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  1. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    your idea is sound, I just have a few problems with it you expand on the pendulum (scales) mechanic by adding another engine and a rather slow one without adding actual power cards that will win the game Metalfoes is a good enough scales engine on it's own. Adding Iris and more scales doesn't contribute to you winning the game, only to having more access to more scales. In the end you will resolve Allure and won't have anything to draw into. It could be a potentially good idea for Exodia haha. Allure, Sacred sword of 7 stars, trade in etc. nevermind...
  2. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I don't think Kirin to 1 is that big a deal, because the meta that we areleft with will be 1. mirror (whatever that means because metalfoes can go in many directions), 2. Blue Eyes and 3. Kozmo (until ABC, then we add ABC). Of matchups listed above Kirin was only good in Mirror and only if you were the one dropping it to the field first. Other decks can just overwhelm a lone Kirin. Kozmo, assuming it is the toughest matchup for this deck makes Kirin even worse. It is quite useful vs. ABC though, but it isn't like there are no other cards out there. 3x System down is a must in my eyes because of Kozmo AND ABC when it comes to that. Etc. If someone should decide he likes traps a lot, they have Ariadne + a whole lot of Majespecter stuff that plays well with Metalfoes. I don't think that is the way to go, but who knows. Blue eyes don't like traps, that's a fact and neither do Kozmos. Otherwise I see Racoon good with Speedroids, making Totem birds. Then again...is Totem bird any good vs. Kozmo and BE? I would not be too surprised to see Metalfoes builds without Racoon+Kirin though. I think I won't be spending too much time on this right away myself because Kozmo just got stronger with the Banlist.
  3. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Instant fusion would give you access to the Fusion monster which you already should have through MEtalfoes fusion. The problem is not seeing Gofu. Adding other tuner would be great and we will most likely main deck ghost ogres after the clean sweep on the current shitty meta.
  4. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    how is it awful if you can search a low or a high scale with Art and destroys Domain/their scales in the end phase
  5. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    the thing is, you won't miss them when you take them out try Cannon instead, you won't regrt it also expect a lot of Kaiju, you will drop Infinity the third time it gets a Kaiju out of the blue
  6. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Is that a mistake? Ariane is for counter traps.
  7. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    that at the same time ruins your hands because you open too many traps that weren't searched. ALso people aren't gonna stop playing Twin Twisters. You invest into Ariadne plays and get ruined by a Twin Twister. I know how it isn't "our way" to drop strategies because of an individual card but I can not begin to express how many games I have lost single handedly to Twin twister + something that replaces itself in the past 6 months. I would rather stare down 5 trap fields than keep Twister in the game. The card is not healthy. For the game and for me as a human.
  8. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Vortex Trooper fights for normal summon with Bunbuku too often, also except for a few cards and doubled Desires you don't really want to shuffle stuff back. If the big idea here is to play 2 Desires and resolve it from time to time with a great deal of risk of banishing stuff and potential dead hands, not to mention forced activations to empty th deck, isn't it better to drop the thing and play 40 good cards without the gambling?
  9. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    if playing 2 pieces you have 1,28% to open both and have to be of real shitty luck to draw the second one off the 1st one granted if playing 3 you have 3,64 to open 2 or more . Yes, that is more. But not that much more. The reward outweights the risk. I did not once say OCG is dumb for doing anything. I just didn't. I do take their imput with a grain of salt, that is all. Giving them high praise and what not is unjustified because in the end TCG was the more competitive territory with much larger tournaments all along. So decks were ready to go for 11 rounds and not 5 rounds at locals. And the comment about Upstart is just silly. I can't believe we did not massively use Upstart sooner. Especially with Windup, Inzektor, DIno rabbit, Heavy storm/Future fusion decks etc. Every damn deck we used to this point could benefit from it because you always had to improve that 33,7% of opening a 3 off to start a combo.
  10. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    The entire time OCG builds differently from TCG. More one-offs, more combos, more relaxed. For that reason I honestly don't see what someone playing at OCG locals has to bring to the table. The only input we could use is from a successful competitive player. And for that we have tons of decklists. That should suffice. Taking from those decklists I doubt OCG players even more. A lot of them play 2 Desires in a 40-43 card deck without Upstart goblins. What I can take from that is that they do like to dig through their deck for that +1 (willing to banish key cards in the process) yet at the same time, they did not build their decks to highest consistency before that. Highest consisntecy would be strict 40 cards and no more, highest number of Upstarts and other consistency cards if any, highest number of Desires. You after all do like the card and find it strong enough to include in your deck, so you have to draw it to like it. To draw it you need as many as possible. In a 40 card deck going first you have 23,7% to get one of 2 Desires and 33,7% if you play 3. 10% difference! (I let myself be corrected if my math is wrong here). I am trying to say that you either want Desires because they are good and deck needs a consistency boost so you build with 3 copies+other consistency cards or you play a tutor heavy deck, allow yourself over 40 and drop Desires all together. I will also say that no draw is more consistant than tutoring.
  11. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    That was my first reaction when I started fiddling with Metalfoes. I was also using Qli engine at the time, so making Delta+Soar plays and going into Infinity seemed like the best thing ever. On paper. Metalfoes engine + Kozmo engine fills the slots. Leaving no space for Eccentricks/Bunbuku etc. Test hands were stupid too. Dark destroyer, which is the best Kozmo out there suddenly wasn't so good anymore because you can't pendulum it. Using Kozmo for Xyz materials was -1. Most importantly, it didn't bring anything to the table. The opponent can get over Darklady/Infinity with a simple Alternative summon. The only really good card in the end is Kozmojo. Which means you have tto go first and to leave a Kozmo monster on the field and not use it for strong Xyz plays. And Kozmojo is not a card you ever want to see in your hand. Ideally you would search it with Town. Meaning you couldn't search a combo piece. Also town won't be always in your hand unless Terraforming. Too many consistency issues. If I wanted a trap on my field I would play Ariadne before the Kozmo engine.
  12. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I read somewhere recently (I think in one of the ORG articles but not sure about that), that the Banished face down cards can be checked by the owner (not opponent) and nothing else. Can't be retrieved unless for card effects that don't specifically target/declare one card. For example: "Return all banished cards to your deck" opposed to "target one of your banished cards and return it to the deck". They are still banished cards though, so they would count towards the total of banished cards for Gren Maju Da Eiza
  13. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I don't have a problem with that except for extra deck space.
  14. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Is Luster a MUST? Getting to another Metalfoes is great, but what after that? You can either have Goldriver and go into Ignister which is great. Or, you don't have Goldriver and you end up with a dead Luster 1850 beater. Basically that one card progress that you made with Lusters pendulum zone effect is gone because Luster is a dead body unless Goldriver. While chances of getting to Goldriver are not low (you play 5-6 copies), you still can't really say you see it every game.