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  1. Pokemon GO

    Bet 2k eggs will be rarer than 10ks for this event.
  2. Pokemon GO

    What happened??
  3. Pokemon GO

    Kinda disappointing to hear that the beta was exclusively through Sprint sponsored gyms. A lot of people I know in Toronto were raiding every possible gym to try and get an early pass. :/ I'm hoping the next wave is the worldwide release..
  4. Pokemon GO

    That was a Sprint sponsored gym, right?
  5. Pokemon GO

    holy shit bruh was it a hard catch? or a guaranteed catch?
  6. Pokemon GO

    holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck
  7. This is probably the least stupid card I've seen suggested. And by least stupid I mean possibly the best.
  8. Pokemon GO

    ya lmao i figured that out later, fuck this egg shit i hated eggs for raiding and i still do. just tell us what the fucking mon is.
  9. Pokemon GO

    yo what the fuck, are purple eggs mewtwo? there's a 5 star purple egg next to my house and it gave me a notification is it MEWTWO???????
  10. Pokemon GO

    Yea the only reason I play is to see my Pokemon max out/to get a max CP of every final evo in the game.
  11. Pokemon GO

    1 million stardust dude id actually suck ur dick for half of that
  12. Pokemon GO

    We all get Raikou presumably. Pretty sure everyone is NA here. I barely play at all but put in a huge last ditch effort yesterday and came out with 4 Articuno, 1 Zapdos, 1 Moltres, 4 Lugia. The raid scene in my city is a lot larger than I thought it was. Mainly because they all travel in groups of 20 (valor with valor, mystic with mystic etc.) and raid in private groups. If you don't drive you don't raid it's that simple. They're in and out in 5 seconds. Kinda fucked lmao. We got lucky and traveled with a group for 2 hours and made insane pulls. My friend also caught a Moltres on his last Pokeball, so that glitch is definitely fixed now.
  13. Game of Thrones TV Show

    ok yea that part was rly stupid the rest of it seemed ok tho.
  14. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    chose team flight for splatoon bc im pretty sure every lil kid in the world will pick invisibility