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  1. Pokemon GO

    258 stardust, damn I thought I was low they really need to make a new way of obtaining stardust, it's the most valuable commodity and you only get 100 at a time by catching pokemon like wtf
  2. April 2014 Format - The End of the Era

    thanks, i just couldnt see the honest bc of glimmer and forgot it was a card tbh
  3. April 2014 Format - The End of the Era

    i have literally 0 idea what happened in that jeff jones clip can someone explain
  4. Game of Thrones TV Show

    surprised i managed to avoid that part of the internet especially because episode 6 was entirely spoiled for me because some dick head was uploading 1 min videos of the 1 hour episode on youtube with full-on spoilers in the title and for some dumb as shit reason, apparently youtube thought I wanted to see that even though I delete my cookies and shit all the time
  5. Game of Thrones TV Show

    i didnt open your spoilers but how did you watch episode 7? my site had the leaked episode 6 up instantly and still doesn't have episode 7 up
  6. Game of Thrones TV Show

    finally got tv show using their brains
  7. Game of Thrones TV Show

    this episode a game changer, damn
  8. Game of Thrones TV Show

    i definitely agree shit is incredibly random and makes absolutely 0 fucking sense
  9. Pokemon GO

    Mewtwo better give us 50 balls and a 100% catch rate like Japan for jumping through all of these fucking hoops
  10. Pokemon GO

    This game got incredibly complicated and confusing for no good reason. and dumb, can't forget how dumb this is.
  11. players have stepped up in quality lately because of people like "gunzblazing" streaming and making youtube videos on how to correctly play the game at a competitive level
  12. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I've been S rank for a week in 2 game modes and haven't had the time to play much lately. Is S+ the max rank like Splatoon 1?
  13. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I completed the entire story mode with the Umbrella a week into this game being dropped because I thought I'd unlock the Umbrella. I didn't. Instead, they gave me a re-colour of the currently released Umbrella. I'm fairly salty. Umbrella is complete garbage don't ever use it in a ranked match please.
  14. anyone wanna talk about how I called serene psychic witch being added to the game? wish I had enough coins or the motivation to play this game lol
  15. I got birdman joe and an amazonness trap card pretty shitty
  16. Pokemon GO

    are u guys doing the nanab, golden raspberry "glitch"?
  17. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    ur right, there was a lot of awful players on ketchup so that's a better way to explain it. my rationale was thinking that all of the little kids would pick ketchup and they would lose most of their games which is why I went mayo. the same shit used to happen to me in splatoon 1 all the time, i'd pick the wrong team and get fucked. the system is agreeable stupid af but o well, i got my shells
  18. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Mayonaise had 21% of the players on it's team and we still won It's because the better players picked Mayonaise and we won most of our games Used all 32 of my Spiky Snails already oops lmao
  19. Pokemon GO

    Zapdos is literally the only bird I wanted too
  20. Pokemon GO

    I found a raid going on right before my house so I got off the bus. They just finished it with 11 people. I decide to wait since there's 1 hr 30 mins left. 3 people show up level 40 and they basically trio it and carry me to a Zapdos. Unfortunately my luck with all the other birds didn't come into play here. All 7 Pokeballs and it didn't shake a single time ;_;
  21. Pokemon GO

    No one in my area does any raids whatsoever even though there is 7 gyms within eye-sight distance of my house. And if I go downtown to raid with everyone else, I disconnect 4 times and use like 30 revives ;_;
  22. Pokemon GO

    I hate you I want a Zapdos so bad, I hate the other birds
  23. Game of Thrones TV Show

    so which one of you idiots wants to explain how jaimie is leaving the next episode alive, allowing him to do any of the things you guys are considering to be the actual way he dies please enlighten me if you've watched the 30 second trailer for the next episode, dany says and I quote, "bend the knee or die" to everyone on the battlefield who lived. how exactly do you think jaimie is getting back to kings landing?? he's gonna ride a dragon there??