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  1. Wiretap

      For warning they still pay the 2000 cost to activate it, only to have to pay another 2000 the next time they want to use it.   I could certainly create a dead draw later on in the game. 
  2. Pure Lightsworns

    No, its really not.
  3. Dueling Network

    Honest question, why would you continue playing against someone like that? Do you really care about the points you get? If I played someone like that, I'd just leave and re-join the pool. Sure DN would be better if it had a block function so you wouldn't ever run in to them again, but regardless, I'm sure if you keep playing you're going to find more competent people to play against.
  4.   Ghostrick Piper became a deck.
  5. ghostrick jiangshi+ghostrick spectre

    You should post it in the Ghostrick thread so everyone can benefit from it.
  6. ghostrick jiangshi+ghostrick spectre

    you sure can!
  7. With the full spoilers of Primal Origins revealed, many duelists, myself included, have begun testing decks to see what works and what doesn't. Lots of archetypes received new support in hopes make them more competitively viable, and a completely new archetype was introduced, Artifacts.   The point of this post is to discuss the recent trend going on in Yugioh, which is the inclusion of Artifact Moralltach and Theosophy of the Artifacts as a 6 card engine in any deck. You read that right, not just an Artifact deck or a deck that is able to make Pleiades every so often, but any deck.      Fairy / Effect  You can Set this card from your hand to your Spell and Trap Card Zone as a Spell Card. When this Set card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard during your opponent's turn: Special Summon this card. If this card is Special Summoned during your opponent's turn: You can destroy 1 face-up card your opponent controls.      Trap / Normal  Special Summon 1 "Artifact" monster from your Deck. You can only activate 1 "Theosophy of the Artifacts" per turn. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. If this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card: You can target 1 card on the field; destroy that target.   These cards on their own make for an incredibly annoying defence that your opponent has to work around as well as provide spot removal for decks that need it. The mindset players will have once this catches on will be to go ahead freely with their plays or attacks and simply hope for the best. This is because there is not much you can do if your opponent has a set Theosophy face-down. There is no way for players to check what is face-down in your opponent's S/T Zone, so unless they want to risk destroying your set Spell and Trap cards giving you big advantage, most likely they'll just wait for you to flip your cards and respond accordingly.   Some interesting pros for each of the individual cards include:   - Moralltach and Theosophy both have "If: you can" clauses, meaning they will never miss the timing. This is useful since if your opponent Blind MSTs your set Theosophy, you can chain it as Chain Link 2, Special Summon Moralltach, and after it is destroyed, both Moralltach's effect and Theosophy's destruction effects kick in. You essentially made anywhere from a +2 to a +4 if your opponent had targets for your destruction effects. - Theosophy will still get to destroy a card if it is negated by Solemn Warning or Seven Tools of the Bandit (and the like). - Moralltach can be destroyed by your own card effects, turning dead MSTs into instant removal with a 2100 body to boot (albeit only on your opponent's turn). - Playing Duality and revealing an Artifact card will make your opponent hesitant to use destruction on your backrow, allowing you to keep your other Spells and Traps safe. - Moralltach destroys floodgate Spells and Traps including Dimensional Fissure and Macros Cosmos making it a good option for Graveyard reliant decks. - Drawing all of your Moralltach's might suck, but even if Theosophy is on its own, you can still get an easy trade if it is destroyed. Even better if you manage to restock your deck with cards like Daigusto Emeral. - If your opponent End Phase MST's your Theosophy, you still get to destroy something. - Effect Veiler cannot stop Moralltach's effect since it is used on their turn. - You can laugh at Evolzar Laggia (and similar cards) all the way to the bank. This is especially noteworthy considering the new Evol support card, Evo-Singularity, might inspire more players to pick up the deck!   Ask yourself, if your deck could play more generic removal, that will often result in a 2-for-1, would you want to play it? Of course you would. That is why I feel that once this catches on, players are going to start making decks by deciding on what other 34 cards they should include in their Main Decks. Recall back when every deck included 3 Tour Guides, Sangan, 3 Veilers, and BLS as its starting point. Even now, players are including Upstart Goblins, Dualities, Cardcars, and Reckless Greeds in their decks, mostly inspired by the success of the great Patrick Hoban. Cards I think that you'll be finding alongside Moralltach and Theosophy in the future may include Call of the Haunted, Artifact Movement, and the other Hoban-inspired cards just mentioned. They all interact very well with the Artifact engine as they cover a lot of the card's weaknesses.   With the remaining space in your decks, you could simply jam in whatever staples or Archetype cards your feel like playing since the Artifact engine doesn't compromise very much of a deck's main goals. Some of the things I've seen Moralltach and Theosophy played in with success include:   - Artifacts (obviously) - Galaxy - Chronomally - Cyber Dragons - Gladiator Beasts - Traptrix Stun - Wind-Ups - Hieratics   I am absolutely sure there will be more to come once players come to realize the potential of these two cards.    But, with all that said, what is there players can do to counter such an effective engine? Luckily, there are some checks that exist in order to limit the power of this engine. This is good information for both those facing down Moralltach and Theosophy as well as those who should be on the look out for these checks.    The biggest issue with Artifacts right now is monster floodgates; cards that negate Monster Effects or their Special Summons (or both). Spell and Trap floodgates work, but to a smaller degree thanks to the excessive hate backrow receives thanks to cards like MST, Dust Tornado, and even Moralltach itself. Cards like this include:  Fossil Dyna, Banisher of the Radiance, Vanity's Fiend, and the upcoming Majesty's Fiend. Other good choices include chainable Monster Effect negation cards like: Fiendish Chain, Breakthrough Skill, and my personal choice Forbidden Chalice as it can be used on your turn right as you draw it. As for the usual hand traps Effect Veiler and Maxx "C", they won't be doing very much against this engine. However, they could prove useful against the rest of those cards that will be fill up the rest of the Main Deck. It should also be noted that players might include Herald of Orange Light in their decks to counter your Monster Effects since all of the Artifacts are also Fairy-Type.   That is all the analysis I have so far, so thanks all for reading this! I hope you found at least some of it interesting and somewhat useful.
  8. Primal Origins Koa'ki Meiru's

