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  1. Pokemon GO

    i get the "Extreme" kinda often, probably because we're close to 0°C most of the time. but idk what "extreme" means for them, because "close to 0°C" means "snow" in my books
  2. Pokemon GO

    Well, i usually don't improve my monsters, so that stardust adds up. Sure, i have shitty monsters, but i spread them in many gyms, so i still get the 50 coins per day. Also, in gyms, i just need 1 monster that can beat the best, then they all get weaker etc, so it was never a problem. I feel like there is about 0 incentive to push your mediocre monsters to powerful ones currently
  3. Pokemon GO

    Got one, it's 15/15/10
  4. Pokemon GO

    no love for Europeans? I don't play that actively right now, but i guess i'll get a dog each, or 2
  5. Pokemon GO

    It's almost as if they want us to buy coins with real money, and spend them on Raid Passes ...
  6. LukeRandi (True Draco) 2-0 Ronsas (True Draco Zoodiac)
  7. Week 2 - The Gentleman's Club vs. Mostly Harmless

    won 2-0 vs beast, my draco zoodiac vs his pure draco ggs (sry for the god hands)
  8. DuelistGroundz username: LukeRandi Discord username: LukeRandi#8192 (using this because the Display Name might change) Formats: Current only Expected level of activity: high, bar some weekends (nationals + continentals) and some weeks (military for 3 weeks starting from july 17, can only play on the respective weekends) Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): no specific users (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: topped nationals, Euros and a YCS all with Dragon Rulers, won a Sneak, currently spending hours daily to improve my deck and technical play, to do well at Euros
  9. Pokemon GO

    It is really neat that it keeps the hat when you evolve it
  10. Pokemon GO

    I can't see the app in the play store, is it from a website?
  11. YCS Bochum 2016

    that's right, i'm going as well i need that Utopia Kaiser for my Spyral deck, there's a mighty combo i saw in a video
  12. Pokemon GO

    Depending on how many prestige points are missing for the next gym level, it is usually easier to level up a gym and then place your own pokemon in it. When you take down an opposing gym, you have to defeat all of their pokemon in a row, but when you level up a friendly gym, you can defeat 1/2, then run away, defeat the same 1/2 again while raising the prestige each time you defeat a pokemon.
  13. Pokemon GO

    that's actually pretty understandable. imagine a crowd of teenagers and young adults, all pointing their smartphone at kids in a pool, how does that look like?
  14. Updated Suspended Players List

    copying my message from Discord changes are
  15. Updated Suspended Players List

    Another update http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/suspended.html to save you guys the work: new names are no longer on the list: idk, i can do that when my browser add-on tells me. i only set it to observe the us page