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  1. A Lost Wanderer From DNF..

  2. this place is so negative

    Most likely refers to more serious stuff like deck discussions and debates. Simply going into the deck discussion and saying "x is really good in this deck and has worked well for me while testing on DN/Devpro" will get you no where (and tons of negs). You should explain why you think it worked, the advantages, etc and support it. Also, I've never seen either of those shows.
  3. A Lost Wanderer From DNF..

    I don't even remember who he is. Must have joined after I left. But ya, DNFers have a huge tradition of coming to DGz, making a complete ass of themselves in their intro topic, then leaving. I enjoyed reading the topics of this years wave of joiners.
  4. Dueling Network

    Well, I can tell you from experience that there are some pretty insane people that end up getting banned from DN/DNF. I'm talking batshit crazy. For whatever reason, they take a ban from DN/DNF extremely seriously, and go to ridiculous lengths to either be allowed back on, or get revenge.   It's actually kind of sad/funny how long some of these people have held grudges against the site. Like just get over it and move on. 
  5. Weiss Schwarz

    I'm pretty excited about the new Vocaloid set.  Hopefully it pushes them up a tier.       I want a binder full of those Luka Luka Night Fever Climaxes. Hopefully it has an awesome foil version.   Besides Vocaloids I was thinking about picking up another deck. Zero looks interesting IMO.
  6. Heeeeey.

    I guess I'll welcome you to. I  love to cook as well. What's your favourite dish to cook by the way?
  7. Persona 4 the Golden

    Seems pretty awesome to me. I still need to finish the original animation one though. Been kind of slow finishing it. Loved the game and wacthing the anime after finishing Golden just didn't seem right without Marie. She is just too noticeable of a character to go without. Glad they are re-doing it with her and some other additions.
  8. Weiss Schwarz

    Yeah actually got to play the game for once, and I found it kind of situational and lackluster. Got any Miku Decklists so I know what to get? I'll try and do some searching for decklists on my own as well.
  9. Weiss Schwarz

    I may try to have a little fun and go for a Brainstorm Miku deck with Salvage MEIKO and World's End (Gate eff). If that idea doesn't work just a standard World's End Dancehall hybrid build. Right now with the cards I have I'm using World's End, DYE and Sadistic Music Factory. DYE combo seems to be the best thing I can pull off atm with the cards I have early game.   And thanks. Seeing the SR gate made me feel better about that awful Len card. At least Bikini Rin is worth something.   Loving this news:  
  10. if you click on this topic you must post

    Damn, you're like the most efficient high person when high that I know of. 
  11. Weiss Schwarz

    Bought some Miku Boxes. Pulled 1 shit SR (Blue Len, and blue sucks in Miku), 1 Rin that is worth a decent amount and an SR World's End Dancehall. Currently trying to build a Green/Red Miku/Luka deck. Loving the playstyle. Also built a Rin/Len deck with the spare stuff I got. Striped Bikini Rin seemed to love me (got it in SR too)... I pulled that more than I would have liked to lol. Wanted Resort Bikini Luka and Ruby Luka. Only got 1 of each.
  12. Toronto Regional 4th Place

    Yeah he kept swapping builds. Trident is such a nice power creep when played at the right time. Especially after flipping a Trap Stun.
  13. Hey guys.

    Welcome to DGz. Good luck at your first regional. 
  14. Weiss Schwarz

    Time Machine Miku is getting released as the English Weiss promo. Get 4x asap.     Awesome, will do. I assume you mean this card: http://ws-tcg.com/en/cardlist/list/?cardno=PD/S22-E049 Even if the Miku set sucks I'll probably just get it for collection purposes. I will do this as well.
  15. Now then

    Awesome reference +1.