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  1. Yes, breaking your internet dopamine addiction is easy.
  2. I wrote this simulation tool.
  3. I like how there is just no possible way secret pally is the best deck in wild yet everyone plays it/2 eater of secrets.
  4. Do you have any experience with demonfire in a similar zoo list? I've seen it around, but I haven't tried it out.
  5. Thanks captain semantics (read literal). [Insert frustration meme here] Latest rayc591 build, he was like rank 3 legend today with it when I was spec'ing.
  6. The more aggressive tempo mages play torch and acolyte.
  7. This was the best tournament report I've ever read.
  8. I don't hate the idea of pyro blast. What I really want is a 3rd arcane intellect or an azure drake. There is also always the option of playing acolyte/torch/tony.
  9. In tempo mage when I need yogg to save me I've played like 6-8 spells. But when I have yogg when I've played a bunch of spells, I'm in such a good spot that I don't want to risk it.
  10. I've found yogg to be utter garbage in this deck always.
  11. Coincidentally I recently chatted with a pro friend (rayc591) of mine who is a tempo mage expert about tempo mage. I'll jot down some bullet point takeaways. Keep images vs warrior if you have a 2 drop. Only mulligan blast vs non-aggro decks. Keep arcane intellect vs druid and warrior. Look for frostbolt, blast, and spellpower 2 drops versus shaman. Always keep waker on the coin vs aggro (keeping missiles with flamewaker on the coin is also good, otherwise don't keep missiles).
  12. -2 water ele -conjurer +tome +thaurissan +yogg Is pretty close to what I've been seeing lately. 2 tome and thaurissan is for the control matchups, you get a big discounted hand and then go off with flamewaker. It basically makes the control warrior matchup favored for you by itself.
  13. I feel like if you had growth in your opening hand and didn't play it you probably were doing it wrong. Though that deck looks hella weird with growth and panthers.
  14. I did a ton of testing with that deck (barnes yshaarrj hunter), and I just do not think that deck is worth playing a single game with unless you hate yourself and hate winning. It is really hard to evaluate ppl's claim of X deck being good when in order to get a very high legend rank you have to be on a massive upswing, so you're really just seeing them hit their 60-65% over and over and not seeing when they ran 40% for the previous 100 games. This is a real problem with perception vs reality. I am a perpetrator to, I think aggro rogue is super good because it just crushed in pax testing.
  15. Solution: only play barnes and y'sharrrrj (I refuse to learn how to spell).