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  1. There is no sperm left in my testicles, it's all lining my phone
  2. I'm waiting for more cards to release but I guess I'll bring this up now since Pegasus just came back I'm keeping an eye on Toon Mermaid and it's possibility to be in a deck that allows you to tribute summon level 5-6 monsters "for free". In 2012 we played with an idea that used Toon World, Toon Mermaid and Salvage to make Rank 4s and also tribute summon. It's obviously substantially worse in that we can't make Rank 4s, don't have Salvage, and only start with 4 cards in hand. BUT, we do have a way to get Toon World on the field turn 1. Pot of Dichotomy and Jar of Avarice are both cards that let you "mitigate" the loss by tribute summoning with a Toon Mermaid. At this point in time the idea is entirely too gimmicky but just throwing this out here so that we can talk about it again in the future when new cards are released.
  3. I made this deck myself. Pulls around 7500 assessment per duel and I haven't dropped a game with it yet. If you can manage to go without taking any damage (not too difficult), the deck got me 7800 assessment with only a few glossies. If you have more glossy cards than I do, you can easily reach 8000 with this. If you have Des Kangaroo, Big Koala and Master of Oz, use them instead. You won't need Riryoku if you use them, and you can add another consistency card. I don't actually own any of those 3 cards so I use this instead. I'm considering taking out Secret Passage because I have not used it at all in the 6 farms I've played so far.
  4. Ishizu does not attack Unhappy Girl unless she has game. You attack each of her monsters with Unhappy Girl so that they can't attack and Holy Guard skill prevents you from taking damage. You continue to do this until the last turn. You suicide all copies of Rai-Mei into her monsters so that you can thin your deck faster/get to Unhappy Girl faster.
  5. (i dont always get the no damage bonus obviously)
  6. Twister means you don't get the No Damage bonus and also makes the deck slightly more inconsistent as hand size is already a problem in the deck, fitting in another card you need to hold until the last turn is really bad.
  7. necrovalley negates spell reclamation
  8. this is insanely consistent for farming ishizu i use the 2 union attack build but without 2 union attack (i only own 1), and get 6000 duel assessment every time guaranteed
  9. no idea, that's why I stopped playing the deck.
  10. The list I used and the list most people were using for a while utilized Sword of Deep Seated and the Spellcaster Book equip to push Cerberus to 2200 defence.
  11. Okay well the first duel I played was against Tea burn he opened Cup of Ace into Heads, dropped 3 Revolution on me first turn for 3000 damage LUL MY LIFE
  12. Well I own that entire deck minus 2 Mystic Box, 2 Stamping Destruction and 1 Apopthis. For testing purposes, I built something close to yours since I can't play mine until I pull Desert Twister. I'm gonna test this today: 3 Dweller 2 Crane 2 Susa 1 Asura 1 Duck 2 Powerspot 2 Enemy Controller 1 Stamp 1 Mirror of Yata 2 Mirror Wall 2 Golden Apples 1 Windstorm I'm just really a fan of Crane + Mirror of Yata. It brings in such insane advantage, plus a 2200/2200 that stays on the field.
  13. I definitely believe Stamping Destruction would clog the deck too much.
  14. It's actually really funny that you mention that, because I built a list today that utilizes most of those cards, however I don't own the vital card I wanted for the deck; Desert Twister Here's the list I came up with 3 Shinobird Crane 2 Susa Soldier 2 Dweller in the Depths 1 Asura Priest 1 Shinobird Crow 1 Desert Twister 2 Powerspot 2 Enemy Controller 1 Mirror of Yata 2 filler trap cards 2 Golden Apples 1 Windstorm The idea I originally had was; summon Desert Twister and protect it in order to win the game. You get out Desert Twister extremely fast when you can search a card every turn (Susa is an EARTH, Crow and Crane are WIND). Especially when you discard a monster to gain attack for Crow. I came up with this idea because I found that in Spirits, I usually run out of space for S/T removal and it often clogs the deck. Desert Twister can do that for free by pitching some of your free card advantage. Dweller obviously because it's a fantastic stand alone monster for the deck. 2 Powerspot because 3 clogs and you only have 3 s/t zones anyways so you gotta play them smart. Golden Apples because I only play 3 monsters that can actually stay on the field. This deck is entirely theory based but this is what my take would be if I actually owned a copy of Desert Twister.
  15. Yeah but you can't use Switcheroo efficiently in farming anymore which is pretty awful. Now you just gotta rely on Restart.
  16. Switcheroo will only be usable when you lose 1000LP.
  17. Konami is editting Switcheroo the skill because it doesn't allow for diversity in the metagame. l o l
  18. Does anyone here know a good place to sell my duel links account
  19. Farming is honestly just luck I just got my 2nd Trance Archfiend from Bakura so I'm pretty happy about this event. In the same Farming duel I also got 2 skills I already had for Mai, converting into 15 Gems each for 30 total, AND I got an SR Gem. Before that all I got was Dark Mamble. I literally have 28 Dark Mambles right now.
  20. Hey I wouldn't say I got completely fucked At least I got Draw Sense: FIRE with Tea ...kill me now
  21. That feel when you farm Ishizu exactly 10 times in one day and don't see a Super Rare at all l u l
  22. I'm removing Thunder Dragon from my deck because I've played against 3 people with 30 card decks who wiped my board with Blast Held by Tribute I've actually gone insane
  23. I promise not everything I say is stupid. Dimensional Alchemist has been a stapled in my Relinquished since Valkyre pack dropped. So much value.
  24. I tribute summoned a Thunder Dragon to remove a Mask lol
  25. I just outplayed the fuck out of a Weevil and lost because his only card on board and in hand was Blast Held by Tribute I'm so angry