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  1. itt ppl strangely disbelieve that someone can have a mildly successful upper middle class life on a single income and start drama with probably the only poster I actively come to dgz to read
  2. if you click on this topic you must post

    I'm pretty sure the genre has topped itself with Insurgence so I just play other things, but Insurgence is like The Nameless Mod, Stardew Valley, MGS5 in that it's just so much better than entire genres and multimillion dollar industries it's pretty funny.
  3. Daytrading free money thread

    So get an index fund and ignore it for 10 years because no investment strategy involving bonds has outperformed over a 10-20 year period Got it.
  4. if you click on this topic you must post

    The postgame is absolutely wild
  5. if you click on this topic you must post

    I feel like there's so many super top tier romhacks it's hard to replay them. Insurgence got finished and then all the other amazing ones like Pokemon Reborn
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    You are a god amongst men for even getting this far
  7. What games are you currently playing?

    I actually started to replay Inquisition, and the melee combat is actually complete garbage. The mage and archery combat is pretty good though, but the melee classes, dear god
  8. What games are you currently playing?

    Disco Elysium is one of the best games ever. One of my most enjoyed by far
  9. If you download Cheatengine you can speedhack all games since it has it built in, you map it to hotkeys Also I played a fan tribute game to FFT called Fell Seal and it gets the combat down exactly and the UI is 10/10, although not the other bits. Pity that FFT hasn't gotten the PC port like all the other SE games yet
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    idk I feel like there's so many good games around atm classic Final Fantasy has been really outshone. There's just like, a modern era of things like Kingdom Come, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, Metal Gear Solid 5, that are actually brilliant games. I can't get really excited for another FF playthrough. I played a game called Fell Seal lately which is very much Kickstarter Final Fantasy tactics and it was great, also Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is arguably goty so far for me IMO, that game was brilliantly put together
  11. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Monster of the week episodes are literally the reason I don't watch all that much anime I just don't give a shit
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    Bloodstained Ritual of the Hype is probably the best game release of the year. You think you've played all the metroidvania style platformers but this one is *stunning* even though it's not as pretty as hollow knight. Just a really well put together game Teamfight tactics is also an amazing ripoff of other auto chess games with better UI and auto chess is amazing
  13. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    The chances of Nintendo upgrading the baseline switch hardware and releasing a game that *isn't* backwards compatible with current Nintendo Switches is literally zero sadly. The Nintendo Switch is here to stay and in all likelyhood Nintendo will camp out with this same hardware for another 5 years in order to milk the massive install base for as long as possible. Ergo BOTW 2 will be same as BOTW in all regards
  14. Wireless headphones

    The shitty but still there noise cancelling and actually sounding like normal headphones combination is rare and much appreciated yeah. Boses literally sound worse than $2 buds
  15. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    wtf the uniform is actually red in We Never Learn World God only Knows vibes to the max Kimetsu no Yaiba is good shonen but I sincerely doubt it has a fraction of Dororo's brilliance.