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  1. G-sop (goat control) wins 2-0 vs Gracco (DFT) I'm out. ggz
  2. Brandis (goat control) wins 2-1 vs Gracco (chaos control) for first blood. ggz man.
  3. [Current] Sexually Oppressed Slaves

    confirming my membership to this team.
  4. Gracco's Poetry

    So i write poetry and I have a lot of it. I stash my poetry in the Community Drive that is maintained by the Pokemon Showdown Writer's Room so I am just going to link my folder here. It is over 80 poems and I update it with new poems typically whenever I write a new poem. Hope you all can enjoy my work. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3pXSsXSfDztYzJBNVJjdFVyOUE My poetry here, and lots of it.