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  1. It's not important that the deck doesn't win. The "lightsworn curse" never existed. It's a matter of realizing YGO is YGO and getting top 8 isn't much different than winning, because the difference between those two is nothing besides "he topped bls". We look at consistency of tops, not the quality of those tops so to speak. Topping a YCS means you did well over the course of 10+ rounds. Topping a YCS, but not winning a YCS, means you lost one of maybe 10 ygo duels you lost that weekend. We all know that you can play perfectly and still do bad at an event, or lose in T32. I'm sure we have all been to events like that, so it should be very apparent that it doesn't really fucking matter what gets 1st place at a YCS.
  2. Watts

    No amount of details about his life is an excuse for ignorance
  3. Is this a good deal/good car?

    [quote name='Wumbologist' timestamp='1338102346' post='3191696'] Assuming engine, etc is good, what would be a better price? [/quote] 4
  4. Custom Mats

    some of the playmats in this thread make me change pants but how do you guys print these? at kinkos and stuff?
  5. Watts

    And I want you to kill yourself
  6. Watts

    [quote name='swap frog' timestamp='1338089515' post='3191584'] because im original? [/quote] I'll take some of my time to entertain this little shit. You are the prime example of what is killing this game (besides R&D). You are a 10 year old with the insufficient brains to even exist. I genuinely want you to kill yourself. I, and nobody else, gives a fuck that you are too fucking retarded to obtain cheap ass five dollar cards. I throw piece of shit five dollar cards around like toilet paper, I've probably lost a thousand dollars worth of cards simply because they aren't worth my time. I am not rich, or a big-time vendor, but I am not as retarded as a piece of shit from my black asshole. IT IS A DISGRACE TO PLAY THE SAME CARD GAME AS SUCH A FIEND AS YOU. It doesn't FUCKING MATTER what the FUCK you do at your locals. Whatever fucking remote locals you are playing at is full of fat-ass joes with a net worth of their ygo deck. Your locals isn't even a tournament, you are wasting every second of your time there. Go fucking top a YCS, if you can't get to one, then SHUT THE FUCK UP FAGGOT. Do you even know how many locals there are in the world? Over 9000 bigot, which means you are a spec and irrelevant. It isn't an accomplishment to be irrelevant, or be in the top 50 percentile of a bunch of shitty ass players from randoville. Even regionals, are meaningless. Your idea that placing in locals is something worth mentioning to another human being on this planet, is retarded and you need to perish from this website/planet. You ARE from pojo, or some shit ass site of equal retardedness. Please go die in your sea of irrelevance, as people on this website want to actually accomplish stuff and get better at this game. Your definition of "original" is completely off. Originality means that you discover a new way to WIN, not to lose. I can think of 3942394329 ways to go x-6 at a YCS by round 7, drop and lose every round in the win-a-mat bullshit, THEN go and scrub out of dragon duels too (since I'm sure you qualify for that gathering of baby dicks). Until you present an idea that WINS vs. Tier 1 decks, we do not give a fuck. Your deck sucks, you are obviously one of the worst players to even join this website, and I want you to kill yourself. This is hardly being original regardless, the watt lock has been around for ages and has been horrible forever. A 10 year old's shitty outlook on it is not going to change anything. You should have zero self confidence and no opinion, be a student of this game until you become good and top serious events, then you may be entitled to state your own opinion without being called retarded (or you could none of that and just not have retarded ideas okay?). You are too ignorant and just full of FUCK to even realize that all of these comments are insulting you and nobody has any reason to take you seriously, or explain why they are insulting you like I am. And who the fuck says mate? Hey mate how about you goes and go back to the hell you came from.
  7. Watts

    Hey, please kill yourself k?
  8. New Epic Battle Pack

    id use the wallet if it came with a time machine
  9. [quote name='zyqom' timestamp='1338012724' post='3190994'] [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1338007581' post='3190949'] when are u interviewing next [/quote] Not sure honestly [/quote] how do i get interviewed
  10. [quote name='Indignation' timestamp='1338010926' post='3190973'] [quote name='L2theZ' timestamp='1338004360' post='3190910'] [quote name='-Teezy-' timestamp='1338004142' post='3190906']Loved the turn 2 balter comment when shi-en n beast are just as easy to summon (biased cuz morph is my fave card). Since when did they start caring abt flip eff mosters. Maybe when Nobleman went to 3 or the power creep all but made them irrelevant.[/quote] All of that was his responding to the community when the October 2006 Forbidden List was announced and people were not happy (but that's every list). That was the format where sometimes the game justed ended because your opponent went MST -> Cyber Dragon -> Last Will -> Zaborg and then 2 months later Cyber-Stein was emergency banned. [/quote] And the funny thing is we consider that slow now lol. Man have times changed... sigh... [/quote] what
  11. requesting apology from slick not your dirty money
  12. Samurai Warlords Structure Deck

    [quote name='benthegreat' timestamp='1337969328' post='3190570'] I dont know why people think there will be more new cards other than the Xyz [/quote] because there has NEVER been a structure deck printed without only 0-1 new cards? (i think?)
  13. Six Samurai - Discussion

    um i was the person arguing mst isn't good in this deck (and i still think that). but i did put heavy in over 3rd veiler, kageki and 2nd fiendish over 2 dests. ill explain more about the ratios of dojos to dest later, but havent lost a game yet.
  14. Blackwing - Discussion

    it isn't solid at winning yugioh duels though
  15. Six Samurai - Discussion

    http://i.imgur.com/05fez.jpg dojo is so good you guys are crazy