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  1. God Beasts version 2

    Back, 2018 Update. Deck is serious, will be able to go indepth on deck, and looking for side suggestions I'm terrible at sides rn hardly know wtf is going on with my opps most of the time because i either lock them down, or lose too fast. Im not necessarily good at yugiohmon, but Ive played GBs for years, and i have never stopped trying to make a good gladiator beast deck, these are my updated results. This deck runs way smoother. Three Andal; If I have two rescue rabbits in hand, I can use one to create Essedari, which returns food back into deck, use the second to summon Dragacius using essedari and an andal. 2k/1.9k beaters, after attacking this can be converted into Dragacius, Tamer, Heraklinos lock. Additionally, if I use the first rescue rabbit to summon dragacius, Darius, or Gladiator's Return makes my rabbit useable again, and in the case I draw an andal in hand, without Respite, I'm not trapped. Three Samnite; similar reasoning, it actually has an equeste like effect, and can be recycled with Ayers Rock. Three Rescue Cat, Rescue Rabbit, Test Tiger; These are the main engines of the deck. The fastest ways to get out the Dragacius, Tamer, Heraklinos lock onto the field. Samnite and Samnite/Andal and Andal combined to create Dragacius, after attacking, return to special summon. > 1; With Darius in hand, summoning Augustus, and Noxius. Augustus 1st, Noxius chain, send Bestiari/Laquari/Gladiator to the grave, special summon Darius, trigger its effect to special summon a gladiator from the grave. Send Link Summon Dragacius with Darius and monster summoned via it's effect. Contact Fuse Augustal and Noxius to special summon Tamer in defense, and use it's effect to special summon Heraklinos/Gyazarus/Nerokius > 2; With Gladiator in hand, summoning Augustus, and Laquari. Contact fuse to create Heraklinos. > 3; No Gladiator in hand, or grave, summoning Bestiari, and Gladiator. Contact fuse to create Gyazarus. Test Tiger is self-explanatory, and works with pretty much all of these combos to recycle lost cards, or to recover from opponent responses. Two Noxius, Augustal, and Darius; Darius can either recover lost fusions, or set up plays into fusions. If one is banished, another needs to be avail. Augustal into Augustal is Galaxy Eyes, also Augustal allows Gladiator Beasts effects to be usable from the hand. Noxius is a hand trap, and when used on an attack isnt destroyed by one battle, this can become a forced tag-out which allows you to send bestiari to the graveyard, and special summon darius from the deck to bring it back to the field, then on your following turn you can contact fuse to create Gyazarus, or Link for Dragacius. One Laquari, Bestiari; These cards are always staples in Gladiator Beast decks, however they arent entirely needed to special summon their respective Fusions any longer. Any more is cloggy, and too much. Additionally, along with Equeste which is also run at one; these effects are mandatory and will cancel Augustal's effect to grant the special summoned gladiator from the hand it's ability, and it will not be triggered with it's summon. Lastly, the Hero Still Lives in this engine. I've been considering siding masked hero's, but am not sure if it's worth it. Looking for side help also please!!!
  2. Tamer Editor

