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  1. Apparently this means they're going to have one of the worst seeds though, so they're lined up against Real Madrid or Juventus round 1 next year. http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/24/who-will-manchester-united-face-in-the-champions-league-and-where-will-they-be-seeded-6658552/ apparently not
  2. I thought Arsene would be pulling that move, not Sam Allardyce...
  3. If anyone is reading Tower of God I've been doing athing for awhile where we translate the preview chapters which are 3 chapters ahead of the regular series and releasing it in a closed server so it doesn't hit the aggregators, PM me if you want into the discord, it's an open discord n stuff
  4. Given Jose's player stocks come end of season who knows if he should be selling anyone if injury strikes again like it did this year. Maybe Martial, but certainly he shouldn't part way with any midfielders, Fellaini on the bench is not that bad.
  5. Easy, they're making Fate Grand Order. The Shaft printing press rolls on.
  6. Korea and the godlike playmats
  7. Defo call him Sylvester that name is hilarious
  8. Honestly the entire anime has stretched on too long and it's really fallen flat ever since S2 ended, when everything up to S2 end is god tier. Since then it's been patchy to terrible, I'd rather it just ties itself up and finishes instead of spinning it into more and more DVDs. I blame the source material more than shaft though, later volumes of the LNs aren't as good as the start.
  9. United have to play Arsenal and Tottenham as well as City. Southampton could also be an upset. Granted they've had a good run of results but the odds of them not dropping points twice between now and the end of the season is pretty low, United are still long odds for scraping into the top 4.
  10. Bahamut vs Unlimited Budget Works, the ultimate battle for who can burn the most money for an opening episode shall commence.
  11. rip good anime is hard to find, there hasn't really been a standout series I actually want to watch in so long. The Rakuyo one was as close as it gets
  12. Or DNF account.  Or Pojo account.  etc etc.  That warrants a free one time change.     IK rei edited the system settings for name changes to something like 9 months or a year because people were getting trigger happy, that's fair enough and it's a good policy I agree with, having not changed this name since about 2005.     This is just an addendum.  It makes everyone's life a lot easier if all your names line up across multiple sites so people get recognised, so I'm happy to change your name manually.     IF what you ask for is within reason and you're not using this opportunity just to get a free name change for the shits and giggles.  Because like common sense, if you just made a new DN account to say "hey can you change my name to my DN account" I'll just suspend you for bullshitting me and exploiting the system.  That DN account with your name on it better be a) the DN account you are most well known for and b) be older than 30 days minimum.       I'm absolutely never going to change your name the first time ever again unless there's a spelling mistake or somesuch.     This is strictly one way so that you can have the opportunity to use the name you're most well known by here, going from Urthor--->Hamish Poole/Hamish P, or Invariable-->Yin only.  
  13. Edited the title so it made sense n stuff call me a nazi as you would
  14. missing out IMO rip I got on the league of legends train wayyyyyy later than literally the rest of the world
  15. I'm sad that the "you must read your role PM" rule was bought in. Playing scum blind without knowing who else is scum is best scum.
  16. Good fucking shit that sounds awesome. Watching a lot of league these days and I'll try and catch you for the uLol stuff.
  17. Also Manchester United hoping to sneak into Champions league through Europa? ManU has morphed into Liverpool confirmed.
  18. I used to bash Mourinho about wanting to spend 80 million pounds on Griezmann when you have bucketloads of world class forwards, so many that you couldn't put them all on the field. Now he just looks like a footballing genius.
  19. Bakemonogatari->Nisemonogatari-->Monogatari S2 are suppppeerrrrrrrrr worth it, there are some better and worse series but the best is pretty great. Recent stuff isn't the absolute best though. tbh I would understand if you don't like it. It's very much a love it or hate it thing, and what you get in the first 2-3 episodes of the series is pretty much how it keeps on going, and going, and going, to either your extreme joy or extreme displeasure.
  20. #2 monitor Gemstone plz
  21. I installed Carbon on this forum and I can't believe it got so popular at all but there you go. Desert is a ton better IMO and has far fewer bugs
  22. Aka "will my Dante's be banished from the extra deck by Chain D on Duelnetwork"     Basically, although there's an OCG ruling saying Chain D doesn't banish from extra deck, this is not Japan and "When a monster(s) with 1000 or less ATK is Summoned: Banish that monster(s), then your opponent banishes all cards with the same name as that card(s) from their hand and Deck." doesn't make it clear at all that they won't be banished from the extra, and this is Kevin Tewart nation.    I'm fairly sure they will get banished from the extra deck, because there's nothing that says otherwise, and Chain Destruction's card text is totally different to Chain Disappearance.     So.    Do they?
  23. Ironically Leicester's champion league campaign is continuing merrily after all the drama and Ranieri getting fired. Vardy IS probably going to Arsenal, Arsenal is right fucked because they're performing poorly by their fan's standards, and Ozil and Sanchez are being waaaay underpaid for how they're performing and are going to leave for other clubs who will pay them an awful lot more money. Vardy will be the budget striker and fan favourite Arsenal actually want and need.
  24. After the fiasco that is GTA Online for PC I'm not even sure they'll do a RDR2 port. Just not worth the effort when their business is pushing the online component. :*(