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  1. I will not abuse my powers and change Jazz's name to Allen C. Pennington I will not abuse my powers and change Jazz's name to Allen C. Pennington I will not abuse my powers and change Jazz's name to Allen C. Pennington I will not abuse my powers and change Jazz's name to Allen C. Pennington I will not abuse my powers and change Jazz's name to Allen C. Pennington
  2. Japanese gaming companies in general are in serious shit when it comes to AAA because they can't really do temporary employees. Laws over there really don't let you fire people, so adding a bunch of people for doing one big game, then laying them off when you don't need them for 18 months while you do pre production for the next game is really hard. In the west there's two AAA models, one is do 12 months of preproduction with writers and engineers, doing technology and storyboards and other pre production shit, then you hire in extra artists n such and work for 24+ months on the AAA game. The other is the EA/Ubisoft model where you just go lol we're fucking EA, move 120 guys from the FIFA division to the Bioware division, make the AAA game, then move them back. Or in Ubisoft's case, leave those guys in the FIFA division and have 1000 plus people who live in Shanghai Hamburg all sorts of weird places make the game in a year entirely through conference calls and Skype. Half of Final Fantasy 15 was actually given to a Taiwanese developer solely because Squeenix didn't want to hire a bunch of employees they then couldn't fire, and it's the same for Nintendo. They (can) do good work but Japan's labour laws means they can't really do what I think they should be doing, which is investing in a shitload of first party games for the Switch which will *probably make money anyway* and sell the console. Given development budgets have only escalated they're reacting to this phenomenon pretty badly.
  3. It's a slow burner but the logical chain of events is very good. They're not delayed because of bullshit deus ex machina, they're delayed for logical and justified reasons and the plot ties together verrrrry well. Presumably this comes of having a writer and artist, an entire mind focused on writing can only produce good things. Absolutely think this is the best Jump series ever released, Naoki Urasawa level of quality. If this gets cancelled I will write in hatemail to Shonen Jump
  4. Girl from the Gemini 66 sacrifices herself No other character of significance dies, everyone gets out safe and sound while Jinbe saves the day Big Mom might take a big swig of the years left in someone's life. Wonder how Big Mom's fruit interacts with Brook's, shenanigans might be had there
  5. Sounds like he just told mama hey I'm not leaving, stuck around for 3 days and is full on betraying her now. Idk please be something more than this that'd be really cool if Jinbe double crossed Luffy then triple crossed Mama
  6. I think you're giving Oda too much credit, One Piece has really gone the way of the formulaic shonen lately. I would love a Jinbe betrayal but it aint happening IMO
  7. Are you using Bibliotik or something else as your source?
  8. Pepe won't accept less than his value, and Klopp is in for the long term he's not going to overspend on a defender that good who has that kind of use by date considering his age.
  9. You might be done wtih 2016 but 2016 aint done with you A lot of celebrity deaths I just shrug my shoulders and say "okay they died but they were 78 it was their time it's sad moving right along," but this was way too early, she got the rough end of the stick
  10. make one piece great again. First really original thing that has happened this arc honestly, finally Oda starts to put things in gear.
  11. holy shit it's made by the guy who made Ping Pong, anime can be good again
  12. Ican'tbelieveit'snotapornthread
  13. By giving no fucks. NAS threatening legal action only works if they get off their butts, track you down and threatening you. All you have to do is remain incommunicado and be outside the US legal system and suddenly you're too much work for them to track down. It took 5+ years for DN to be taken down, I doubt they'll act overnight on this.
  14. Didn't really think the ending went well. Not so much the last episode although the number of plot threads left open shows they've not planned for a sequel but HBO has told them they have to keep the option open, but the way it tied together didn't really seem that logical and profound. Opening stretch amazing, home stretch not so good, final episode pretty alright
  15. 60m for a chinese team doesn't seem wrong. No player wants to move to China they see it as the end of their careers