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  1. ARG Providence 2015

      I wanna drive down just for this tbh.
  2. Best deck in the history of the game

    Frog FTK was more consistent than Scientist?  I honestly don't remember.
  3. Gym Progression

    Get used to going to the gym, worry about cleaning up the diet later.    That's why 99% of people just get overwhelmed and give up. Do one thing at a time. If you are at least getting yourself involved in resistance weight training 4-6 days a week, you will see the scale start to drop. Even if you haven't changed your eating habits.    Once you get into a solid routine of getting yourself to the gym every day and you are enjoying your workouts, then you can start thinking about different ways to clean up your diet based on your goals. Whether it's a "bro" diet or flexible dieting (IIFYM)
  4. Bulking up

    Chris Jones is the man lol. Maxx Chewning and Christian Guzman are also solid channels.
  5. Bulking up

    Yeah...."clean" bulk is irrelevant if your calories are "too damn high." You will still get fat eating chicken breast and egg whites, if the caloric intake at the end of the day is far too great. I'd rather track macros and eat a relatively "clean" diet. I can fit in snacks throughout the day, have more freedom in food choices, and at the end of the day just be overall happier, while achieving the same results, if not better. 
  6. Progress Journal Thread

    Try a reverse diet.   Increase your calories by 150-200 every week for 2-4 weeks. Keep the the training and cardio the same. Sometimes the body just stalls when the calories get low enough. Give the metabolism a jump start. I ended my cut around 2000cal a day. I reverse dieted for about 4 weeks. I continued to lose weight up until around 2600 calories. I'm now back up to about 3200cal per day.
  7. Reese's Spreads Peanut Butter   More delicious than regular PB, full of fat and carbs. Much lower in protein compared to regular PB. 
  8. Fat free sour cream & onion Pringles.   They literally taste like normal Pringles. Zero difference. The carbs per serving are insanely low too. I believe like 17g if I remember correctly. 
  9. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

      No matter where you stay, the actual location for the YCS is off the strip and not walking distance at all.   Just plan the budget for money on taxi fares (or in my opinion just get a rental car as it will be cheaper)  when you decide what hotel to stay at.   If money isn't an issue (and it will be costing more because of the fight) then your best hotel rooms would be Aria or Cosmopolitan right in the middle of the strip.    You will see/meet hotter girls at Cosmo as that is where the club Marquee is at which is in the top 3 of Vegas along with XS and Hakkasan. Yeah I could give two flying fucks about the YCS lol. Literally using it as an excuse to go. We already booked 2 rooms at the Aria for 5 nights.  Battlefield Vegas and World Class Driving are at the top of my to do list.
  10. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    David Guetta Saturday the 12th at the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn. Spring break pool party with David Guetta or YCS? Welp, leaving the book bag at home.
  11. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    I booked. Staying at the Aria on the strip for 5 days. Honestly not sure if I am even showing up to the tournament lol.
  12. NAWCQ 2014

    Not wasting vacation time going to Detroit.
  13. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    When do tickets go on sale for the fight?
  14. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    I mean to be fair, there are countless 5-star hotels. I'm sure it's near impossible to pick a bad one. So many good choices. So many options.
  15. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    Yeah I keep asking people I work with where they stay, and a lot have stayed at the Aria. It's the newest hotel, and has the younger crowds at night. The rooms are voice activated and say your name when you go in the first time lol. You can control all the windows and lights from a digital panel lol.