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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    Holy shit Kingdom Come Deliverance is an absolutely amazing game. It's sooooo good, superb Elder Scrolls historical fantasy with Dark Souls complex combat
  2. ^ Actual story written about actual human beings, beautiful writing, insane area design, great soundtrack and well paced grind/gameplay. Easily better than FF6/7/9/10/Chrono Trigger in my mind.
  3. Vita is a dead platform and if I'm buying a handheld I'm saving my shekels for a Switch tho Trails 2 PC port hype train, more va more fun
  4. Purchase; computer or Xbox/PS

    There are a lot of options with purchasing a laptop, so much so that IMO it is one of the harder hardware purchases because trading off a 1080p IPS screen vs mobile CPU/mobile GPU/ram/SSD is actually fairly challenging when there's fuck all price transparency. But realistically there's like, a million retailers who provide an extremely wide category of laptops that have meaningful differences at different price points, plus second hand laptops. Honestly my long term suggestion is to in fact get mildly computer literate, understand what a CPU and a GPU is, and start moving your gaming to steam progressively and adapt to becoming a PC gamer. The sunk cost of a console isn't worth paying 60 bucks PA and 110 dollar games from EB games. How much do you play on Steam tbh? If you are playing a lot of steam games with mum's ye ole shitbook and you're current use pattern is actually "I'm playing a lot of PC games but I have no idea how to computer" then getting a desktop is still a legitimate decision because you are actually using a PC to game. If you're not using a PC to game then okay maybe a decent 1060m/1070m laptop is the best thing for you and you then make the decision on whether you will play more games on PC or not. Best way to buy a laptop in Australia IMO is to trawl gumtree/ebay and find an excellent second hand one if you are spending less than 1200/1300 dollars.
  5. Purchase; computer or Xbox/PS

    wtf 2010 laptop despite having a budget that you've said yourself is pretty unlimited.
  6. Purchase; computer or Xbox/PS

    Don't buy anything from Harvey Norman it's the biggest rip off. When Harvey Norman says "48 months interest free" on the label, what they mean is that they have included 48 months of interest in the margin for every, single, item, in, their store. It's such a ripoff store. The correct method is to buy a cheap second hand ex business laptop IMO and then buy a prebuilt desktop PC because those are cheaper atm because GPU and RAM prices. Like idk what degree of un-tech savvy you are but surely you are savvy enough to have a desktop and a seperate laptop yeah? And it would be prebuilt to boot.
  7. "Best" Game

    Pulling the trigger on the gun, the gunplay? Idk how explicitly I have to say the shooting mechanics are better, firing a gun in those games is more entertaining.
  8. "Best" Game

    I mean I maintain exactly what I said, shooting mechanics are still better 10+ years of game development later. Classic Quake 3 straight movement with flat acceleration curves like source 2 hasn't really been imrpoved on yeah, but the sounds/mechanics of guns in say, Destiny 2's shooting mechanics, Titanfall's shooting mechanics, Battlefield 1's shooting mechanics, Far Cry's shooting mechanics, those have all come a long, long way from HL2 back in the day. HL2 has a lot going for it but I'd definitely say MGS5 has it pipped as the best action/adventure shooter.
  9. "Best" Game

    Did you even get around to play Trails in the Sky/Trails of Cold Steel? I'll think a bit more about HL2 shooter mechanics but while I don't think there has been any marked changes, I feel that overall it is far more likeable to move around, look down sights and shoot enemies in a modern Call of Duty engine for example, than Source Engine 1. That's irrespective of the other relative qualities of HL2's campaign like level design, enemy variety or somesuch, but I wouldn't say that HL2 deathmatch is fun these days for example.
  10. "Best" Game

    You cannot criticise ME3 for anything that happened before the last 15 minutes IMO, I think it treated all the plot threads other than the ending itself brilliantly
  11. "Best" Game

