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  1. LV40 Also take out Secret Passage, it's not necessary at all. Add another defensive card so you can survive longer, i.e; Sphere Kuriboh, Enemy Controller etc.
  2. Pegasus exclusively lol
  3. the gym system is awful, don't blame the players who can't spend 30 mins grinding the gym. blame the game producers who gave you shitty content
  4. he's not ruining the game for himself moron shut the fuck up and suck it up. it's an aspect of the game, deal with it. if you have a problem, contact niantic and try to get them to fix it. probably won't happen but gl.
  5. this game is dead as fuck who gives a shit what people do in the game as long as they're having fun tygo fuck literally every person telling you what you're doing is wrong
  6. Finally got Bakura to LV35 and got my Goblin Zombie. Next will be Kaiba for Burst Breath (basically Icarus Attack). Anything else I'm missing in terms of LV35 character rewards? I already have Mai at LV35 and every other character at 25.
  7. forgot to mention I was playing banish.dek
  8. Playing my 5 duels for the 100 gems Opponent goes first as Mako, summons water monster, big wave small waves into Suijin, activates Sea Lord Amulet, tops into 3 Lekunga in a row l u l
  9. I'm pretty sure at this point if they offered the droppable skills as a $5.00 purchase I'd actually buy them I can't even get Hunting Ground but I still want Bluff Trap, It's a Toon World, Last Gamble, Destiny Draw, the list goes on.
  10. damn dude that's some good ass luck
  11. There is no sperm left in my testicles, it's all lining my phone
  12. I'm waiting for more cards to release but I guess I'll bring this up now since Pegasus just came back I'm keeping an eye on Toon Mermaid and it's possibility to be in a deck that allows you to tribute summon level 5-6 monsters "for free". In 2012 we played with an idea that used Toon World, Toon Mermaid and Salvage to make Rank 4s and also tribute summon. It's obviously substantially worse in that we can't make Rank 4s, don't have Salvage, and only start with 4 cards in hand. BUT, we do have a way to get Toon World on the field turn 1. Pot of Dichotomy and Jar of Avarice are both cards that let you "mitigate" the loss by tribute summoning with a Toon Mermaid. At this point in time the idea is entirely too gimmicky but just throwing this out here so that we can talk about it again in the future when new cards are released.
  13. I made this deck myself. Pulls around 7500 assessment per duel and I haven't dropped a game with it yet. If you can manage to go without taking any damage (not too difficult), the deck got me 7800 assessment with only a few glossies. If you have more glossy cards than I do, you can easily reach 8000 with this. If you have Des Kangaroo, Big Koala and Master of Oz, use them instead. You won't need Riryoku if you use them, and you can add another consistency card. I don't actually own any of those 3 cards so I use this instead. I'm considering taking out Secret Passage because I have not used it at all in the 6 farms I've played so far.
  14. Ishizu does not attack Unhappy Girl unless she has game. You attack each of her monsters with Unhappy Girl so that they can't attack and Holy Guard skill prevents you from taking damage. You continue to do this until the last turn. You suicide all copies of Rai-Mei into her monsters so that you can thin your deck faster/get to Unhappy Girl faster.
  15. (i dont always get the no damage bonus obviously)