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  1. where was dmoc leaked?
  2. ur trash use gate guardian, piranha, 2 gift of the martyr, 3 thunder dragon and polymerization for 8000 points guaranteed every game lol
  3. well I own 3 copies of divine dragon apocralyph and no other SRs guess im sorta lucky cause the rest suck dick lmao really want at least 1 darkflare dragon though :/
  4. Toons are pretty shit I'm hoping they release Salvage so I can play Toon Monarchs.
  5. Does anyone have a consistent way to farm Mokuba? I really want 3 Darkflare Dragon before he disappears
  6. I plan on getting Yugi to 35 from this event Bakura to 38 for the 2nd Goblin Zombie Possibly Joey to 40 because that Flameswordsman looks potentially broken Toon Kingdom actually looks busted LOL
  7. Double Exp is just what I needed thank fucking god
  8. not attacking you because I know I'm the king of "hypotheticals" with my constant pumping of decks i can't even make
  9. love that you contribute to this otherwise dead thread but sometimes it would be a lot better if you played the game frequently no offense of course, but some things you say aren't always true
  10. Dont play Talwar.. Play Tanteimi or whatever that 2400 LV5 Warrior is. More targets for the most powerful spell card in your deck.
  11. Trying to build this right now & hopefully it goes well. Sounds good to me in theory. 3 Mahunder 3 Pahunder 2 Brohunder 2 Susa Soldier 1 Sishunder 11 3 Enemy Controller 2 Makiu 5 2 Ultimate Providence 1 Windstorm 1 Security Orb 4 Ultimate Providence is one of my favourite under-rated cards from this pack. The deck searches monsters with Brohunder and Sishunder meaning you can negate monster effects willy nilly. You can also hold onto Traps/Spells to make sure that your pushes go through when you need them to. I have 1 Brohunder right now and will try the deck out when I can get my hands on a 2nd. I'm debating between Mystic Depths or Balance. Does anyone know of any s/t that can boost these guys up significantly? Something akin to The A Forces?
  12. Ok I'm stupid and didn't actually read Dark Freed. He can't be Special Summoned. Rip.
  13. I think I might even play The A Forces in Freed deck. It buffs your Freeds by 400 if you have 2 on the field. Only issue I can see is potential clogging. It also buffs your Dust Knights and shit too so it could be useful.
  14. 6 Freed 3 Dust 2 Amyrelease 1-2-3 Dark LV4 beater 3 Enemy Controller 2 Feast of the Wild LV5 0-1-2-3 Soul Exchange 2 Dimension Gate