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  1. True Draco - Deck Discussion

    I think a version of only True Dracos is the best/most consistent. Knuckles is amazing, but MP is the true MVP. Draius is a little underwhelming, but that because I had highest expectation for it. Majesty and Ignis, 3-1 now, started 2-2, but honestly because of the "low" monster count I change the ratios. Bulb is ok because you can destroy it with Diagram in hand and get it effect after. Duality is really nice in this version of the Deck, but maybe cut it down to 2 and bump Disciples to 3 can work too. Fiendish Chain can by replaced with Anti-Spell or Mistake, and either of them are probably better. Ultimaya+Crystal+Stardust can be anything, I just want to try that, honestly I rarelly use any extra deck monster aside from Coral and Rank 5-6. Sorry for my bad english.
  2. YCS Bochum 2016

    Congrat Billy! Denko too strong
  3. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    Went to a regional yesterday and end 4-2 9th place. I loose vs. Domain Monarch (yeah like WTF I didn't expect anyone to play that), and mirro match. Round 1 vs. PK Fire: The easyes match-up all day long. 2-1 him very easy. Game 1 Dragluon+Goliath+Azure took the game. Game 2 he side into 3 Vanity's Fiend that I was not able to out. Game 2 was very similar to Game 1, Goliath+Return took the game. Round 2 vs. Mirror Match: 0-2. The guy drew the nuts more than I do. Open Soul Charge both games. Round 3 vs. PK Fire: Again, easy as hell. Goliath is so op vs. that. First Game was Goliath+Azure, and second game was Dragluon+Goliath. Round 4 vs. Domain Monarch: 0-2. Honestly he open Pantheism the 2 games+Ehther. I cannot beat that. Round 5 vs. PK Fire: 2-0. I play vs. a really good friend of mine. Game 1 was amazing, I lock him with Vanity's Emptiness and he lock my Blue-Eyes Vanilla with Fog Blade. I have Soul Charge (+1 Vanilla+3 other monsters in Hand) I drew Melody and combo with everythin for ending up with Harbinger+Spirit+Goliath (in his standby for Arkbrave). Game 2 he beat the **** out of me I don't really remember. Game 3 was in time and he overpaid life with Strike and Warning, and when he want to go for game with tour guide I Warning him and win because of dmg. Round 6 vs. D/D/D: 2-0. This guy was 4-1 and was playing really good, play the Dark Law build. Goliath+Azure give me game. The second duel was longer, we were barely in time. I draw Soul Charge (AKA BEST CARD EVER) and combo with everything ending with Goliath+38+Spirit (and Return in grave), he draw and concede. Build: http://prntscr.com/cjj7lp The 5 cards that the light ***** are Goliath, Arkbrave, Spirit Of White and 2 Maxx "C". I wasn't able to get Desire because my friend that was going to give it to me got sick. Goliath was a beast all day long, MVP for sure (Soul Charge too). The only card that was really dead was 1 Silver's Cry, but I plan to cut it (and 2 Ravine and 1 CoC) for 3 Desires and 1 Shrine. Ravine was good for discard dead cards like CoC, Stones, Goliath/Arkbrave. The side deck was pretty good. I never Side into Denko Sekka or the 3 Twin Twister, probably because I don't play any Demise.Deck. Gameciel only go in vs. Blue-Eyes but I didn't draw it :/. BTW. sorry if my english sucks.
  4. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    I think Alsei can answerd problem cards like anti-spell an such so is worth the slot. Spark is worth if you play Emptiness. And I complety agree ond the 1 Azure and the extra Photon monster in the extra deck. When I go into Azure is probably because I going for the game next turn. My currently extra Deck look like this: 1 Moonlight 1 Michael 1 Stardust Spark 1 Crystal Wing 1 Azure-Eyes 2 Spirit Synchro 1 Alsei 1 Cipher 1 Heliopolis 1 Harbinger 1 Dragluon 1 Number 62 1 Full Armor 1 Dark Matter
  5. Card of Demise untouched that interesting, and the Kaiser ban too.
  6. @Nelrick   I have a question.   If I'm not a judge so I can't decide what is legal and what isn't, how can I decide? Because, either way I park the bus or I don't, I still interpret the law, I interpret that I can or that I can't. Isn't that a paradox? Maybe I miss something or I didn't understand. And how citizens can judge which action should we take in an ambiguous situation?
  7. Dueling Network

      Dat Dark Law lols
  8. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Congrats on the win. Dind't you miss or want the 3rd Farfa?
  9. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      How you fit X Mithra + 2/3 Red Layer + 1 Blue +3 E-Teleport in your deck?    http://i.imgur.com/ng7IxIv.png   I don't have space to fit Mithra, unless I take 1 Fiend, 1 Kuraz, 1 Escalation/Prime, 1 Red Layer (some combination of that) or don't play Upstart at all.
  10. Hieratic Ruler post DOL

    Kuribandit gets Soul Charge+Combo.
  11. Noble Knight - Discussion

      Congrats!   matchups plz? :3
  12. Why not playing cards like Divine Wrath, Raigeki Break and PWWB for discard the evol?
  13. Noble Knight - Discussion

    afr how can you fit everything? lols    http://i.imgur.com/LcTFiK1.png
  14. the Dogbox

    Junk Synchro is amazing.