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  1. The new mangastream pickup Jagaaaaan! is quite sensational, hopefully it doesn't get the cancel like Demon's Plan and Red Sprite did.
  2. yesssssss the movie director character holy shit. I don't know how this is still serialised but I'm happy it is.
  3. Interesting becauser they bought a shitload of League teams as well. Must have been some shit gone down in the owners meeting that sparked a massive push into Esports.
  4. was convinced to get into the Shadowverse TCG, probably going to give that a real try because I miss TCGs and have that missing space in my ego that only beating people much worse than me can give. Also played Caves of Qud recently, quite a good Roguelike. Watch Dogs 2 was a quality Ubisoft special, pretty much on par with the first game but the story was not idiotic and the hacker theme was cool and funny. Titanfall campaign was alright but unlike many I wouldn't suggest buying it just for the campaign.
  5. Lessons learnt today Don't bet on sports. Don't bet on presidential elections. 2016 was the greatest year in us sporting history
  6. This is all happening because of Malcolm's bet Vote Malcom
  7. some dick took the names of half the DN admin staff and I don't feel like rocking Urthor1 this time around
  8. Cornflake King opt in
  9. Are you reading spoilers or did you just catch up? Mangastream haven't put out yet this week as of now.
  10. http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/final-fantasy-xv-pc-port/ Vague confirmation of Final Fantasy 15 coming to PC. Leakers said awhile ago that it was on track to come to Scorpio and PC for the 30th anniversary in 2018, looks like that seems to be what's happening.
  11. Watching this crash and burn is hilarious. If you bring in millions of players who are not the regular type of OCD mobile game addicts, you have to cater to them as well. NM else to say. Clash Royale is the model they should have followed. Put some actual depth in.
  12. The 35 part isn't really believable physically, there must be PEDs involved, but it's a massive achievement regardless.
  13. I'll be honest I was cheering for Rafa to break back in the last game and turn the hype up to 11. But still good match. Probably not an all time great match in terms of the on court tennis like the 2012 Australian Open, or the 2013 Wimbledon, but still good just because it's those two.
  14. The quality of tennis has noticeably dropped, even if the matches are tight and well fought. Nadal's forehands looks awful, his backhands are close to as good, but he's basically just getting by on running, shot placement and.not making any sort of error ever. Feels like the last hurrah, there's only so much EPO and HGH can do to keep Fed/Nadal going, even Djokovic has dropped off.