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  1. he meant duel links you fucking nerds
  2. They did patch Ryu lol and Cats Ear Tribe as well both cards work differently now with the AI but are still "technically" usable
  3. New update says it updated AI for auto-duel and NPCs. Someone please tell me that Spirit Ryu still works..
  4. I got a Metal Coat for my 7 day streak
  5. yea i dont think its real tbh because the game would go in such a different direction
  6. Well I finally have a copy of Gravekeeper's Chief Now I just need 1 Priestess 2 Recruiter to finish the deck
  7. no only bandit keith gets it and he gets it at level 4
  8. Actually I think I'd play this because it seems a lot more fun Balance or Switcheroo 3 Piercing Moray 2 Unfriendly Amazon 1 Big Shield Gardna 6 3 Enemy Controller 2 Jam Breeding Machine 1 Half Shut 6 2 Mirror Wall 2 Staunch Defender 2 Trap Jammer 1 Judgment of Anubis 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 8 Harpies shit on it though. Same with 3 S/T spaces. Otherwise it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Jam Breeding Machine can interact with so many different cards in the deck. You can steal opponent's monsters with E-Con, boost Piercing Moray, keep Amazon alive, bait your opponent into swinging into token then flip Staunch Defender.. It seems like a lot of fun until you run into a Harpie deck lol
  9. No that's not true. There's a clear cut difference between lag and waiting for your opponent to pick a card to chain. Also, if you move at lightning speed like I do, the game moves so fast that you can see it didn't give your opponent an option to chain a card.
  10. Just want to reiterate what guy above me just said about the clock timer and how useful it is. Bluffing s/t isn't even possible because the game doesn't give the opponent time to re-act if they don't actually have a card they can use to re-act. That's something I strongly dislike about this game. I know whether or not my opponent has a Mirror Wall/Etaqua because the game is constantly asking them if they want to chain it. If they have Michizure or something else, you know that as well because the game never asks them to chain anything in response to your cards. It's a poorly designed mechanic and I have no idea why they let it happen but to be fair I don't know of a good way to get around that without making games go on for another 5-10 minutes.
  11. Woodland Archer Gemini Scorpion Goggle Golem Blazewing Butterfly Super Double Summon Gemini Counter The "good" cards that were added to the card trader shop.
  12. About 10 cards have been added to the Card Trader's stock and almost all of them are Gemini support cards. Every day the first 3 duelists you beat will drop 10 gems.
  13. Do you guys use Spirit Ryu for Joey too? I have 1000 Red keys and figure it's time to test my luck for Metalmorph and hopefully get Hunting Ground in the process. I'm sitting on 1000 Red, Blue and Green keys right now but I feel like every LD, other than the Gravekeeper ones + Enemy Controller, completely suck.