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  1. The best way to play budget TCGs is to build a MTG or Yugioh cube, but yeah card games are literally just a money sink avoid at all costs because MTG business model is aids. Just play Assassin's creed or Red dead redemption.
  2. Just did Siwski and Budgeted, if anyone else has been unfairly deprived of their deserved 100 rep points please tell me and I'll boost you. Generally speaking I quit YGO because I was sick of the TCG grind, I wouldn't go to any other TCG except one that is dramatically different from YGO like Gwent or DBZ tbh. Just had enough of 50/50 card games in general and the DN grind, by the end I loved building decks, esp side decks, because years of practice at that point but I wasn't playing them out. Gwent is good, avoid Cancerstone.
  3. RAM ADVICE please

    Well I've never edited a 4K video in my life, but I asked people in the know about the whole 4K video editing ram thing and their answer was "all of it" and they decidedly recommended that 256-512gb of RAM in a Xeon is a worthwhile investment for a serious 4k video editor. So yeah I would say that 32GB is the answer
  4. CPU advice

    The return are actually great for specifically Ryzen AND Civilization 6 turn times on Intel CPUs. Apparently people who benchmark Civ 6 turn timers do find that it is bottle-necked by RAM clocks and not frequency at the upper limit. This is the only case in the entirety of video gaming though.
  5. It still seems like the default should be that if you have 3 copies of a card you love to draw and there is no externality like tutoring involved, you should be playing 3 copies of the best card. https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/hypergeometric.aspx 5 card hand, 3 copies in deck, 30% chance of getting exactly 1 copy, 3.6% chance of getting more than 1 copy. 6 card hand 5.4% chance of getting more than 1 copy. IMO any argument that "taking three copies is bad" is wrong for cards that are *individually good draws* like the Maxx C vs Effect Veiler setup is completely wrong. Obviously to truly understand this whole system you have to measure the odds your game just in fact ends if you draw doubles next to each other, which is probably impossible except if you are Blizzard or someone else who can perform ridiculously large scale data mining on thousands of human games. The argument that "you don't want to draw two" only makes sense if you automatically lose 100% of those 3.6/5.4% games by drawing doubles, which is probably incorrect. I would guesstimate that drawing doubles probably has a fairly minor impact on your overall win rate for many instances of drawing doubles considering most decks still play a large portion of their deck as "non-combo pieces" and are supposed to be able to function happily if you draw multiples of those non-combo pieces. Obviously though, not all doubles are equal. Drawing 2 maxx going first in a 5 card hand fucking sucks, drawing 2 maxx going second generally rocks. You have to average the win rate out across all your game 1s, and I can definitely see a world where it's game 2 and you KNOW you are going first it's mathematically correct to play 2 Maxx Cs. The thing is you actually have to form a hypothesis and to the math to figure out if that is true or not, which in an ideal world would be running some statistical model on the data of a bunch of DN games to make a confidence interval of what your win rate is if you draw 2 maxx Cs going first. If you actually don't do that math and don't study statistics in college and don't have a bunch of data on your win rates for Maxx C going first, I think the "wow you should play 3 Maxx Cs" shorthand is pretty much the best shortcut when deckbuilding. "Mostly" though, I think that unless you card that you draw doubles in your hand says "if you draw this card next to each other you will lose" you can probably play through it in a lot of cases, and the expected value of playing the 3 of at 3 instead of at 2 and a substitute 40th card in your deck usually outweighs the hit to your win rate in those 3.6/5.4% of cases in which you draw doubles in your opening hand. Improving the quality of the 40th card after all improves your deck across all subsequent turns, whilst the impact of the doubles issue is only felt in the first turn. Anyway this is just my 2 cents, it's not the same as whether you should play for example 3 useless holy shine ball type things, this is about optimal untutored draws like Maxx C or Monster Reborn. The thing that gets me is that when you have the off the wall smart meta calls, they are not built correctly because the person creating the off the wall thing that is the optimal choice for the meta-game, even if it is correct, has made some obvious error or flaw. Objectively good theory like playing the right amount of two ofs and three offs based off the odds of actually drawing doubles of Maxx C can happily coexist with the theory of "wow a hot and spicy meta pick is better than taking standard.deck and hoping you draw well and don't misplay" against a field." There is nothing that says those two things can't get along. Obviously stuff like the difference between playing the third Maxx C and the the first effect veiler as your 40th card probably doesn't impact the win rate a lot. But someone with the right mentality should be spending a cost efficient amount of time making those optimisations from Maxx C to Effect Veiler. Also, the whole Patrick Hoban theory of "don't take the standard deck in take a hot and spicy meta take" is something that only applies to Yugioh in its current form because technical play is not as determinative. In other diverse TCGs and systems where technical play IS the determinative factor, the DBZ TCG that Panini was running that got canned was an example of this, the impact of technical play was *huge* and the metagame didn't devolve into "well I have my windups that I can play optimally you have your windups you can play optimally therefore even if I play 51% better than you a win rate of 60% across 12 rounds of swiss isn't good enough." You have to measure the skill play ceiling of each system and the impact of technical play when you are weighing up your choice. Obviously the hot and spicy pick makes sense if you do in fact have a hot and spicy pick that players aren't prepared for and misplay more vs, or has an innatve advantage, this is 100% true in Yugioh. In other games it is not necessarily true at all, if you can build up a huge win-rate in the mirror match just by hitting a crazy skill ceiling that your opponent's can't it's totally different. Issue is that TCGs and Yugioh and particular ultimately have a very small amount of interactive decisions because there is a smaller number of variables, and the skill gap for controlling those variables isn't as wide. You just don't have that kind of determinative system coming up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMO though my current hot take looking at Yugioh is that the win rate is definitely hugely impacted by playing something that is easy for people to misplay against, and playing for time is obviously the #1 skill for all tournament players and the most important thing which is depressing. The impact of spending a hours practising allowing yourself to stall for EOMP without getting banned by the judges AND how to speed the game and speed your opponent up when you don't want to go into time is by far the most important skill in Yugioh. Frankly it's almost depressing that obviously unsportsmanlike play is clearly rewarded because manipulating the match if going into EOMP favours you is just such a strong strategy.
  6. CPU advice

