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  1. Pokemon GO

    Same. I pulled a hundo Togepi, Alola Meowth, and Buneary during Beldum day. I got 3 96 Metagross (on 3 separate accounts for a total of 9) as well; 1 shiny. That day was a good day. I've been dumping all my pokecoins into Super Incubators trying to get a Riolu though.. :/
  2. Pokemon GO

    Anyone have a Riolu yet? I've hatched over 20 10km eggs since it's release and got nothing yet :/
  3. Pokemon GO

    860624465599 and 911887356830 I don't gift a lot because my activity between accounts varies. One account has Celebi so I'm only focusing on the other account till it gets it's Celebi.
  4. Pokemon GO

    I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong but; when "Friendship" came out, didn't they offer trading Mythicals at Best Friend status? I've been under the impression that when I reach Best Friend status with my alt, I can just trade my Celebis and Mews to try and reset them. Someone the other day told me it's not possible though.
  5. Pokemon GO

    There's an event right now where Sunkern is everywhere and Sun Stones are free. You're welcome.
  6. Pokemon GO

    Generation 4, friend.
  7. Pokemon GO

    Piloswine and Tangela are in raids. And Celebi event starts today. You know what that means boys..
  8. Video Game club

    i'd do this
  9. Add a ban to Shock Ruler and you're having even more fun.
  10. Wind-up mirrors (same list)
  11. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I'd cut the Giratina.
  12. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Is there literally anyone on this site actually playing PTCGO? I legitimately believe this current metagame is the most skill intensive I've every played (I started at release of Mega Ray). Deck building an optimal play-choice are at an all time high. Although going first majorly tilts the game in your favour, I'm thoroughly enjoying this meta game. If anyone wants to play test, my username is Grimeey. I have the following decks "built"; Zoroark/Gardevoir, Zoroark Metagross, Dusk Mane Magnezone, Zoroark Glaceon, Zoroark Lycanroc. Preferably looking to play against someone who has Zoroark/Golisopod built.
  13. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Only issue I have is that you're playing 3 Ultra Balls and not 4. With 8 Ultra Balls in your deck, you get set-up very consistently. I'm leaning even more-so to 8 Ultra Balls in your list because of the fact that you only play 2 Lele. You want to always have consistent access to your Draw Supporters bc we don't play Zoroark, Octillery or Oranguru (ew). I love it though, that's almost exactly what I'd play. Give or take a 3rd Dawn over Tina Promo depending on the meta call.
  14. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Yeah, I'm not sure that I agree about regular Necrozma being the way to go either. Ultra Necrozma gives you a consistent chance of victory vs every relevant deck in the metagame right now, whereas I can see the PSYCHIC weakness on Necrozma, coupled with the fact that Necrozma needs 4 energy attached (without a choice band) to knock out a Zoroark vs UN only needing 3 psychics (2 with a choice band and beast energy), being an issue. I don't think that Zoroark is dead either, I just don't believe it's currently a good meta call. It will definitely have it's time to shine again in the future but right now is not it's time.
  15. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Yeah your Beast Box line-up is what I've been playing around with as well. I'm trying to find a way to make Dusk Mane Garbo w/ Beast Ring work. 220 knockouts for "free" seems pretty busted. Only issue is that Buzzwole gets the same free knockouts on Dusk Manes (even with Fighting Fury Belts half the time). I've seen a lot of people playing Ultra Necrozma/Malamar with more Dawn Wings (2-3 copies), because it's a Psychic with a DARK weakness. It seems pretty good as well, all things considered. It benefits from Ultra Space vs Beast Box. Hits Beast Box, Buzzwole, other Psychic decks for weakness (that's the whole top tier right there). Ultra Necrozma deals with every Zoroark deck. It just seems like a really strong pick to me right now. 4 Ultra Ball, 4 Mysterious Treasure is pretty insane search as well. Deck just seems too good when it works.
  16. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    If I continue to play this format, I think I'll be leaning towards Beast Box (Naganadel, Beast Ring, and Buzzwole with FIGHT energies). Otherwise, I agree with you. This format just became incredibly un-fun with 1 pack release.
  17. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I truthfully believe that Beast Ring broke the format. That card is way too strong. Buzzwole used to have to bank on Max Elixir to get a Knuckle or Absorption out, but now it just gets to set-up "for free". It doesn't help that Prism Diancie helps Strong Energy boost it to a ridiculous damage number. Knocking out Prism Diancie has 0 reward because it's a 1 prize unlike Regirock. It's consistent as well because of Octillery (which gets around Glaceon-GX even though that card isn't relevant at all) and Brooklet Hill). The whole deck seems "free".
  18. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I've come to the conclusion that Buzzwole is just plain filthy now, and that I'd like to stop playing Zoroark decks.
  19. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    hello add me and lets play
  20. N64 Olympics

  21. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I agree about expanded. Expanded is too much for me to deal with now, there's just way too much going on and Zoroark doesn't help. Standard is my safe haven, especially when Greninja gets the boot. Good lord, the next rotation is going to be incredibly fun. A lot of old stuff leaving (like Brigette) that's really gonna change up the metagame.
  22. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    i hated both in hindsight but they were fairly decent games if you take the time to learn all of the combos that you're capable of pulling off, the game gets pretty insane pretty quickly (more enjoyable) higher difficulties are just really stupid. usually consists of spamming witch-time and over-powered katana charge moves.
  23. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    the fact that it's currently portable and capable of online and lan play (while being portable), is a huge game changer the story mode could be complete shit. they could fuck up absolutely everything, but with a good cast of new characters (i.e; inklings, rex/mythra/pyra from xenoblade 2, mewtwo from pokken etc.), the design of the game is kind of idiot proof. they're going to make a HUGE amount of money regardless
  24. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    everybody will own a switch now it's time
  25. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    all of my games are digital except for zelda digital is definitely the way to go - I have 6 fantastic games I can play pretty much anywhere (zelda, mario kart, splatoon 2, xenoblade 2, pokken) every time I need to make space for a new game, I delete an old one. the application stays on my dashboard so when I want to play it, I just delete another one and re-download the last one.