    Throw all that extra shit out the door, TAMER IS BIG BOY BUSINESS!!! 1 Andabata because Augustal is fodder for Prisma, but Tamer is the only fusion you'll need to special summon other fusions. Remember guys GLADIATOR BEAST HERAKLINOS! Now lets fast forward. Normal summon Rescue Cat/Rescue Rabbit, or With a GB and Test Tiger in hand, normal summon any other GB; Test Tiger - Augustal, special GB from hand... All of these combos lead to Dragacius the new Link OCG. 2 “Gladiator Beast” monstersIf a “Gladiator Beast” monster you control attacks, it cannot be destroyed by that battle, also your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card battled: You can return this card to the Extra Deck; Special Summon 2 “Gladiator Beast” monsters with different names from your Deck. You can only use this effect of “Gladiator Beast Dragases” once per turn. Special summoning Augustal, and Noxius with Darius in hand = Darius + Grave GB - Dragacius, two summon zones. Augustal + Noxius - Tamer, Tamers effect to special summon Heralkinos. "Gladiator Beast Laquari" + 2 "Gladiator Beast" monstersMust first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by shufflingthe above cards you control into the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization".) During either player's turn, when a Spell/Trap Cardis activated: You can discard 1 card; negate the activation and destroy it. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect. This combination of Dragacius, Tamer, and Heraklinos, with a GB in hand allows you to summon a second Dragacius, for a new summon zone, use Tamer to special summon Gyazarus/Gaiodiaz/Nerokius/Essedari. This is a big deal :DDDD Cant wait for it to come to TCG
  3. Red and Blue Sams

    Before you instant neg me ;x Pretty much the decks main purpose is to thin the decks Samurais and dish them all to the hand, it has a 90 % OTK rate. I've messed around with it a while now, and it plays differently than normal sams, It also takes the Gateway infinite counter combo into consideration to go off, but completely doesnt rely on it. [img]http://i.imgur.com/9eb30.jpg[/img] [u]16 Mons[/u] 3 Kizan 3 Grandmaster 3 Mizuho 3 Shinai 1 Kagemusha 3 Elder [u]26 Spells[/u] 3 Typhoon 3 One Day of Peace 3 PoD 3 SS United 1 United We Stand 3 Dojo 1 Gateway 1 Reinforcements 1 MR 1 Heavy Storm 2 Shiens Smoke Signal 2 Asceticism Heres turn two of a duel I had with this deck, normally the field would be a little bigger but I just played with the hand I was dealt. [spoiler][img]http://i.imgur.com/BuS3I.jpg[/img][/spoiler] Its a pretty weird build, but its alot of fun to see the look on your opponents face, or hear them call you a sacker aha.
  4. Red and Blue Sams

    Just saying, i made red and blue sams in 2012 and yall negged me 17 times. Not as pretty as now a days, but I definitely made the foundation.
  5. God Beasts

    Lots of new edits, will update!!
  6. God Beasts

    Hey. Glad Beasts again. Prolly trash but some pretty effective combos. Really tough to run, but if you don't misplay ever you can def win lol. Three Andal to feed rescue rabbits. Ayers Moon Rock is a recycle for Test Tigers/Rescue Cats/Rescue Rabbits/Samnite. One Laquari, as he can be easily recycled with Darius/Equeste. Bestiari has field use so thats at two. Rescue Cat is a good move with Test Tiger/Ayers Rock, or a monster Banished, however can be cloggy, and would prefer to draw Rabbit. Rescue Cat can tutor the GB Link which can by itself create a field of 2 Fusions/1 Link. 3 Respite because Andal, and Augustal cant be in hand, and double summon to get the monsters off. Book of moon is gimmicky might change. Few important combos here. Ayers rock with Rescue Cat = Link, X Saber XYZ and Darius, with Tiger in hand, and Besti in grave, thats Gyazarus. The GB link negates opps effects during battle, so with darius and augustal or augustal and noxius +other gb in hand. You can go Dragacius, Tamer Editor, Heraklinos, to lock their spells and traps. Pros Can beatstick opponents into submission and lock down with recycling monsters to destroy field, and tag in new monsters. Cons Needs more lock down power, can be easily overcome. Ive been playing GBs for years, still trying to make them work this is where I'm at currently.
  7. First time living in snow - tips?

    u a hater all i did was try to help this nigga with experience.
  8. Any breakers, (bboys) in the DGz community?
  9. Dueling Network

    Is dn down?
  10. First time living in snow - tips?