    Can that even fit inside your case?
  7. CPU advice

    The world has a shortage of Intel processors but that will be alleviated next year when AMD Rome comes out. Reason for the shortage is that AWS Azur Google Alibaba are spending a ridiculously retarded amount of money on servers it's a joke.
  8. CPU advice

    My understanding from following the silicon chat is that based off the Iphone's core, hopes for massive IPC gains on TSMC 7nm are not going to eventuate, probably incremental 4.4/4.5 not "omg 5.5" coming through. And those chips are not expected for ages.
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Summer has actually started and continuations of all the series you love to hate Goblin Slayer is here in all of it's family friendly glory
  10. CPU advice

    I would absolutely not upgrade your CPU unless you have visible documentary evidence in front of your eyes that a process is bottlenecking on your CPU. I was just having a discussion about CPU bottlenecks and so far the only 3 major bottlenecks that I have seen so far in all of video gaming is Total War 2/Civilisation 6 as well as Assassin's creed at 1440p (4k is GPU bottlenecked.) Depends how much video editing you do I guess. Interestingly Civ 6 turn timers are actually RAM bottle-necked even for Intel, it's only the framerate during regular play that is CPU bottleneck ed. If you are going to upgrade like it's difficult because the 9000 series is actually great for video editing when you get down to brass tacks. It and you would have the perfect use case as a gamer/video editor. That thread count is worth it.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    I'm actually addicated to Pathfinder Kingmaker plus Dragon Quest is realllly good Pathfinder Kingmaker Yakuza 0 Kingdom Come Deliverance Dragon Quest game rankings for year to date.
  12. Video Game club

    I literally just did a complete playthrough wtf
  13. na you're alright, unless you're working at olive garden, then you've got real problems
  14. Dealing with this issue is pretty much the reason most people start thinking about the idea of having a process oriented mindset, clue on to the fact the most optimal path to success in most closed system problems with a small number of variables like card games is a being process oriented (and having a reductive mindset in terms of improving your technical play). In poker most people think about the process oriented mindset as a coping strategy to deal with tilt because hey their money just went out the door. For Yugioh I've always found it's been part of why the fuck didn't that guy play 3 maxx in his main and win the tournament. "this guy in the top 8 is he retarded" is what people start thinking about probably the most importance concept in games involving picking a random card out of a deck of 30ish cards. The answer is that guy is retarded he doesn't have a postgraduate degree in applied statistics and he's a little bitch who thinks he knows best by playing 2 Maxx C 2 Effect Veilers instead of 3 Maxx 1 Effect veiler. Anyway people are uneducated idiots because they don't come to prestigious places like Duelistgroundz.com and get told shut the fuck up you little faggot you play 3 ofs of good cards when tutoring/searching isn't involved. Watching someone with a 9th grade education in math thinks it's okay to play 2 ofs when he's a busboy at Olive Garden 5 days a week is pretty much just a common sight at YGO tournaments.
  15. Spiderman PS4

