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  1. Pokemon GO

    Oh. I haven't seen a hundo Larvitar in 3 weeks and it was LV35 weather boosted next to a cliff. Yeah, the only cliff in Toronto. It was kinda ridiculous. No one went.
  2. Pokemon GO

    The only?? Am I just privileged being in Toronto? There's no less than 5 Ralts, Mudkip, Torchic, Slakoth etc. hundos on our scanners a day
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    This sentence alone is enough to set off a huge trail of memes, trolls, bans (from the runescape game) and toxicity in and of itself. It's a living meme at this point, 3 years and going strong.
  4. Pokemon GO

    I only really play once a week (for like 2 hours max) so this is very exciting for me. Now I just want a hundo Absol, Shroom and Feebas and I'm done with Gen 3 until Metagross, Salamence and Flygon drop.
  5. Pokemon GO

    I've seen 1 Shroom and it was ass ;_;
  6. Pokemon GO

    Has anyone even seen a Shroomish so far? They're non-existent in Toronto. I've caught/seen every mon EXCEPT Shroomish.. I don't even see them, EVER, on our pokemaps.
  7. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    switch is legit the best console ever produced
  8. Pokemon GO

    damn I wish we got that kind of weather boost we get piloswines and machops galore. the amount of hundo machops and makuhitas popping up around us is insane.
  9. Pokemon GO

    wow man where do you play? it's only mudkips around here (not complaining, mudkip is my fav and probably one of the best)
  10. Final Fantasy Tactics

    agreed, that game is amazing honestly just spend some more time playing with the mechanics, it confused me a lil when I started as well
  11. Pokemon GO

    Now to get a 100 Breloom and a 100 Absol and I'll be happy with the new releases
  12. Pokemon GO

    It snows for 5 mins, then it's cloudy for 5. Then it's Extreme for the rest of the day. Sucks dick for catching Pokemon. Also makes no sense because I can travel 15 mins south and it's rainy or snowy? tf? It's the same fucking weather LOL
  13. Pokemon GO

    The new update is awful in Toronto. The weather is literally always "Extreme" meaning there's no bonuses and significantly less pokemon appearing..