    Bruh straight up Winnipeg Manitoba, so god damn cold.    No body alive can say theyve had to live colder than us apparently.   http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/citys-worst-winter-since-98----1898-254004961.html
  11. Used to play, interested in getting back in.   Free Agent   DN: Killaweevil   Skype: YoloRolo (the black guy from canada throwing up signs)
  12. First time living in snow - tips?

    Some tips from your yung nigga out in canada namsayin fams;   Firstly, dont get caught in cold winter streets rocking converse shoes, shit aint a joke. Those shoes are not built for winter, and if you wear them in winter you will pay. Secondly, skkraight up stick a shovel in your trunk in case u gotta shovel ur shit out a snow ditch. You gonna need long johns if you gotta walk anywhere. They're like pants that you wear under your pants, they're like tights for real ass goon niggas.   If you dont got gloves, get rolled on.
  13. tiny men in thongs

    tanhouser gate
  14. So that Ultimate Herald...

    What about splashing artifacts with heralds.. Artifacts are all fairy types, and they have an artifact that lets you reset from the grave..
  15. 2014 pro gladiator beasts

    Shouldn't be helping because you're a fucking vagina, and I never want to see you among the gb community.   However..   three laquari is bunk prideful roar 3 black horn mistake (lol dafuq you think this shit is) 22 traps with 6 cards missing from your deck, gj with ratios doofus 1 coth? You've obviously never revived gyza from grave no wiretap no waboku no dpris three fiendish chain is so bad this format   this deck is shit, fix it and stop making us look bad u pussy

    idk about MKL > GKMC but I'll definitely really listen to it again.
  17.   Level 8 Dark Winged Beast 2600/1000 Atk/def   When this card is Special Summoned by the effect of a "Gladiator Beast" monster: You can Special Summon 1 "Gladiator Beast" monster from your hand in face-up Defense Position. Shuffle that monster into the Deck during the End Phase. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card attacked or was attacked: You can shuffle this card into your Deck; Special Summon 1 "Gladiator Beast" monster from your Deck, except "Gladiator Beast Augustal".   Its currently OCG, but is coming to the TCG.     Theres a few good things about this card.   1.) Augustal is EEV and CCV material   2.) Adding another winged beast to the GB line up, leaves the main monster roster with 4 (Besti, Equeste, Gyza, Augustal) Winged Beasts, meaning GBs now can run Icarus   3.) GBs specialed from hand via Augustal get their effects.   4.) 2600 attack, meaning its a strong tag option, also it can tag itself out   5.) A Dead Augustal in hand, with another one in deck makes Felgrand XYZ, + another GB in hand if you have one.    The list goes on..
  18. Classics Baby

    Can anyone help me fiind the following downloads   Tribe Called Quest; Low End Theory    Tribe Called Quest; Midnight Marauders   Cypress Hill; Cypress Hill  
  19. ScHoolboy Q: Oxymoron

    Just saying, kinda crooked how this post wasn't subject to that "Great big album thread" while my Isaiah Rashad one was.   On another note;   Havent got to the album yet but im looking forward to this bitch soooooo damn much .
  20. Gladiator Beast Augustal

    I wonder how this affects the GBs monster roster. Secutor mained again . Respites stuff like that. 
  21. Gladiator Beast Augustal

      Actually, you should run two. Or at least I'd advise you to run two, if you run one and it appears in your hand its completely dead. If you run two augustals, and one is in hand, you can use another Augustal to bring it out from Hand and Make Felgrand, and you may even get another GB eff depending on your hand.
  22. Gladiator Beast Augustal

      I wouldnt say its ridiculous because you still have the task of actually getting it out verses a meta situated heavily against GBs, however its extremely good for the deck, and it kinda gives GBs some ground again.
  23. Dark World

    EEV is pretty powerful, it can change the tide of a duel. Also the deck can make EEV fodder with little to no effort, (TGU, Grapha, Malef etc)
  24. Isaiah Rashad [Cilvia Demo]

    EPs dope, its not amazing, but theres not one bad track on it imo.       http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/64595598/file.html