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  1. Thematically mage just also has to have the most powerful spells, which are just always going to be very good in arena. And they have the best hero power in arena. I think it kind of just falls into place based on those two factors. Like, if they wanted to make mage better in constructed and worse in arena, they could just make all of their good cards epic. Which really sucks for constructed players tbh. I really don't think this is just "blizzard being evil/lazy/hating specifically me" sort of thing. Also, I just want to plug this coaching service again: They are giving huge bonuses to coaches who can book 5/10/15 hours this weekend.
  2. I thought about this after the announcement. And I thought, maybe they just want mage to always be the best in Arena. Most new players play arena, you start playing the game as mage, if mage is always the best and you just play occasionally you can always pick mage when you see it. It just seems like a conscious effort at this point. To be honest though I have no idea how good mage is in Arena, I haven't played as mage in so long.
  3. And both halves are a beast which is huge because curving into houndmaster is the best turn four.
  4. What part of that makes sense to you? (Lots of Laffter)
  5. I have recently been compelled by a desire to not starve. Thus I have taken to selling my mind on the internets, aka doing coaching. If you didn't know, I am very good at Hearthstone. I finished top 50 in points for the entire year 2015 when I only played 5/8 months when points were awarded. I have numerous top ladder finishes. I also coached Shoop (ranked 13 NA and 55 in the world), a pro player who has recently been dominating the ONOG tournament series. Promo codes if interested: stargazer - $5 off a lesson. (This is the preferred code to use) THIRTYOFF - 30% off a lesson. PLS DON'T BAN ME MODS
  6. Advice: Auto-squelch. Assume every loss is entirely your fault (because most of them are). Forgot about winning and losing and only care about learning from each game. Focus on what matters.
  7. Greeeeeen like bulbasaur.
  8. Pardon?
  9. Pokemon Go is a skinner box. I'm not trying to rain on yous guys' parade. I really enjoyed playing the game for the novelty value. It just frightens me that someone I know might spend too much money on this game.
  10. I uninstalled the game. I feel bad for telling anyone to play it. As much as I like pokemon and exercise, I am terrified by the freemium model.
  11. So I just realized that: #1 People do the microtransactions in this game. #2 People play this game while driving. I feel guilty by association.
  12. Holy shit why did they print blood to ichor? Warrior is almost as good as druid. And druid has innervate. That new warrior deck is insane: Can we nerf slam?
  13. That's so weird, I have not had continuous minutes of uptime today.
  14. Is there a time of day where the servers usually don't go down? Or conversely a time of day when the servers are usually unstable? I have not gotten more than 10 minutes of usage out of my incenses ever. I'm desperate here guys! My eggs are piling up!
  15. Do you want to play with our pokeballs together sometime? I'm in BR for a bit. This game is kind of social right?