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  1. N64 Olympics

  2. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I agree about expanded. Expanded is too much for me to deal with now, there's just way too much going on and Zoroark doesn't help. Standard is my safe haven, especially when Greninja gets the boot. Good lord, the next rotation is going to be incredibly fun. A lot of old stuff leaving (like Brigette) that's really gonna change up the metagame.
  3. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Is there literally anyone on this site actually playing PTCGO? I legitimately believe this current metagame is the most skill intensive I've every played (I started at release of Mega Ray). Deck building an optimal play-choice are at an all time high. Although going first majorly tilts the game in your favour, I'm thoroughly enjoying this meta game. If anyone wants to play test, my username is Grimeey. I have the following decks "built"; Zoroark/Gardevoir, Zoroark Metagross, Dusk Mane Magnezone, Zoroark Glaceon, Zoroark Lycanroc. Preferably looking to play against someone who has Zoroark/Golisopod built.
  4. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    i hated both in hindsight but they were fairly decent games if you take the time to learn all of the combos that you're capable of pulling off, the game gets pretty insane pretty quickly (more enjoyable) higher difficulties are just really stupid. usually consists of spamming witch-time and over-powered katana charge moves.
  5. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    the fact that it's currently portable and capable of online and lan play (while being portable), is a huge game changer the story mode could be complete shit. they could fuck up absolutely everything, but with a good cast of new characters (i.e; inklings, rex/mythra/pyra from xenoblade 2, mewtwo from pokken etc.), the design of the game is kind of idiot proof. they're going to make a HUGE amount of money regardless
  6. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    everybody will own a switch now it's time
  7. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    all of my games are digital except for zelda digital is definitely the way to go - I have 6 fantastic games I can play pretty much anywhere (zelda, mario kart, splatoon 2, xenoblade 2, pokken) every time I need to make space for a new game, I delete an old one. the application stays on my dashboard so when I want to play it, I just delete another one and re-download the last one.
  8. Pokemon GO

    wow I feel for u
  9. Pokemon GO

    Oh. I haven't seen a hundo Larvitar in 3 weeks and it was LV35 weather boosted next to a cliff. Yeah, the only cliff in Toronto. It was kinda ridiculous. No one went.
  10. Pokemon GO

    The only?? Am I just privileged being in Toronto? There's no less than 5 Ralts, Mudkip, Torchic, Slakoth etc. hundos on our scanners a day
  11. if you click on this topic you must post

    This sentence alone is enough to set off a huge trail of memes, trolls, bans (from the runescape game) and toxicity in and of itself. It's a living meme at this point, 3 years and going strong.
  12. Pokemon GO

    I only really play once a week (for like 2 hours max) so this is very exciting for me. Now I just want a hundo Absol, Shroom and Feebas and I'm done with Gen 3 until Metagross, Salamence and Flygon drop.
  13. Pokemon GO

    I've seen 1 Shroom and it was ass ;_;
  14. Pokemon GO

    Has anyone even seen a Shroomish so far? They're non-existent in Toronto. I've caught/seen every mon EXCEPT Shroomish.. I don't even see them, EVER, on our pokemaps.