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  1. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    won 2-1 vs ronsas vary close games and maid a new friend gg man
  2. DuelistGroundz username: Squiddy Discord username: noobMan93 Formats: currint only Expected level of activity: one or to times a weak Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member:
  3. arg ac shitpost

    how is buckwheatloaf not baned is beyond me lol like literally a year ago since he started posting like this rip dgzs glory days
  4. i like how playteing more carts gives u more resources and access to more abilities. like the infernoid zoodiac has a lot longer lifespan than regular zoodiac in a nutshell because of 60 carts... good thing it still sucks doe
  5. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    y r ppls hateing at victor lol hes one of the only damn people who are actively contributeing and searching the vast, wide cart pool for new techs and hidden strategies. sure some of them may be less than optimal but others have been genius (ececntrick boy during hat format, etc). the point is we arent going to get anywear with discussion if we dont innovate. and hes been the innovator of the playground for YEARS. i welcome his posts, a lot of them have deeper merit that on the surface. we gotta start from the basics and consider literally everything if we want to craft the most optimal build
  6. Metalfoes

    wtf had no idea dat lightning doe XD this whole ttime when gibbination was getting mad hated on by da playground lmao HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. Metalfoes

    ^ YO WTF ur gibbination?!?! this whole time WOW hahahahahhaahhaha no way i had no idea
  8. YCS Anahiem Nov 26

    who will be there early on thurs? il be in 1:18pm but wont have my hotel til 10ish so if anybuddy wants to train wit me
  9. come on like if u even have to ask
  10. ABC - Discussion

    brilliant fusion is pure garbage i cant belieive people are actually playing that bundle of trash over thrasher
  11. blue snowball is a grate under 100$ USB- mic for streaming. a lot of the bigger guys use it even trump from hearthstone, usb mics have built-in mini sound carts so u dont need an audio interface or anything else (the computer soundcards suck for recording)
  12. Top 10 Most Complex Card Games

    1. poker 2 yugioh
  13. ABC - Discussion

    nope hes brown but i did play the guy i think your talking asian (from oregon) and playing brilliant fussion and the lvl 2 tuner normal dragon guy... the round before last i think
  14. ABC - Discussion

    magnet reverse has the same problam as scramble union / burial from a dd. u literally have to resolve a dragon buster to use it, by which u should be winning the game already. this deck's main objective and obstacle is constructeing abc dragon buster. if u can do that on t1 you're going to win the game like 9 out of 10 times. i also cant think why it would be any better than oasis considering u would only play both going 1st and oasis can revive anything also how are people fitting brillient into there decks? when did this become a thing, i still cant see the combo. the deck is so tight i literally cant think of any cards to cut. i also dont understand the interaction with brilliant in this deck, it seams to me that all it does is allow an additional normal and act as a foolish burial, neither of which seam good at all. there are easy ways to dump the parts via tsukuyomi, tricks like buster drake ->wyvern + equiping onto a gadget -> ss a from hand, twin twisters. brilliant doesnt solve any of the decks problems idk why anyone would want to play it aside from the nostalgia of it being good in decks like monarch