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  1. Speaking of which, console is an absolute shit-fest right now. Quickplay is garbage and we don't have access to PTR. Basically every KoTH game is; my team goes 3 Tracer and skullfucks the enemy team, forcing them to go 2 or more Winston. We then proceed to go 3 Reaper and continue to skull fuck them. I don't know how any of us were okay with playing without 1 hero limits. That shit is fucking gross.
  2. Remember that I play on console though.
  3. I was in top 500 for most of the season. PSN is Still_Grimey. I dropped a fuck ton on a huge losing streak, which sucked. My placement matches put me at like 68 or something and I got to top 500 pretty easily. My records are flawed because of the extreme amount of play-time I put into the game before competitive play was introduced. My top 3 characters (Pharah, Roadhog, and McCree), were used in their "prime" (when McCree could Fan the Hammer and kill a Reinhardt from full, and when Zenyatta wasn't completely nuts). My play time with other characters is EXTREMELY lower than those 3 however. Oh wait, first time using Master Overwatch in a month or two and I figured out how to seperate my competitive stats from quickplay. Cool.
  4. Me too but the concept is extremely flawed. I hatched Electabuzz, Magmar and Lapras from my 10k eggs though; cannot complain at all this time.
  5. Level doesn't affect rarity of Pokemon seen. Level affects only CP of Pokemon seen.
  6. Let's be real. You're going to get 1 chance to capture all of the legendaries and you're going to get a shitty IV or a low CP legendary. Candies for the legendary won't be obtainable or they'll give you a low amount, and no one will give a shit or everyone will complain except the people who were already a high level/got a good legendary. Nothing good can come from the legendaries, AT ALL. Especially the fact that Mew has 8 possible moves???? Like ok lmao
  7. This game needs trading or battling or Generation 2 ASAP A majority of the people I know quit playing and I rarely play as well, only turning my game on at work to hatch eggs because the GPS signal is weak and I can walk 20km+ in 1 shift. Speaking of which, I'll be hatching 3 10km eggs in about 3-4 hours. I will post results and they will most likely be fucking Pinsirs because that's all I have got so far. And maybe a fucking Eevee.
  8. Genji and Tracer* are fucking awful on defence. *Better than Genji but still a pretty awful pick.
  9. Actually, the main reason for being skilled with more than 1 character is to understand all of the cast's mechanics. Every "pro overwatch player" can play every character in the game; they just use some more than others. Having a main is beneficial when you're on a professional, ACTUAL sponsored team. The pro teams have mains because they fill the role for their team pretty much every game.
  10. Having a "main" makes you a shitty player. Become skilled with more than 1 character so that you don't get countered and lose games. Genji nerf is pretty significant. The triple jump nerf means you can't get out of danger as easily.
  11. Not sure if anyone played Final Fantasy Agito but that game was pretty balls. I had great expectations when I started the game, seeing all the towns and the Coeurl cave and shit but it was just a facade. Every town looks exactly the same and has no relevant content in it, and the caves were exactly the same. Not to mention the caves were so few and far between. A lot of the characters were more broken than others too. The gun class, the scythe class, and the rapier class were fucking broken.
  12. Yup
  13. Confusion is infinitely worse than Psycho Cut. That's why I'm upset. Also, they removed the biggest hotspot in Toronto for playing Pokemon GO because the government and some rich fucks who own condos by the water complained. There used to be 8 Pokespots there, and now there is only 3. RIP POKEMON GO IN TORONTO
  14. I have far more than 1 Jynx hatched from my 10ks. I also have a shit ton of Pinsirs and Eevees.
  15. Ask me how angry I am. Go ahead, ask me. I hatched 9 Abras since this game was created a fucking month ago and I finally caught the final Abra I needed right now. Ask. Me. How. Fucking. Angry. I. Am. This game is a steaming pile of shit.