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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    One of the main issues with BLS is that it is a monster you tend to try to hold onto until the opportune time but against Nekroz you want to empty your hand with discard traps to play around Trish so this is an issue. A solution may be to run effect negation like Veiler, Fiendish, BTS or possibly Divine Wrath to compensate.
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    There should be no reason why you are not playing 3 upstart goblins right now. Losing 2 tour guides already really hurts your chances of opening playable as it is, so reducing your deck count is even more important for consistency.   Also losing 2 vanity's emptiness reduces the amount of good generic traps you can main-deck in a Nekroz heavy format. So again we want to reduce our deck size to increase our chances of seeing the few we have. This is even more important for control based versions of BA.
  3. Geargia - Discussion

    In the words of Sun Tzu: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”   My best advice is to play with those decks you have problems with (i.e., Water, Madolche, etc) against an experienced Geargia player. That way you not only learn how their deck functions in this matchup, but which plays are available to them or which plays are most vulnerable to disruption.   The Madolche matchup isn't really that difficult because our maindeck is already very strong against that matchup. We also have the advantage of playing more traps than them so we usually are controlling the tempo of the game. Once we are able to simplify the game-state we pretty much win because Madolche plays a lot of cards that are bad on their own.   Water is always going to be one of our toughest matchups and a lot of times we just have to concede game 1. But post side with all the floodgates we have a fighting chance. If we are able to stop Marksman loops and and recurring Tidals the game is much more manageable.
  4. Geargia - Discussion

    What do people think about main decking Grand Mole right now?     - It's a 1-card answer to established fields   - Provides outs that are not from the extra deck (play around Horn)   - Is an answer to Beelze, Leo, Ophion, Bujins, or any other problematic monsters   - Can turn Call of the Haunted into a spot removal card
  5. Geargia - Discussion

    Why are people making it sound like we have to choose to run either Seven Tools OR Dust? Why couldn't we just run both? I currently main 2 Dust and 2 7tools and I like the balance of that ratio.   The pros of 7tools have been exhaustively explained so I will not beat a dead horse but the cons are still that it is still quite slow and its a card you usually won't be able to use until 2 turns later.   Dust, like MST, is still quite a strong disruptive trap and is quite versatile in almost all matchups. Skill Drain, Kaiser, Hunting Ground, etc are still very problematic cards you can expect game 1 and 7tools doesn't help in that aspect.   Also, as far as I know, Tenki-Bear-lance is still pretty annoying especially because we aren't running Veiler and some people are cutting Fiendish Chain as well; so Dust can help in that aspect as well.
  6. Evilswarm - Discussion

    I feel as though this deck should take a similar approach to the trap line-up to Geargias emphasizing some ratio of maindecked Black Horn of Heaven and Seven Tools. Black Horn is clearly a very strong trap against most decks and can stop Exciton and 101 plays. Seven Tools provides protection that Pandemic cannot and that is against opposing Black Horns which is crucial because outside of Kerykeion plays, most of your xyz plays are 2 card investments. Also has anyone tested using a second Infection? I realize that drawing multiples might be an issue but I also think playing a game without Infection (primary mst/dust target) is also quite difficult. This is especially true late game when you can turn any topdecked Evilswarm into a Kerykeion.
  7. Geargia - Discussion

