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  1. The last of my kind.

    Well quite honestly, I don't think Rabbit would be a good tech choice for X-Sabers. I wanted to try something new but not base it entirely around a sole purpose/card, and I ended up with this.
  2. The last of my kind.

    Yeah, of course.
  3. I'm Alive

    Yeah, the one where you played Spaceman. Why?
  4. The last of my kind.

    Its there for Hyunlei access, and the occasional Blade Heart.
  5. Sex Bomb

    Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror isn't as effective as other cards you could be side decking. D.D. Crow and Gemini Imps both have a bigger impact on the only 2 decks I can think that you would side Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror in for. I'm not gonna go anymore in detail because the side deck looks rather specific and i'm not entirely sure if it was thought out. (Last sentence wasn't trying to be rude or some shit.)
  6. I'm Alive

    This is pretty hot stuff. Just seen them in action and if you don't mind, i'll be trying this out a bit.
  7. Duel Terminal 6 TCG

    Love dat Pearl & its 'bound to look maddd sexy as a DT Rare. Getting one asap.
  8. Number 50: Blackship of Corn

    This shit laughs at Zenmaines. Hot stuff.