    I'd play more Dire Wolf in the Extra and maybe even Dark Hole in the main.   The fact that you can also use Core on your turn makes these cards extra powerful giving you free plusses that might otherwise be trades.    And have you thought about Monk + Upstarts in this? You can pitch your Iron Core only to be added back by Crusader later on as well as getting to your key Rank 4 plays earlier. Monk would almost always be live with all those spells and you would be able to free up some space in the Extra if you drop the TGU engine and Rank 3's.
  9. Dueling Network

    Yep :( 50% when I tried it. that's the exact score I got. I actually thought I did well too :(
  10. Infernities for Regionals/YCS

      You could side DNA Surgery. If you declare Fiend, all your monsters will receive a 500 ATK boost from Palabyrinth. Not to mention it hurts Bujin, Noble Knights, Geargia, Spellbooks, and Beast-Warrior decks to a degree. I would drop the Snowman Eaters for them.   A friend of mine who uses Infernity also sides Prohibition. You could declare key cards like Grapha and Hornet, or you could declare Hand Traps in order to ensure that you go off. He has had much success with it, but its not for everybody.     What are the Batmobiles? Are they Ark Knights? I'm going to assume they are.   I would recommend a copy of Archfiend's Roar in the Main Deck as well. It works really well, and I would like to hear your thoughts about it as well. I can see that it might be a tough choice to cut something out, so I'll leave that decision up to you.
  11. Memories of the Duel King

    If they're doing this I really hope they'll extend it to other problem cards as well.   Preferably Cannon Soldier and Toon Cannon Soldier.
  12. One out of Three

    I've asked before and couldn't get an answer; Can you use this if you have no cards in your Extra Deck?
  13. [NEEDS UPDATE] Mermail - Discussion

    I've made the realizations that Leo really shits on this deck. You have very few options for dealing with it's non-targetting clause and huge 3100 ATK stat. Cards like TT, Mirror Force, Dark Hole, crashing Leos, and maybe pumping up Dewloren's attack are the only real main decked answers I keep seeing and not every player even plays them all (if any of them). And if they have a Lance it basically deals with all of these answers at once. This is also excluding their own removal spells and traps which they most definitely will have. More and more decks are starting to play Leo now as well so I just want people to be aware when they see it game 1.
  14. Flowbot

    Not saying its a huge difference or anything, but you could find ways to play this in OTK / FTK decks in conjunction with Hand Destruction, DWD and the like. It allows you to filter through your hands to get to major combo pieces slightly more consistently.
  15. Reversal Quiz

    Here is my version of the deck:     After One for One was limited and Card Destruction was banned, this deck lost a huge amount of consistency. This is the most consistent version I have come up with from that.    As for the side board and the competitive scene, just don't bother. This deck is not meant to be competitive and does not smokescreen well, let alone win game 1 consistently.