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  1. rip good anime is hard to find, there hasn't really been a standout series I actually want to watch in so long. The Rakuyo one was as close as it gets
  2. Edited the title so it made sense n stuff call me a nazi as you would
  3. missing out IMO rip I got on the league of legends train wayyyyyy later than literally the rest of the world
  4. I'm sad that the "you must read your role PM" rule was bought in. Playing scum blind without knowing who else is scum is best scum.
  5. Good fucking shit that sounds awesome. Watching a lot of league these days and I'll try and catch you for the uLol stuff.
  6. Also Manchester United hoping to sneak into Champions league through Europa? ManU has morphed into Liverpool confirmed.
  7. I used to bash Mourinho about wanting to spend 80 million pounds on Griezmann when you have bucketloads of world class forwards, so many that you couldn't put them all on the field. Now he just looks like a footballing genius.
  8. Bakemonogatari->Nisemonogatari-->Monogatari S2 are suppppeerrrrrrrrr worth it, there are some better and worse series but the best is pretty great. Recent stuff isn't the absolute best though. tbh I would understand if you don't like it. It's very much a love it or hate it thing, and what you get in the first 2-3 episodes of the series is pretty much how it keeps on going, and going, and going, to either your extreme joy or extreme displeasure.
  9. #2 monitor Gemstone plz
  10. I installed Carbon on this forum and I can't believe it got so popular at all but there you go. Desert is a ton better IMO and has far fewer bugs
  11. Ironically Leicester's champion league campaign is continuing merrily after all the drama and Ranieri getting fired. Vardy IS probably going to Arsenal, Arsenal is right fucked because they're performing poorly by their fan's standards, and Ozil and Sanchez are being waaaay underpaid for how they're performing and are going to leave for other clubs who will pay them an awful lot more money. Vardy will be the budget striker and fan favourite Arsenal actually want and need.
  12. After the fiasco that is GTA Online for PC I'm not even sure they'll do a RDR2 port. Just not worth the effort when their business is pushing the online component. :*(
  13. I mean that's for the 15 dollar version. You can buy 7-8 levels for 45 dollars and get the full game.
  14. Honestly didn't like it that much in the end. Loved the writing, but the crisis were generally mandatory and mostly awful, really ruined the game for me. plus the companions weren't that sharp.
  15. Legally purchasing windows as well. You also don't need a new SSD if you're not installing a massive steam library, if he's just playing Overwatch on it and willing to juggle between c and d drive he'll be sort of fine without the investment.