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  1. Anti Magic Arrows isn't even really a "meta card" like I can't think of a time when I'd really want that card over something like E-Con etc Every good s/t is chainable nowadays
  2. Splatoon 2 is literally the best game that will ever drop for this console Zelda was amazing and I'm a huge Zelda fanboy but literally nothing can compare to how much game time and fun I will get out of Splatoon 2. I took the whole fucking weekend off work so I can play it
  3. i almost instinctively opened that spoiler and then i realized where i am
  4. possibly one of my favourite cards in the game, incredibly balanced
  5. if this card comes to duel links I will buy out the pack it's in
  6. Before the episode airs and I get shit on by spoilers; where are you guys livestreaming GoT episodes/watching episodes that have passed? Last season I had such a horrible time constantly searching for new websites to livestream it through. (I don't have or plan on purchasing HBO) (I am also aware some bars livestream the episode but I'd like to watch it at home)
  7. I have 63 packs left of Chaotic Compliance and I have received only 2 URs. This is why I hate this game. It probably took me 2-3 months to get those 130 packs.. All I want is 1 copy of BLS for the super synth deck..
  8. What is it used for it was for a specific duelist and I don't remember which one
  9. Anti Magic Prism is a fantastic card in high tier play as well
  10. That card is literally Sakaretsu Armor except in Quickplay form that activates in the Battle Step. You chain the card to an attack and call the type, simple.
  11. That deck idea sounds awful You auto-lose to Twister and it sounds like you auto-lose to any monster with more than 1900 attack points as well. Adding Wild Tornado into the deck to deal with those monsters sounds even more awful.
  12. New Mini Box has been revealed It has some pretty nifty cards Il Bud Nephtys + Hand of Neph Skull Commander (2000 atk zombie lv4) Des Wombat Fire King Yashka (I think that's the name) Red Dragon Ninja
  13. I can't even fathom some of the shit that happens to me I'm at 100LP, Hammer Shark + Starboy on board with no Umi and a Mirror Wall in hand Opponent has Harpie Lady Sisters, Lady #1 and Lady #2 on board with HHG so I set my Mirror Wall. HE FUCKING TRIBUTES HIS SISTERS AND LADY 2 FOR A FUCKING BARREL DRAGON. B A R R E L D R A G O N OFC HE HITS X2 HEADS AND HE FUCKING DROPS ANOTHER EGOTIST FOR LADY #3 I AM SALT
  14. I don't know what any of those cards in the Dragon deck are except Exploder Dragon or w/e it's called and Felgrand Dragon
  15. Think I'm going to quit I don't have enough time to play this game and they're already rumoured to be releasing another mini-box in a week and a half. I'll sell my account for $100 if anyone wants it. I've put a lot more cash money into the account than that.
  16. with cash before you ask
  17. he buys packs he's said it before
  18. Wanna see something cooler? I lost this game instantly btw, like there was literally 1 frame for me to snap this photo and I managed to snap it
  19. HHG nerf well deserved 3SD should have never been in the game so that's well deserved as well Bakura farming is awful, literally just dueling him and getting 2k points so I can get EX Gems
  20. powerful not broken oops
  21. Archfiend Empress from Bakura is broken They're also adding "Ex Gems" as drops so you can buy Bakura's drops from the Card Trader with enough of those Gems. Konami finally doing something right. Anyways, Archfiend Empress is extremely broken lol
  22. Neo Daedulus Last Gamble sounds like something I really don't want to deal with lol
  23. I'm at Stage 52 and I promise you that you should not go as high as I am. Order to Charge, Mirror Wall Geminis Relinquished Spirit.dek It's almost impossible to consistently get victories with 1 auto-duel deck.