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  1. Goat Duel Review Thread

    sometimes I legitimately wonder the same thing about you
  2. Goat Duel Review Thread

    damn dude ur opponent is a fucking master 1 thunder dragon in opening hand every game i wish i was that good at ygo
  3. KC Cup

    i think restart is a better skill for your deck bc you dont have 3 dakini and bc one of the spell is limited to 1 now
  4. I just wanna say this

    hey lavaman how are you?
  5. Pokemon GO

    so wait, are the old raids still lingering??
  6. Pokemon GO

    The new raids are stupid awful. I'm gonna spend a huge amount of time grinding Golems, Ivysaurs and Scyther and literally participate in nothing else.
  7. don't quote or link 4chan on this website if you'd like to succeed also don't listen 2 me if you want 2 succeed
  8. There's a distinct lack of aggressive virus provoking ads and I'd like to thank whoever it was that changed that. Banner ads are the way to go
  9. Pokemon GO

    nice! i'm very jealous i'm already over this event entirely. everyone and their moms has caught a 100 banette and dusclops, the only "intriguing" thing is shiny sableye. also I want to raid venusaurs, charizards and ttars for the double candy but no one is ever there and me and my only friend who play have 3 phones among us meaning we're 1 short of raiding lv4s.. ;_;
  10. Yeah, I get a Macbook Virus ad pop-up every time I click anything on the website that can be interacted with. I legitimately got the ad 3 times while trying to post this because I made 2 grammatical errors that I tried to fix, and clicking on the word opened another pop-up. Banners pls
  11. Pokemon GO

    i guess snorlax too ya forgot about that
  12. Pokemon GO

    3 hours, let's go apparently duskclops max cp is 1400? bannette is only 2000 as well. kinda underwhelming but tbf full ghost type is pretty insane. nothing "good" except ttar & arguably houndoom beat it (arguably meaning arguably good pokemon in general).
  13. Pokemon GO

    gen 3 is NOT dropping right now i'll actually lose my shit lol
  14. Signatures

    welcome to the real world
  15. Farming Strategy Discussion

    what the fuck kind of RNG