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  1. Dragon warrior their face in.
  2. I could not have said this better myself.
  3. It is just the best 1 drop in the deck, and super flexible. Also I don't think wrath is good in this deck because it is a purely reactive card, whereas this deck is trying to be hyper proactive like zoo. I agree there is very little top end. I did a lot of testing vs dragon control pally last night and it is hard to beat the first equality sweeper. I think wrath makes a lot more sense in a deck like this that is a lot more midrangey. Though I found this deck runs out of steam really quickly too. I think this is more what you're going for, courtesy of vlps.
  4. living roots is one of the best cards in the deck bibblethimble
  5. No, like I did extensive beast druid testing for prelims testing groups. Raptor was egregiously terrible compared to druid of the flame. Raptor is a lot less powerful with mark on it, is more easily removed (the 1 drop is kind of crap), and is way worse to innervate out on turn 1.
  6. Yesterday mounted raptor was unplayable and druid of the flame was the best beast druid 3 drop. How things have changed in a day )-:
  7. Is there a challonge for this somewhere? I want to know that a few of my friends got through. How many people were eliminated?
  8. Good to know. Still not common knowledge.
  9. You should really link to your channel in your comment. I have no idea your channel name and won't go out of my way to find out, even if it is as easy as looking at another thread in this subforum. I imagine there are many others that have the same minuscule level of interest as I do.
  10. Priest is the only class that doesn't have a weapon or a ping for what it is worth. I think this hurts it a lot inherently. Overhealing (armor) is just so so incredibly powerful in this game too. So I think warrior having armor and weapons and more flexible removal just does give it a great head to head in comparison. What priest has is card advantage in terms of like thought steal is 2 cards for 1 card. And Cabal Shadow Priest is 3 cards for 1 card. And the new 5 mana 3/4 is 2 cards for a card. Warrior has no inherent card advantage tools (especially not in the superior sense that priest does). I think elise rotating out will do a lot for priest. But priest really just needs better tools, blood to ichor is INSANE!!!! why can't we get some cheap, powerful, synergistic removal for priest?
  11. Note every class should have great early game. But every class needs to have appropriate tools. Also zoo is totally beatable and at a perfectly fine power level. There is no reason to complain about zoo other than it has imp gang boss which might be a bit too powerful for standard. I really just don't appreciate the warrior dominance. Also you forgot innervate.
  12. Oh you just mean priest issues? Or like every class that isn't broken?
  13. Define class issues.
  14. Silence is shitty and feels shitty. Hearthstone is just a more fun game without it.