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  1. Luffy even lost a tooth, but idk this feels like we have seen this exact plotline before in so many other series, not really getting into it.
  2. This is like Bleach but he started ending it ASAP as soon as it went downhill, so I can kinda forgive him The last 3 chapters are proof, I'm pretty sure this got the 10 issues of death and we're in the middle of it.
  3. 50/50 this plus any sort of talent or desire building up reflexes for vidya games.
  4. Better not do it before you hit -1000 rep otherwise I lose out in the tipping competition
  5. I'm pretty sure the Simpsons aren't the first to do the gag, I imagine having a cartoon villain made out of food who you conquer by eating him was invented in the 19th century
  7. There was a weird chain of events involving a crackdown in Konami Europe, Org got caught in some crossfire. Judges who are on the org staff also judge in Europe etc I agree with the people who think that there's no need to ban money tournaments, but if you feel that is the right thing then eh. All I can say is that shipping structure decks to Australia after I win some tournies is gonna be hella pricey. I would highly suggest you move to a web domain listed for, lets say, Somalia. It certainly can't hurt your attempts to not get taken down.
  8. Nintendo are being pretty upfront about the fact they want to sell you a second copy of all your old games by showing that it does not accept disks. There will be no backward compatibility.
  9. 10/10 actually understood what the fuck was going on. Interesting dilemma here because on one hand "Hasbro take your hand out of my wallet" is a legitimate complaint, on the other hand "Standard is way way too stable and after the first Pro Tour the metagame crystallizes and deckbuilding dies down" is also pretty legit.
  10. Has anyone got an opinion on Drifters? On paper the current season is absolutely shocking except for Drifters and 3Gatsu, and 3Gatsu is probably a better manga than anime. But I haven't watched it yet so we'll see.
  11. That's true, but at the same time just like the elemental gems and acrobatics, they're either useless and not worth playing or they're so overwhelmingly good that you use them despite the downsides, and then they're an alpha strike wallbreaking move.
  12. Also mega late to the party, but isn't an entire category of once per battle acrobatics style moves like Z-moves just another nail in competitive Pokemon's coffin? Can't have a good impact
  13. The question's moved on from electoral college to down the ticket lower house in my mind. Congress could/might still be close, and the media focus has never been on seat by seat polling because it's bloody expensive and nobody cares about it in an election year. A shift from a Republican majority would be what brings about very very interesting changes
  14. Shaddoll mirrors really weren't that great pre El-Shaddoll and they weren't really that great with El Shaddoll because both players had to draw live hands and copies of the fusion cards felt like MTG lands, you could have too few or too many. Shaddoll was also the exception not the rule. Also there's been many much better match-ups. I say Shaddoll era and not after Soul Charge was printed because Artifacts and to a small extent Geargia were the last gasp of pink trap cards in this game. After Shaddolls came out it largely became about railroading as hard as possible, one player would just outdraw and out-position the other from the start and win it within a few battle phases. tbh I have to say that mostly I fell out of Yugioh because of that DCS Edison tournament I played with Allen, where the top 4 match was the exception. My overwhelming response to Edison was "is this as good as it gets" and I just came to the realisation that playing card games isn't really that fun, it's just cool to do an activity with your friends and nerd out about it. I had such an extraordinary amount of fun making my decks for Edison but I never really had fun actually playing the Yugioh.
  15. There was an openly racist senator from South Carolina who was in office from 60s ish to 2000, and only got out because he died. They just kept on re-electing him.