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  1. I don't understand how people think this deck is inconsistent. The deck NEVER bricks against me. Dive Ball literally searches anything you need.. Frogadier only needs 1 Energy to completely fill the bench. Greninja hits for 80 flat with just 1 Energy. The whole deck is just low cost high profit.
  2. Shaymin EX The one with the ability "Set Up" which lets you draw cards until you have 6 cards in your hand when it's placed on the bench.
  3. Keldeo deck is 100% stronger than Rayquaza
  4. So I only recently started playing (about 3 weeks ago), and I've played a lot of different decks in this time in both expanded and standard. Over the course of my play-time I have NEVER beaten Greninja BREAK. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if it's the deck choices I'm making, but that deck is actually un-beatable when I have played it. It feels impossible to cut-off the Frogadier set-up because it's a 1 Energy requirement that can be used on literally any turn except for the first. It's extremely difficult to take down a Greninja BREAK due to the 170HP combined with free retreat and Rough Seas. I literally have to rush out a Garbodor to have anywhere near a close match-up with this deck. For reference, I've been playing these decks; Standard: Giratina/Darkrai, Yveltal/Zoroark BREAK, M Altaria EX Expanded: Genesect/Bronzong, Korrina Garchomp, M Altaria EX, Anyways, I made this thread so that we can talk about this deck. I personally feel like the deck is insane and wins almost every match-up but I am looking for advice/knowledge from people who have been playing this game a bit longer than I have. Is there a certain way to tackle this deck? Should I be focusing on something specifically in this match-up? Does this deck even have a bad match-up?
  5. Can you ban this guy I'm really sick of seeing him post
  6. Just bought 2 of these on PTCGO and it set me up pretty nicely. I had most of the staples before this so I traded them off for Steam packs (cause everything you get from these tins is trade locked, rip), and kept everything from the tins. Battle Compressor and Karen are also really awesome cards to get if you play Expanded.
  7. Hey ACP can you give me Contributor status thanks friend
  8. I had a spare phone from when I upgraded to my new phone + it only took 1 day of gps spoofing to get there. I see your point but I just wanted to include that because anyone who would willingly level up 2 accounts to level 25 is actually insane imo.
  9. I did that. Except, because I actually have a life, I gps spoofed the Yellow account to level 24 and I would just bring 2 phones when I was claiming gyms. One to knock out red team and the other one to put my main in asap.
  10. i've never seen someone enjoy this game as much as you lmao
  11. This is true.
  12. 10k eggs are entirely random, the rest aren't.
  13. They're supposed to be rare. I had 4 10k eggs up until level 24. Then I started getting them like crazy (I've been level 24 for a month now ftr). I had 5 at once as you can see. I hatched a Lapras, 2 Eevees, an Omanyte and some other thing probably Pinsir off those 5 for anyone wondering.
  14. That's why you keep hatching them, they're native to your area. The Pokemon you hatch from an egg depends on the location of where you got the egg.