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  1. I thought that too but why would they have rarities set if they were AI cards? The only plausible answer I could think of is that they would be obtainable in the future. Otherwise, the rarities being listed can only mean that they're obtainable and the fact that they're all SR and UR means it's probably Card Trader updates while they wipe old content from the shop.
  2. Save your UR gems, just in case - for Pre-prep of Rites and/or Sniper Hunter.
  3. Sniper Hunter UR Pre-preperation of Rites UR Fiendish Rhino Warrior SR That Six SR Bark of Dark Ruler SR These 5 cards have just been data-mined, rarities included. Pre-prep of Rites is legitimately broken. Relinquished is going to be banned 100% when this card drops, or the game is going to go to shit. Pre-prep is nuts EVEN WITHOUT Relinquished. Garlandolf meta incoming after Relinquished hits the dirt. These are probably going to be obtained from Card Trader because only 5 cards were added with the newest update.
  4. Seems pretty consistent for farming LV40 Bakura currently I don't have Destiny Draw so I won't bother trying it
  5. did you convert URs for UR gems? i'm not even remotely close to owning as many UR cards from the card trader as you've posted in that single screenshot
  6. I truthfully never knew that. Wow that's kinda shitty.
  7. Ok so uh pretty sure this wasn't a thing in the actual TCG but if you activate Magical Merchant with no s/t left in the deck, the effect doesn't go off. What kind of shit? I thought you'd just mill till you had no cards left in deck.
  8. White Magical Hat is also a Spellcaster for Wonder Wand, Magician's Circle etc. Yeah but the Fiend is a normal monster, meaning that you can get punished for playing Enemy Controller/pouring other resources into destroying the card. It baits power cards, and that's why I think the card is pretty damn good.
  9. Okay so I've been paying attention to cards that NPCs use recently (because every card that NPCs use will become available in the game, if it continues to go down this path), and something interesting that I've seen is Gravity Blaster. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Gravity_Blaster Card is pretty damn good. Permanent attack boost + Ha Des effect is pretty nutty. Only bringing this up because I'd like to warn people; if you currently own copies of Cyber Raider, don't convert them for SR gems. Those 2 cards have pretty good synergy together, not to mention that you can also play Big Bang Shot to nuke your opponent's monsters, and Sergeant Electro to lock down their field. Machines have loads of potential imo.
  10. At first I thought they were both trash but honestly, that 1800 DEF vanilla is a threat. If you're not playing Rex, getting over 1800DEF is hard as fuck. I was looking at my Venus list and I realized if I didn't use one of my powerful spell cards on it, I have literally no way to get over it. Not to mention that I'd probably get fucked by Order to Charge anyways. That card looks really promising, hope I can manage to snag a copy or 3.
  11. well you kinda need destiny draw as well, so yea
  12. if you actually own all of these cards then this seems pretty legit
  13. I laughed but mostly because it's partially true. Was so tilted about it one day that my girl legitimately asked me what's wrong with me today. I have a duel links problem guaranteed. Hell I'm pretty sure I just have problems period lmao
  14. Does LV50 Bakura drop different cards than 40? Also how many event points till you see LV50 Bakura? Already at 400,000 and haven't seen him.
  15. So wait you don't get Bakura for beating LVL40 Bakura? wtf? how do you get him then
  16. Bakura's card drops are so awful lol now I see what you meant
  17. Everytime they give out free gems my dick gets hard as fuck. There's a shit ton of point rewards, meaning a shit ton more free gems and coins too. Event looks really good so far.
  18. im incredibly upset
  19. i didn't make the video l o l
  20. Also, this is how to farm LV40 Kaiba and get 7000-8000 Assessment per duel
  21. I used Mai exclusively to farm LDs and leveled her from 30 to 35 only off of LDs lol.. I used Cerberus for most LV40 LDs and used this deck for LV30 LDs (only works vs some, you prob know this already)
  22. welp just got Mai to level 35 and still no Hunting Ground
  23. Why do you need a second Union attack? Every list I've seen only uses 1