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  1. splat roller with the respawn secondary and the rolling ball super is the best roller in the game atm absolutely bonkers in ranked
  2. aerospray is almost exclusively good in turf war its ok in splat zones
  3. nop at least they made the weapon shop have a speed-up button. that shit was notoriously boring and stupid in splatoon 1
  4. I got to rank B- in Ranked playing Rainmaker and when the game switched I was C- again does the ranking system work based on each game mode or did I just take a huge dick up my ass
  5. the beginner weapon is the best until like level 8-ish i dont remember
  6. make sure u guys keep using different weapons 5 wins built up, not consecutively, gets you 3000exp points (you lose a win if you lose etc) im already level 10 and ive barely played
  7. 1 lord could probably be enough anyways its basically just a good counter to super rush red-eyes is everywhere tho so this deck kinda sucks bc red-eyes wins everytime unless u can manage to somehow avoid super rush with ur heavy knight
  8. 3 bud 2 gob zob 2 gozuki 2 vampire lord 3 heavy knight 3 vise counter to meta imo
  9. watch competitive splatoon if what you just said was news to you
  10. Anti Magic Arrows isn't even really a "meta card" like I can't think of a time when I'd really want that card over something like E-Con etc Every good s/t is chainable nowadays
  11. Splatoon 2 is literally the best game that will ever drop for this console Zelda was amazing and I'm a huge Zelda fanboy but literally nothing can compare to how much game time and fun I will get out of Splatoon 2. I took the whole fucking weekend off work so I can play it
  12. i almost instinctively opened that spoiler and then i realized where i am
  13. possibly one of my favourite cards in the game, incredibly balanced
  14. if this card comes to duel links I will buy out the pack it's in