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  1. Just the changes Newly Forbidden: Astrograph Sorcerer Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom Ancient Fairy Dragon Rank-Up-Magic Argent Chaos Force That Grass Looks Greener Newly Limited: Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter Gem-Knight Master Diamond Chain Strike Newly Semi-Limited: Apoqliphort Towers Ring of Destruction Unlimited: Atlantean Dragoons Grandsoil the Elemental Lord Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior Mathematician Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Compulsory Evacuation Device
  2. N64 Olympics

    WWF No Mercy or WCW/NWO Revenge
  3. Ready Player One

    man I got the book as a secret santa gift not long after it came out and I was feeling it as alright toilet reading material until we spent 3 pages talking about futuresex and how much money he spent on shit to make it work.
  4. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DuelistGroundz username: TonySKDiscord Account Name: TonySK#5296Formats: prefer to just play Current, but can play goat if needed Expected level of activity: Moderately high
  5. Dragonball Fighterz

    Goku/Literally any character/Adult Gohan. Sparking + Unlock Potential lv7 is unreal.
  6. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    Is anybody here playing this? ARG just announced that they're going to be doing 6 regionals for it after having a test run of tournaments at Raleigh that went well. A bunch of spoilers for set 2 were dropped via a preview vid, and since the last set of posts here Bandai announced that they're releasing draft kits with special leaders and a promo pack from the current tournament kit. I've been having fun playing mono-green Gohan at my locals, currently undefeated.
  7. battle of the bands that formed since 2000

    Young the Giant
  8. battle of the bands that formed since 2000

    Coheed and Cambria. SSTB came out in 2002.
  9. video game reccomendations

    Castlevania Castlevania 3 Super Castlevania IV Castlevania: Rondo of Blood roms are plentiful for the first three and they aren't particularly expensive to find online if you wanted to buy them. Rondo of Blood got a rerelease that can be downloaded on the PSN for vita and psp. The remake is in 2.5D but it also includes the original and Symphony of the Night. I chose these 4 games over the other games in the series because you said you were looking for something short. These games fit the bill as they're only a few levels long but they make up for it with monstrous difficulty.
  10. ABC - Discussion

    This is the version of the deck I've been using to dick around with some friends. It has access to some pretty explosive plays thanks to Ties and Transmodify. I don't like the cocks and am definitely going to drop 'em. A-Assault Corex3 B-Buster Drakex3 C-Crush Wyvernx3 Cockadoodledoox2 Galaxy Soldierx3 Gold Gadgetx2 Silver Gadgetx3 One Day of Peace Terraformingx3 Ties of the Brethrenx3 Transmodifyx3 Twin Twistersx3 Union Hangarx3 Upstart Goblin Endless Trap Holex2 Solemn Warning Extra Deck ABC-Dragon Buster ABC-Dragon Buster ABC-Dragon Buster Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Scrap Dragon Abyss Dweller Bujintei Tsukuyomi Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer Cyber Dragon Infinity Cyber Dragon Nova Diamond Dire Wolf Gear Gigant X Number 39: Utopia Number S39: Utopia the Lightning Traptrix Rafflesia
  11. A pool of low information, under-educated, possibly racist, and mostly older generation voters pushing for something that goes against their self-interests? Sounds like some good old fashioned american exceptionalism to me. Also, "we're tired of experts". And this http://video.metro.co.uk/video/met/2016/06/24/7034296010219408740/960x540_7034296010219408740.mp4
  12. i just hit 20000 rep ama

    would you ever tag team an escort again
  13. I was a Lazy Fuck and Now I need your help!

    okay, I'll bite. I messaged you on skype but it says you're offline
  14. Let's talk about the Alt-Right

    To try and move the discussion away from jingoism and back to politics, I am curious about how the alt right sees a few things: 1) Our underfunded public education system 2) Our lack of unions and workers rights, especially compared to other countries in the western world (paid vacations, maternity leave, living wages)
  15. School Tournament Series

    It can be done
  16. That's the same format bushiroad uses for vanguard
  17. To quote Sirlin, "A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about." Avoiding cheating or situations that fall into a morally gray area that could be construed as cheating does not make you a scrub as the rules inform you of what breaks them.
  18.   Jesus christ I thoguht the first part of your post was retarded, but this is so much worse than TDKR.   Honestly I wanted to like this film, but it was so fucking bad, I'd say it's the worst superhero film since green lanturn (I'm including MoS and Xmen Wolverine Origins in that).   Marvels output has always been decent (iron man 3 aside) and far more enjoyable than this film (you clearly havent watched GoTG)   TDKR made absolutely no sense at all. The movie was slower paced, almost maddeningly slow as the viewers wait for something to happen, and managed to wind up edited worse than BvS. So much time passed in TDKR but we have no reference as to how long it was or how things appear where they are, especially after the first fight with Bane. Bruce gets dumped in a middle eastern hole without his suit, without that fancy knee brace that cured his limp, and with a broken back. While he gets his spine punched into place literally nothing happens in Gotham. They reference No Man's Land (where the absence of Batman at the start of the story was a shock since it was expected that he would maintain law and order, but in this movie it doesn't matter because Batman was gone for years and people forgot about him) and the Knightfall prison break (although this happens in reverse order from how it's meant to take place) and by the time that's done the Bruce Wayne who couldn't walk without a cane manages to scale the inside wall of the prison while cgi bats flutter around. Oh, and then his plane magically appears so that he could return to a Gotham where the legions of criminals released on the streets have managed to do nothing at all since the last time Bruce watched TV.   I can deal with BvS jumping around because even if the scenes are warping around you have a sense that stuff is actually happening in movie time. Characters do appear in different places in different scenes, but that's because they aren't standing still once the camera comes off them.   As for the Marvel movies, I did see GotG and after leaving the cinema my first thought was 'I will never see this movie again'. It's the Avengers plot with dick jokes and 70s music. In fact, there's a very short list of Marvel movies that are more than just above average (I think the list is Cap 1+2, and IM 1).    I'd really like to get more into your thoughts on why those movies are better than BvS so hopefully you can respond to this post with more than 'jesus christ i thought the first part of your post was retarded'.
  19. I honestly think a lot of the hate is unwarranted. I expected a movie that was going to be a big punch fest and setup for future movies because of the title of the film. So coming out of the movie my thoughts were: Lex was poorly done, but I didn't hate Eisenberg so hopefully his portrayal gets better with time Cavill being a younger, more conflicted, Superman fits for me since this movie is only his second major fight. This is the closest to comic book 'world's greatest detective' Batman we've seen yet. Same with Alfred in regards to his character in the books. One of my favorite parts was Alfred making a point that torture doesn't work, which is something I felt got lost on most of the audience.   I'd definitely rate this as a 7/10. It's on par with, if not more enjoyable, than most of Marvel's output and it's the best DC movie since TDK.
  20. Ycs Columbus

    That'll be a crowded day. Bushiroad is doing a springfest that weekend at the same convention.
  21. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    Loli is T8 and he's getting the feature
  22. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    Loli is playing Kozmo
  23. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    Loli made T32
  24. New Digimon Adventure Series

    New ova is up on crunchyroll, just finished all 4 episodes. I really like where this is going.