witcher 3's. And that is saying a lot.
  12. itt ppl strangely disbelieve that someone can have a mildly successful upper middle class life on a single income and start drama with probably the only poster I actively come to dgz to read
  13. if you click on this topic you must post

    I'm pretty sure the genre has topped itself with Insurgence so I just play other things, but Insurgence is like The Nameless Mod, Stardew Valley, MGS5 in that it's just so much better than entire genres and multimillion dollar industries it's pretty funny.
  14. Daytrading free money thread

    So get an index fund and ignore it for 10 years because no investment strategy involving bonds has outperformed over a 10-20 year period Got it.
  15. if you click on this topic you must post

    The postgame is absolutely wild