    Damn you Playstation exclusive, damn you
  16. being an adult sucks

    Yeah there's a difference between joking about "first world problems" the meme and actually gate-keeping being unhappy because "wow your problems are not as bad as mine"
  17. PC Upgrade time

    Wait for AIB cards is the most important thing. AIB 2080 is moderately attractive because the DLSS is REALLY nice from NVIDIA, offloading anti aliasing to a Neural net is sick. It just depends because whether 1080ti gets price cuts in due course, but 100% don't get a reference 2080 the fans on the AIB cards are quite a lot nicer and quieter.
  18. VR Gaming

    The Vive already does some hella cool stuff with lightbox 1.0 that is cool as heck without any intention of future proofing, and it does all the stuff Oculus does. The cool stuff that Vive does with the Lightbox 1.0 is worth the price premium on its own, not much else to say.
  19. PC Upgrade time

    Threadripper is literally awful unless you are using it for very specific computer science shit. Intel is also specifically better on emulation because there's some aspect of its instruction set that called TSX that AMD doesn't have which is required for RPCS3 goodness (PS3 emulation is the only thing that matters, PS2 etc was cracked long ago) And yeah socket is irrelevant because the idea you would buy a new CPU every 2 years is ridiculous, the gap is more like 8 years at this point. Just wait for benchmarks on the 24th or whatever the fuck it is. There's a chance that the 2080 is worth it wait and see
  20. Need help making porn

    pretty sure that's still true to this day, absolutely nobody is doing proper box trades between both crypto exchanges and regular currency markets to normalise the price It's just that that kind of trading is something an actual investment bank needs to do not average joe
  21. VR Gaming

    4670k is a sick CPU and shouldn't bottleneck you, I still use a 2600 and I am GPU bottlenecked almost all the time. VR especially is 100% GPU bottlenecked. You're entirely right about the 7nm cards it is a huge ask to upgrade now, although tbh if you have a 670 I would advocate the upgrade NOW and not wait 18 months because 670 lul, just wait for benchmarks because a budget 1080ti 2nd hand for example might easily outperform a 2080 in price/performance. Vive forward compatibility with Lightboxes 2.0 seems very important IMO, and also just room scale forward compatibility in general. I mean ask other sources about the issues definitely, never heard about the tracking issue because never had a demo of an Odyssey so you could be on to something, but all the VR nerds I've ever talked to really do say resolution is a big thing.
  22. VR Gaming

    Everyone I've talked to says the new screens are amazing because the increase in resolution is a huge benefit to actually using the headset. Unfortunately nobody has ever demo'd the Vive Pro so I've never seen one in the wild, but I'm basing it on the people I talk to in tech who've actually used one and my own experience in VR, where "seeing" the pixels really annoys me and causes eyestrain. I mean considering you have invested in the PSPro+PSVR combo for $$$$ AND want to make the jump to PC VR for even more $$$$, it seems extremely unusual to make the incredible investment in the GTX 2080, 8700k and all that, and feel like investing in the Vive Pro is somehow not worth it because value for money. If you were thinking about value for money you would definitely be approaching your "spending spree" entirely differently, because the single most important feature in VR is absolutely resolution to help the screen-door effect which is hugely predominant atm. Actually name your budget THEN think about your purchases, because upgrading to an 8700k for VR makes no sense since almost no games are CPU bottlenecked atm so you can start saving money right there. It'd be far smarter to keep your current CPU and maybe upgrade the GPU depending on benchmarks, then make the decision on whether to upgrade to Vive Pro, Odyssey, Vive, or Oculus based on your remaining budget. My personal take however would be to get the base Vive above the Oculus because then you get to play with room scale at least, room scale VR is 110% the bomb when I tried it at a demo day, but I would rather get the Odyssey and tech support the motion tracking issues for a budget Vive Pro personally because of budget. Also you can apparently get a wireless Vive Pro working https://techcrunch.com/2018/08/21/htc-announces-a-wireless-adapter-for-the-vive-headset/ but they put you under the pump for money by charging you $60 for an extra adopter on top of the $299 for Wireless.
  23. VR Gaming

    Resident Evil is a must own title arguably, I tried it with VR once and put it right back down holy shit it's that scary. Also if you like driving or flying planes then you VR. VR is totally worth but make sure you get a headset like the Vive Pro or the Samsung headset that has the new screens with the really high resolution, the low resolution screens of the base oculus and PSVR are actually shit compared to the new ones. Obligatory get the biggest GPU you can find as well.
  24. Best Anime Episodes

    What an excuse for a Mushishi rewatch this thread is