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  1. I would care but there's so much variance and luck to this current meta. Not to mention I could think of at least 5 decks I would bring to the WCQ which means that it would be incredibly hard to prepare for the event. I also don't have ANY top tier character meta skills to actually use at the tournament. If this game didn't require so much luck to build a top tier deck, I would have a lot more interest. Last Gamble 3 Star Demotion Baggy Sleeves Duel Standby Harpies Hunting Ground Destiny Draw That is a list of the best skills in the game imo, ranked in the order they belong in. I don't own a single one of those skills, which means that I cannot build a deck that I think will legitimately have a chance of succeeding in the WCQ.
  2. I've still only received that 1 Trap card from Joey. My interest in this game is dying very quickly
  3. is there a point where the op becomes funny? i stopped reading half way because it's incredibly boring
  4. If you haven't already, I suggest that you log into the game and read the announcement regarding "Revamp to Ranked Duels" Jesus fucking christ PogChamp
  5. Elements Unite! You will start the duel with 500 Life Points and your starting hand will be 1 card, which is "Gate Guardian". In addition, you will start the Duel with Suijin, Kazejin, and Sanga of the Thunder on the side of your field. Their effects are negated and they cannot attack as long as they are face-up on the field. What the fuck? LOL Three-Star Demotion Can be used by paying 2000 Life Points. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can only be used once per turn. This skill is incredibly useful. Holy shit.
  6. Paradox bros update is fucking awful, they drop no good cards whatsoever. They also released Labyrinth Tank and didn't release Cannon Soldier. Smart move for once Konami.
  7. I'm going to try this anti-meta list and see how it goes 3 Dust Knight 2 Amarylease 2 Invader of Darkness 2 Dark Coston 1 Chaos Command Magician 1 Beast of Talwar 2 Soul Exchange 2 Enemy Controller 2 Mirror Wall 2 Security Orb 1 Windstorm
  8. Hey Card Trader was just updated and I think this is one of the best updates yet, especially for Amarylease deck Invader of Chaos - Shuts down all Quick Play Spell Cards. Meaning Twister and Enemy Controller become dead cards. Doomdog Octhros - Searches Invader of Chaos. Chaos Command Magician - 2400 ATK 1900 DEF. Cannot be targeted by Monster effects. CANNOT BE SUCC BY RELINQUISH. Vanguard of the Dragon - 1900 under Mountain, when destroyed by a card effect you can special summon a Dragon Normal type from either player's grave. You can also send Dragon type monsters from your hand to the grave. In a nut shell, this card is fucking amazing for Totem Dragon.dek with Blue Eyes.
  9. Yeah so far I have that 1 trap, and the Spell Dice card I don't average more than 5800pts because I don't own Master of Oz..
  10. I get hit with 3 Stamping Destruction, Dragon's Gunfire, Spiritual Wind Art, and Kunai with Chain every duel for the record. There's not a single duel where he has not activated all of those cards and penetrated me. Most duels I don't even have enough S/T left to fucking Storm his backrow.
  11. He has always been like that. I've lost to Super Joey more times than I've won. The Unhappy Girl deck is fucking awful but I haven't seen any alternatives so I've been sticking with the 50/50 win rate that shitty deck provides.
  12. ya this rly happened to me all i have so far is this 1 card, and all i want is 1 copy of ishktar
  13. You summon 2 big monsters + Gravekeeper's Vassal and attack directly so that Gravekeeper's Vassal can inflict 9999 Effect Damage to your opponent.
  14. I only plan on spending gems on 2 more copies of Sonic Bird. I don't think that Sphere Kuriboh is a card that I would ever play 3 copies of. Also, wow. The boxes came back exactly how they were when I last purchased them.
