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  1. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    Mata is a centre attacking mid played wherever for United because he is still quality even when played out of position, I don't think you can blame the player too much when he has been played out of position for years at United and he is doing his best. Mkhitaryan was Bundesliga player of the year or some shit, so he was a great buy for Jose but he hasn't performed that much at the club because he doesn't have a system around him instead he's a bit player on the wing, I don't think they were substantially below par in this game. They played at their normal level which is actually not as good as Kevin De Bruyne's level shock horror. But yes now the club has food for thought, next season they might not necessarily want to buy Ozil AND Griezmann and might instead want to look to the middle of the park. Anyway now it seems like the writing is on the wall, United's average level is pretty well established after this start to the season and they aren't going to massively improve, it looks like another year of teams fighting for second place behind Manchester City's depth
  2. Shit People Say In Discord

    Lamby was some sick Singaporean guy who went to worlds iirc don't pretend to his greatness
  3. Shit People Say In Discord

    I move a motion to seperate this thread into shit N3sh says in Discord and shit everyone else says
  4. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

  5. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    no excuses, b&
  6. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    I mean you expect better from United's roster. Honestly you have to be worried the league just turns into a processional for City at this point, if United can't compete with City nobody is going to Also that game fucking boring and a complete showing of why people bash soccer in favour of other sports.
  7. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    Who are all the people in this thread, I feel so old
  8. What games are you currently playing?

    Also I want to start a second coop playthrough at some point hit me up if you're down new total war is good but like honestly I think you need a 4.5ghz CPU and 2400 ram to enjoy it, the world map lag has done nothing but increase with each gen of this game and that's super concerning
  9. Discord Categories Poll

    I maintain this poll is a rigged conspiracy because the no categories were winning in the loyalist forum so the deep state decided to make a public poll so they can keep their categories to defraud the proletariat of their clean simple UI Vote no categories so we can go back to Discord channels the way they were meant to be
  10. Max Suffridge has died

    Always remember the time he came back in like 2013 and told people not to netdeck his 2005 nats deck because swords of revealing light and stuff wasn't that good it was just a meta call, and like two years later I was better at Yugioh and went "hey that guy was right" RIP the champ
  11. Funniest part is it isn't the first time this has happened to someone from the YGO community
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    Divinity 2 is amazing and the best thing since sliced bread and you should all play this game.
  13. League of Legends

    I just want to revive the Duelistgroundz league of legends thread to say that if you haven't watched the Fnatic vs Gigabyte Marines game at world you have not experienced life to its fullest
  14. Made in Abyss

    The first 10 minutes of the first episode feels like Yugioh Zexal, and I'm not sure it's going to get much better. Is this show really pitched at adults? It feels way less ghibli and way more cliche animu relationships. So far I see a loli hitting a wall with a pick and struggling because sugoi kawaii and some fairly cliched dialogue
  15. Vote 1 Retiari diversity rights officer of the March 2010 pre TSHD format
  16. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    The difference between City winning the title and City bottling it is an ACL injury to KDB so never call it this early. Also Chelsea were gassed after their midweek so hard to read into it. It's certainly a 3 horse race.
  17. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    He's overworked Lukaku though, 3 games in 6 days, he's going to pay for that when Lukaku missed 3 weeks in February because he ruthlessly burnt him early like this. Can't really rely on Ibrahimovic coming back so why overwork him in these games vs the lower table.
  18. Stock Market Investing

    I understand none of this trading algorithms wajigmis but I would love to bring /r/wallstreetbets to Duelistgroundz
  19. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    well that was hilarious. The group stage hadn't even finished yet.
  20. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Skill drain is amazing vs your two worst matchups, Quickdraw and Frog Monarchs, and the deck is 45-55 minimum vs Frognarchs it's not an advantageous matchup. If you are grinding games vs the other matchups where skill drain isn't a complete blowout then you probably have to think about it.
  21. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    alright neato did find the old decklists from Edison. Dprison and something else to the side for the Oppressions.
  22. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    I mean the Southampton game is worrisome for United just because City haven't exactly shown any sign of letting up on quality and United's quality was pretty down at various points in the last few games. Squad looks competitive and Lukaku looks like a god cleanly finishing heaps of stuff, but it's been an easy start so far. Nobody would say the current squad is more than a grab bag whose strength is the ridiculous depth it has across the 25 players more than the best XI.
  23. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Cat variants are basically a general "good stuff" deck because you just play standard traps, good cards like Doomcal, lots of traps and rescue cat because rescue cat is kind of neat. Cat has a losing matchup to quickdraw overall just because QDP generally just executes its combos pre side and those are powerful enough you win the matchup a lot of the time, and cat by and large is just playing a lot of generic traps. Obv Cat can still godhand though. The metagame for Edison that came out of the Duelistgroundz tournament was Frog Monarchs/Blackwings/QDP, and Hero beat as a sort of tier 2 goodstuff that lost pretty hard to Frogmonarchs and did okay vs QDP and got out grinded by Bwings. Cat is an inferior goodstuff to hero beat I think? Just because it's core is kind of worse than heroes and it doesn't do much to that "Big 3" that Hero doesn't do, and Blackwings is kind of the best goodstuff just because hey Whirlwind Icarus Drain Oppression are just nice Yugioh cards and you fill your deck with those. Glad Beast are the QDP counter that is pretty good at being a goodstuff deck, want to have fun and wreck your QDP playing friends play Glad beasts the matchup is insane, and I don't remember the frog matchup for GB. It could probably be more explored, but that's what we came out of it with. I don't have any lists because they all evaporated with DN but I love this format it was one of my favourite theory-ohs and I will try to dig some stuff up. I'll do my best to dig some stuff up. oh also Gadgets. Gadgets were super neat as well. Cat/Gadgets/Hero beat were sort of the tier 2 that smashed GB and lost to the combo decks, Frog and QDP, and Blackwing ground out.
  24. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    The idea you'd play Blackwings and not max out Skill Drain and Royal Oppression in your main is insane. irrc I won the edison tournament with oppression in the side but that was only because I didn't want Oppression vs Allen who was my opponent in the semifinals. The literal point of Blackwings is "hey I play all of these absurd power cards other decks don't play, tremble before me" and you are just better card for card than the other decks, and skill drain is by and large a better fiendish chain most of the time. Also 3x fossil dyna in the side that card is just the best at life the universe and everything.
  25. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    well yeah, referees pussy out from giving cards all the time in this game because did you see the whinging when stars get binned? Refereeing in football in general is pretty rubbish because of player power which leads to lack of action, which is exactly why VAR needs to be a thing.