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  1. [quote name='Miley Syrus +' timestamp='1329374556' post='3103116'] There's another "list" floating in the 2ch, no pics and I can't even make out half of it so auto fake. Ban Trishula Spore Bulb Dustshoot Limit Kirasune - idk what that is TG strike Venus Level Lumina Tomas - idk Skyrocket - idk Compensation - idk Macro - cosmos? Release Ribide - idk Congener - idk and after that someone said this [color=#FFFFFF]4 ban [/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Limit 10 [/color] [color=#FFFFFF]8 limit quasi- [/color] [color=#FFFFFF]7 release [/color] [/quote] Is that post 650? Because I translated that: Banned: Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Wind-Up Hunter Glow-Up Bulb Spore Trap Dustshoot Limited: Agent of Mystery - Earth Inzektor Hornet Pot of Duality Dark Magician of Chaos Lavalal Chain Makyura, the Destructor Semi-Limited: Marshmallon Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner Goyo Guardian Shien's Smoke Signal Effect Veiler Level Limit - Area B Ultimate Offering Torrential Tribute Reborn Tengu Unlimited: Call of the Haunted Emergency Teleport