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  1. I mean arguably it isn't about how many goals you scored but how you scored them and your goals per minute stat, what kind of quality touch you have. How many Premier League goals had Neymar scored when Barcelona literally hunted him down in Brazil? How many did Messi when he was recruited? None, but scouts knew he was that good anyway. I don't think people can say it was a terrible insane move until it actually doesn't work out.
  2. Imagine the tears if Berdych wins
  3. Um wages? Being paid significantly more is a slightly big factor, and all accounts had him on less than 5 million Euros well under 100k pounds per week at Olympique.
  4. iSlickz I'm disappointed, why didn't you rate Malcolm B tier just to trigger him
  5. I know about 4 people who studied mechatronic engineering and finished at different points over the past three years. Two are literally working in IT, one is working in an unrelated position at a small firm after the owners didn't give a shit and hired him when they could have/should have gotten someone who actually knew something about putting walls that don't fall down because he's a nice guy and deserves it, and the 4th was stacking shelves as of 14 months ago hopefully onto something better right now.
  6. what the fuck
  7. What's surprising is this is actually a 6 month ban though. I feel like if this was random joe off the street it would be 1-2 years, but since it's Jackie and Billy they're being nice.
  8. Ronaldo would be worth it but Perez will not let him leave. Ever. There's just no way, and if he doesn't leave all it will have done is hurt United by impeding the Morata transfer
  9. Whoever said One Piece was over the hill and had gotten boring and repetitive, have some of them apples
  10. That's my point though. Wars are treated like a match at a YCS, and you can dodge your opponent in warring, just like you can soft cheat them and individually draw in a YCS, and people do. And people will take that opportunity to win. Best solution would be the same as the best solution for individual draws, just change the system so it's impossible not run it on an honours system unless the current community overwhelmingly prefers the "honours system play whenever" approach to warring. Just give people an organised goat match to play once a week, but idk how the community would receive that I don't play TCGs these days. It'd mean that suddenly the 6th guy on your roster a) has to play his match and b) is super important to the outcome.
  11. Well yeah pretty much, it's hard to have a league predicated on equal teams AND allow full participation without having bottom feeder teams like I did with Prosecution back in the day. Easiest solution I can think of is just having Crossfire, 6 v 6 each person has one week to play a best of 3 match, and the war council pairs off players. Stops hearts warring being a thing pretty much.
  12. Sounds like it's time to bring back Crossfire wars then? I mean this was always part of Hearts double elim but back in the day the best way to angle shoot was to not add shit players to your team if you cared about winning that much. Wars aren't learning through failure though, wars are where people actually care about the result and want to be regarded as #1 team on DGz to make your dick feel large.
  13. am I correct in saying this showed really peaked as hard as it was going to peak in S2, S3 was a disappointment and S4 & 5 are more of the same we got in Season 3?
  14. City have to buy at least 2 defenders this transfer period to be called a league winning side. Chelsea are also still an absolutely sickening squad. Mostly though, the fact is the last two years the early "favourites" to win have not even come close to it, so judging teams by their on paper sides before the season starts is a foolish endeavour.
  15. Well that's a transfer ban surely. Then again Chelsea avoided a transfer ban after Jose Mourinho, Dan Cole, his agent, and the CEO of Chelsea were caught in a hotel room together so who knows what will actually happen.