    The problem is that there aren't enough traps that are as versatile in the main to replace it. We need multiple cards that can stop on-summon effects. Breakthrough is nice but it forces you to make a play next turn to clear the monster otherwise you take a minus. I like Fiendish because it encourages your opponent to walk into Black Horn plays. This is actually pretty relevant in the Bujin Matchup when you freeze the first turn Yamato.
  8. I've disliked Trap Stun and 7tools in this deck for most of this format because of how efficient Geagia (especially the pure build) can grind through backrows.   However, against some decks you just don't have the time to grind especially against explosive decks that can assemble boards that put a lot of pressure on. So the options for Geargia turns to either drawing hard removal such as cards like Dark Hole or Mirror Force, or to counter push with an Exciton or 101 play. But the problem is when they stop the XYZ counter play you almost automatically lose because of how many cards you invest in that play   We then have to consider options to ensure counter pushes go through. Recently there has been a decrease in maindecked Veilers and an increase in maindecked Black Horn of Heavens, so 7tools and Trap Stun can almost guarantee a counter push goes through.    7tools is just superior to Trap Stun because of its ability to be used not only offensively but defensively to stop Geargiagears, Spheres, Calls, etc., without shutting down your other traps.
  9. Those are some valid points but I would still feel uneasy playing the full Karikuri engine as the deck just loses to itself as often as it can combo and overwhelm Bujins. I think the safest route would be to look into the 2 tuner build again mainly because the rank 3s aren't great against Bujins but MK2 into Burei is a much stronger option. However, I do not feel that this format will strictly be Gears and Bujins. I still think that Water, variants of Fire, and anything with Dragon Rulers still are viable decks but the playing field just levelled out a little. So we cannot overcompensate for a matchup we probably won't be playing against half our games.
  10. First turn Auger is amazing but mid to late game I don't know if its as good because of its limitation on summoning on Machine monsters. GGX is amazing but there are times you need to access the 101s, Excitons, Dweller, etc and it won't allow you to.   The Ancient Gear Box play is nice but I really am hesitant to add an additional normal summon to the deck and another sub-par card to draw into.   Geargiagear and Armor are still the best cards in this deck and adding Auger does make it more consistent but I don't think it will make the decks matchup against Fire and Water significantly better if the decks are left untouched.
  11. Honestly, I don't think Auger will make the deck any better than it already is. It's just that Fire, Water, and Dragon Rulers are problematic for this deck.
  12. The Water matchup is pretty straight forward going first because of the plethora of options we have but going second is a whole other beast of its own. As underwhelming as Maxx C is, I feel it is so important have to an answer to their first turn combos because many times it could be an auto-loss unopposed. I also pair Maxx C's with 2 D.D. Crows because it not only does do what I want Maxx C to do (stops Gunde plays) but it also provides an out to the pesky Tidal. Also I've been seeing a lot of people post that there is no need for battle traps but I feel it is actually really important right now because they give you traps that can be used going second and helps combat established boards. That way you are not forced to make a desperate 101 or Exciton play just to have a chance.  The Water matchup is all about who controls the field especially because most of our counters are only effective before they go off, so playing cards like Maxx C, Crow, and battle traps allow you to either prevent them from setting up or to clear what they already have.
  13. Why not just run 2 Fortress and 1 Frame? The engine is minimal so it won't interfere with the core Geargia strategy, and would still allow some room for more traps. Once you get your GGX going, you can just search the Frame and get the Machinas involved. The engine would only add 1 additional normal summon while adding some additional special summoning options each turn. I also like that it is an option to dump drawn Geargianos and can immediately make Calls and MK2s live. Also Fortress adds a defensive element to Call as well.
  14. I don't know what you are talking about....Sam hasn't posted in this thread in like a month. The development towards playing Pure Geargia's was basically developed through this thread with constructive arguments, theory, and tournament success. Either you haven't thoroughly read through this thread or you are just sour that you are not this so called "herder" you speak of.
  15. I'm getting really irritated with random people coming in this thread with this elitist hipster attitude about this deck and say all these things about certain builds but don't realize that the better build depends a lot on the context and meta. Provide some constructive feedback and arguments or don't post at all.   On a side note I still think the 2 tuner build has some potential because Birdman is essentially a 4th Accelerator and with the access to the one Watchdog you open yourself up to even more options for your MK2 plays. Also we can all agree that the synchros are much more powerful than XYZ's on average, but as long as fast and consistent decks like FF exist, this deck won't have the opportunity to get to the mid to late game MKII/Geargiano/Saizan loop consistently.