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  1. 2002 Collectible Tins

    Keep them and pass them down to your kids
  2. GGs thanks for the war guys :)
  3. September 2011 Tour Guide Plant Format

    This was my fav format I ever played.  ! Welche on DN
  4. Agents

      I'm the Agent of Creation Venus, and these are my Shineballs.
  5. Revealed

    Yeah I know, but calling you like Secret sounds dumb imo
  6. a/s/l

    I lived much closer to c1.  RIP.  I think I'll try out C2 next weekend with some scrub deck.
  7. Revealed

    Jay and you just need to continue the carrying.
  8. a/s/l

      Where in van do you play? I play at Connection Games from time to time but I've been tempted to go and check out Craving For a Game.   Is Connection worth an hour commute for the hobby league?  I live on literally the opposite side of town.
  9. The Hall of Fame vs Revealed

    Thanks for the war guys.
  10. Revealed

    I'm going to start playing better guys.  I think I could have at least done better than 0-2 against Hoban/Mustard IMO if I took a few more seconds between plays.
  11. The Hall of Fame vs Revealed

    Lost 2-0 to Patrick Hoban, but it was all worth it in the end.