  15. This is very close to the best list, I'm positive. 3 Dust Knight 2 Amyrelease 2 Toy Magician 2 Beast of Talwar 1 Airknight Parsath 1 Angel 07 1 The Fiend Megacyber 2 Soul Exchange 2 Enemy Controller 2 Security Orb 2 A Feint Plan 1 Windstorm For a total of 21. I play Airknight because I have ran into multiple random as fuck duelists who play Obnoxious Celtic Guard and the only way to win the duel for me was to continuously poke with Airknight, as I never saw Toy Magician/Soul Exchange which are the only counters. Airknight also gives you card advantage if you can manage an attack. Golden Apples is shitty in this deck, I almost never have 0 monsters on the field. Security Orb is much better. I only play 2 Enemy Controller because I only have 2 Enemy Controller. If I had 3, I'd play 3 and 1 Security Orb. Soul Exchange is perfect at 2 imo, it prevents it from clogging and in this game you really want to utilize your battle phase. Not having a battle phase can be a huge drawback. Angel 07 is staple, don't fucking dare to take the card out. I legitimately believe that Angel 07 is currently the best card in the game, or maybe 2nd to Enemy Controller. Fiend Megacyber has been in the deck only to help when I am down in advantage. That has never happened. So if you'd like to replace it with a 3rd Beast of Talwar, go right ahead. I will be sticking with it until I encounter an instance where I'd rather have the 3 Talwar. As long as Switcheroo still works as it does, this is the best deck in the game. Please do not try to prove me wrong, I am very certain this deck is the best. The only "counter" to this deck is Last Gamble Desert Twister. Every other deck is complete trash in comparison. Even if you get matched up against Last Gamble Desert Twister, they can't do shit vs Dust Knight and a set A Feint Plan. They're forced to pass and let you steam roll them next turn.
  16. Angel 07 is literally an auto-win vs GKs, and a shit ton of other random as fuck decks. Every duel that I've summoned Angel 07, I've won. Every time I've drawn Angel 07, I've summoned him. This deck is legitimately one of the best, I'm telling you guys now.
  17. Spirits are pretty awful. I think what is currently limiting them is not having a card in the game that can sustain itself on the field and create board presence without the use of a Normal Summon. Having to use your Normal Summon on a card that will just return to your hand is pretty shitty. Also the Equip Spells are also very shitty. "Super Joey" is complete trash and every card he introduced is garbage. Shittiest duelist to come out. Ishvar may have use in the future inside of "Amyrelease deck" but for now it's pretty fucking garbage. The new Red-Eyes gemini card is somewhat okay in the Superalloy fusion gemini deck along with that new revival trap card but it's still pretty garbage.
  18. It's happening again lol.. I have every skill for Mai except Hunting Ground. I now have every skill for Joey except for Last Gamble. . . . . .
  19. I'm convinced that Dust Knight - Amyrelease is the best thing to come from this pack, and possibly even a contender for a top deck. I'm 100% in love with this deck.
  20. I'm not even close to maxing out every character. The only characters I have at LV35 are Mai, Bakura and Kaiba. Mako is LV30 and the only other close ones are Keith, Tea, Ishizu and Weevil at LV25.
  21. @knives1990 Best character to level up is Mai because at LV25 she gives you the best Trap Card in the game. You can't buy gems, only the minuscule amount of gems that come with purchasing big pack bundles.
  22. The deck I posted above is pretty good. It works pretty much exclusively because of Switcheroo allowing you to put Amyrelease back into the deck. It's a lot of fun to play but consistency wise I might worry a lil bit.
  23. I'm going to work right now so I'll try this deck when I get home but I put together a really gimmicky tribute summon deck. I've noticed lately that if you play 3 copies of a card, you almost always open that card. So I'm trying to abuse that logic with Dust Warrior to gain advantage. Here's the list, I don't have 3 Dust Warrior yet ironically. This is just a concept right now and I'll tweak it a lot later. 2 Dust Warrior 2 Airknight Parsath 2 Amarylease 2 Toy Magician 1 The Fiend Megacyber 1 Angel 07 1 Beast of Talwar 2 Soul Exchange 2 Enemy Controller 2 A Feint Plan 2 Golden Apples 1 Windstorm Like I said, I'm going to avoid playing 3 copies of any card except for Dust Warrior so that the chance of opening Dust Warrior sky rockets as he really helps the deck.
  24. I either never draw Baboons or I draw too many.
  25. That feel when you duel level 30 Kaiba in duel world and he drops 2 Prismatic packs but they're both Familiar Knight. Also after some more tests I've concluded the same thing as Mark. Beast deck sucks dick like I originally thought.