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  1. All I want is for them to fire their coach and do something completely ludicrous like draft Arsene, Jose or someone else from pundit work as their coach
  2. well no but I think people are crediting them like they supplied quality, the midfield was a long long way from quality. Have to acknowledge the difference.
  3. Australia deliberately tried to kill off that football game and destroy any hope of attractive football, I wouldn't think they are totally blameless in that being such an awful game by any stretch.
  4. Almost put 50 dollars on Griezmann going to United and only held off because I couldn't get the bloody app to work on my phone so I'm probably going to hold off on the whole sports gambling business
  5. One Piece Manga

    Looks like the Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover arc has begun Also plot explosion woa
  6. YCS Secaucus Tournament Report

    Unless the game has magically changed in the past 3 years that's literally I never read the rule book level stupid. I'm actually just so mad, whenever you leave a phase your opponent has the opportunity to activate something holy shit
  7. YCS Secaucus Tournament Report

    How the fuck can you not ever have priority in battle phase, and 3 succesive judges screwing up prioritiy passing. That's actually the worst thing I've ever heard.
  8. Gaming laptops..

    You can't game without your laptop plugged into a powerpoint pretty much.
  9. Gaming laptops..

    Alternative option, unplug your tower and carry it upstairs, they are not that heavy.
  10. Gaming laptops..

    You buy a long HDMI cable and have both. Just plug in a 16:9 monitor at a desk, a keyboard, and then set up your HDMI cables such that you can switch from couch to keyboard using your tower. There's no reason you need two different computers for those.
  11. Investments

    Nintendo is trading at a ridiculous price to earnings ratio and never fucking pays a dividend because Japan. Also picking stocks when my country has 20 dollar brokerage fees gets pretty silly, hard to invest in NVIDA/AMD/Vidya gaeme companies pre announcements when that's a thing. I probably need a better system for it.
  12. Gaming laptops..

    Computex and a new NVIDIA GPU generation is literally weeks away the idea you wouldn't wait for them to launch the new laptops in 3 months is kind of ridiculous.
  13. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    I was thinking of Alexander Arnold, not Robinson. Wires completely crossed. Robinson is alright, Arnoldis the shitter
  14. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Robertson had a good game, Karius had a bad game. The thing about Robertson is he absolutely wins the worst season at Liverpool award without a doubt, barring the central defence which has changed since Virgil has come in. He has had an absolute asshole of a season, while Karius had a reasonably good season. If I was Klopp I'd rather keep Karius, the player who is on zero wages, and boot Robertson than vice versa.
  15. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    I don't really blame Karius for the 2nd goal. Like yes it went through but Bale was totally unpressured when he made that shot, there was so much space for him because the defence was torn 8 ways. Wasn't great but it felt more of an inevitability given how the Madrid midfield had torn Liverpool to pieces. Match was over largely when Saleh went off and Madrid began dominating possession, made Liverpool look like Valencia at that point