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  1. Or DNF account.  Or Pojo account.  etc etc.  That warrants a free one time change.     IK rei edited the system settings for name changes to something like 9 months or a year because people were getting trigger happy, that's fair enough and it's a good policy I agree with, having not changed this name since about 2005.     This is just an addendum.  It makes everyone's life a lot easier if all your names line up across multiple sites so people get recognised, so I'm happy to change your name manually.     IF what you ask for is within reason and you're not using this opportunity just to get a free name change for the shits and giggles.  Because like common sense, if you just made a new DN account to say "hey can you change my name to my DN account" I'll just suspend you for bullshitting me and exploiting the system.  That DN account with your name on it better be a) the DN account you are most well known for and b) be older than 30 days minimum.       I'm absolutely never going to change your name the first time ever again unless there's a spelling mistake or somesuch.     This is strictly one way so that you can have the opportunity to use the name you're most well known by here, going from Urthor--->Hamish Poole/Hamish P, or Invariable-->Yin only.  
  2. Aka "will my Dante's be banished from the extra deck by Chain D on Duelnetwork"     Basically, although there's an OCG ruling saying Chain D doesn't banish from extra deck, this is not Japan and "When a monster(s) with 1000 or less ATK is Summoned: Banish that monster(s), then your opponent banishes all cards with the same name as that card(s) from their hand and Deck." doesn't make it clear at all that they won't be banished from the extra, and this is Kevin Tewart nation.    I'm fairly sure they will get banished from the extra deck, because there's nothing that says otherwise, and Chain Destruction's card text is totally different to Chain Disappearance.     So.    Do they?
  3. Ironically Leicester's champion league campaign is continuing merrily after all the drama and Ranieri getting fired. Vardy IS probably going to Arsenal, Arsenal is right fucked because they're performing poorly by their fan's standards, and Ozil and Sanchez are being waaaay underpaid for how they're performing and are going to leave for other clubs who will pay them an awful lot more money. Vardy will be the budget striker and fan favourite Arsenal actually want and need.
  4. After the fiasco that is GTA Online for PC I'm not even sure they'll do a RDR2 port. Just not worth the effort when their business is pushing the online component. :*(
  5. I mean that's for the 15 dollar version. You can buy 7-8 levels for 45 dollars and get the full game.
  6. Honestly didn't like it that much in the end. Loved the writing, but the crisis were generally mandatory and mostly awful, really ruined the game for me. plus the companions weren't that sharp.
  7. Legally purchasing windows as well. You also don't need a new SSD if you're not installing a massive steam library, if he's just playing Overwatch on it and willing to juggle between c and d drive he'll be sort of fine without the investment.
  8. http://www.webtoons.com/en/thriller/bastard/list?title_no=485 Bastard ended, omg the ending was absolutely amazing. Seriously good webtoon, seriously good.
  9. It's an alright deal pretty great deal in Canadian dollars. That's a 300 dollar CPU that's really quality even now, and it's all set up for you bought a legal copy of windows and everything. I would take it if you're in the market for a fairly solid 2015 PC that will kick the shit outta Overwatch and play almost every modern game reasonably well
  10. aka exactly what a perfectly normal regional should be
  11. pretty sure pre exarion was pretty developed once upon a time but people have just forgotten. Everything is pretty viable and there's all sorts of stuff that doesn't have the worst win rate that you can play, but that's obviously goats in general and the wonder of playing a format where power level is largely dictated by 15 staples in every deck.
  12. fuck I need to read the entire gintama manga, but I literally don't have enough space on my phone lol
  13. Yea judging by the nintendo 3DS and OOT the ability to game whilst lying upside down on your couch and playing Zelda games on mobile is generally worth. To people who aren't starting some super important job or short of the money buy this once Nintendo releases more stock and the prices calm down.
  15. The more you know
  16. It's 510 for the bundle here, the fact it's not handheld priced is pretty crippling. I'll definitely get it at some stage, Christmas probably.
  17. Western RPGs are all about the Dungeons and dragons man, the character sheet>>>>>>>>factional alignment in almost all storytelling. Especially for the Infinity engine reboots like Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2 and Torment, it's all about the character sheet and the individual protagonist.
  18. itt Ammit tries another card game NO SURPRISE
  19. What happened to Malcolm in mafia? Why the decline
  20. Has Gen 7 meta improved in any meaningful way over gen 6, or is Pokemon still Pokemon and aggro still aggro?
  21. Torment Tides of Numenera soon! Battle brothers, neato turn based game that's about to hit 1.0, pretty good combat n stuff do like Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC now that all the story DLC has gotten a release Caves of Qud, don't know if I mentioned this but it's a pretty good roguelike honestly Project Cars: bought on sale and refunded, body was not ready for a sim heavy racer, no not at all The Enchanted Cave 2: Flashback to my past playing Kongai on Kongregate and all the other cool flash games on there, love Hitman episodic reboot. This game is actually really good and the 15 dollars for the first level of so is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's the perfect "I am time poor" AAA, gives me just the amount of hitman I want with about 5-10 hours and 1-2 levels, then I get bored and move onto another game and just leave it. Shadowverse TCG: Literally Hearthstone, Literally. Enderal: finished my playthrough of this, I'll be back once the DLC type relase hits. Didn't enjoy it as much as Nehrim but that's mostly because Skyrim's gameplay is really dated, it's been 6 years AAA games have moved on a ton. 80 Days. Best ios/android game bar none. Compared to clash of clans n shit this game is like jesus.
  22. a) Server's ironically in Canada, and b) you don't need a very wiz supercomputer to run Dueling Network/Dueling Book, you just need to front up the dough. Which is the important part that Xteven (the canadian) isn't doing.
  23. The new mangastream pickup Jagaaaaan! is quite sensational, hopefully it doesn't get the cancel like Demon's Plan and Red Sprite did.
  24. yesssssss the movie director character holy shit. I don't know how this is still serialised but I'm happy it is.