    HL2's shooter mechanics have been completely overshadowed by more than a decade of nonstop AAA shooters refining the genre so much though. I tend to think of it as a milestone now, not as the best game evar. ME2 shooter mechanics were residentsleeper idk how you call it that. They were great games for the science fiction and okay for the gameplay Planescape Torment is a must play though don't just skimp out and only do Witcher 3. Skyrim was actually godlike at the time, the issue is that so many games followed the open world model that the combat mechanics look a bit bad now that time has passed. I loved the fact they made Fallout 4's mechanics so much better even if they went backwards in so many other areas.
  12. "Best" Game

    Found the man who hasn't played Planescape Torment/Witcher 3. Origins is good but the characters are cliches compared to those two. Metal Gear Solid 5 easily has the best gameplay loop of all time. No other game is close to as fun to actually *play*, it has the best gameplay ever of any game except FIFA IMO.
  13. Or DNF account.  Or Pojo account.  etc etc.  That warrants a free one time change.     IK rei edited the system settings for name changes to something like 9 months or a year because people were getting trigger happy, that's fair enough and it's a good policy I agree with, having not changed this name since about 2005.     This is just an addendum.  It makes everyone's life a lot easier if all your names line up across multiple sites so people get recognised, so I'm happy to change your name manually.     IF what you ask for is within reason and you're not using this opportunity just to get a free name change for the shits and giggles.  Because like common sense, if you just made a new DN account to say "hey can you change my name to my DN account" I'll just suspend you for bullshitting me and exploiting the system.  That DN account with your name on it better be a) the DN account you are most well known for and b) be older than 30 days minimum.       I'm absolutely never going to change your name the first time ever again unless there's a spelling mistake or somesuch.     This is strictly one way so that you can have the opportunity to use the name you're most well known by here, going from Urthor--->Hamish Poole/Hamish P, or Invariable-->Yin only.  
  14. The Official Tennis Thread

    This Korean kid can actually play, this isn't like the 20 people who upset Nadal, he actually looks like the next big thing in tennis
  15. Autoduel decks

    Bump, has anyone gotten further than the generic 1900 beatdown monsters for a 3k win auto duel deck so far? I'm considering putting together Rituals/Fusions or something along those lines, apparently you can actually make a consistent deck for those that turns out higher scores
  16. Best Manga

    Somebody just posted on Duelistgroundz with alternating rainbow text what has the world come to. Also yes beserk is neat but don't read it you will get a massive case of blue balls because author disappearance and it'll ruin your life
  17. Personal Updates

    Logic and casually dominating random TCGs name a more iconic duo
  18. It's insanely easy to get SR tickets though, I dled this game 9 days ago and I have a full set of 3 AMAs and just about everything I need off SR because of the anniversary bonus. Idk I don't necessarily endorse building naturia as a budget deck because I think the right progression is 1900 beatdown --> Red Eyes Zombie/whatever post bamboo meta decks take the cake, but the naturia argument isn't awful Also Dexer get in the dgz discord nerd
  19. I'll wait for the PC port thank you very much I'm not a savage. It'll be out 1st half of 2018 which is sad because I have time now not later but that's life.
  20. How to Start a Team

  21. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Alright I'm bored and have some time on my hands. There are any free agents who don't have a team PM me and I'll make a team out of y'all and post wars n stuff. EDIT I WILL NOW BE OPERATING UNDER THE BANNER OF COACH REGGIE IN THE HANG WIRE ORGANIZATION
  22. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    wtf it's Modern, supposed to be the headline format, and they're banning out Cantrips??? It's supposed to be an unlimited format not Standard
  23. Update, finished Trails of Cold Steel 1, Trails in the Sky 1 & 2. Falcom>>>Square/Atlus definitely my favourite series of JRPGs ever still. However Cold Steel is garbage on KBM, it's a controller only game IMO and that UI detracts from it. Currently playing Tokyo Xanadu slowly and I'll play the YS VIII port when it comes out, Tokyo Xanadu isn't that great a game but the combat system is different which is good because I'm way too burnt out on Trails combat to go back to Trails in the Sky 3 atm.
  24. Are you still enjoying this game?

    idk why you would play top level ranked before Bamboo nerfs, just focus on assembling gems for KC until then and take a mini break