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  1. Yep it's kinda ridiculous but oh well
  2. They don't have it on the Canadian site
  3. Didn't know that pre-orders went up already for the Switch and for Breath of the Wild's Master Edition. Looks like I'm going to have to drop $1000 to get this shit :/
  4. fuckin cucked
  5. You cannot help someone with a mental illness like depression if they will not help themselves. If you're not giving the advice that everyone on the forums, including myself, have already given him then you are talking to a wall and not helping him at all. Even if you are giving him the advice we all did, it seems akin to talking to a wall anyways. That doesn't mean that it is pointless. Your example is extremely flawed because he is perfectly capable of loving himself but he is not. It may not be easy but it's possible. In your bizarre scenario a handicap person has a broken limb and therefore CAN'T function properly even if attempted. What we are telling him is not impossible. It's the only way to cure his issues quite frankly because someone on the internet can't cure them for you. And truthfully, in my opinion (with experience about this topic), a psychiatrist wouldn't help him either. Unless she was a female. And was sexually interested in him.
  6. We've all been giving you this advice for a very long time but I feel it's necessary to reiterate because, even in the last post you made on the site for now, you're still doing it; stop talking down about yourself and making your self seem worthless. Everybody in this world has a meaning. What you need to understand in your break from this website is that no one on this planet is going to love you as much as you will be able to love yourself. And consequently, no one will be able to love you if you cannot love yourself. Pamper yourself. Nothing else in the world matters as much as you do to yourself. Spend some time with yourself and in turn, helping yourself.
  7. why does that thing look like frieza morphed with zenyatta
  8. Donnerschlag
  9. Has anyone figured out the "select few" others yet?
  10. o that's it soft ting
  11. Wait what is the Starbucks thing
  12. if gen 2 releases i will actually make an effort to play this game again. i've saved 500 horsea candies for kingdra (one of my fav pokes) so I'm fuckin ready Grimeey Level 26
  13. if you think benny is good, you clearly haven't bred ignatius (his son), he's a fucking monster
  14. Also there are no pokestops anywhere near me so they are showing me pokestops that would take 20 minutes to walk to lol
  15. The new tracking system finally made it's way to where I live. Along with the new tracking system, my house (which used to spawn 4-8 pokemon at once), is back to spawning only 2 at a time. Awful update. I'm done playing this shitty game.