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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Can we not let the discussion devolve into childish bickering? Both of you cut it out.
  2. who wants free rep

  3. ARG Richmond, VA

    What, do you want him to not play the hand out correctly?
  4. UDS Invitational Los Angeles - Winter 2016

    You're really just really wrong here man.
  5. ITT: 1st Place Deck at next YCS

    I hate you.
  6. HERO Deck VS. Pepe (REVISED)

    I accidentally pos repped your OP, and feel like negging every post you make because you used "Dank Law".
  7. You kinda give every reason to not play it in you trying to make a reason to play it lol. It's only good as a one of, it's unsearchable barring Wavering Eyes, but WE has much better things to search for. It's gonna cost you your normal, and going forward it's hard to not summon a Skullcrobat every turn. This is completely 50/50 if it will even resolve after you use Face-Off, because what if your Luster goes to your field or scale? Do you really wanna max out on Overlord to use this card? Everything else it can special you can already put your hands on it with relative ease.
  8. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    No a Magic Event in Vegas toppled it like a year later lol.
  9. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    One of the people working the Magic Event referred to us as the WNBA, couldn't even argue with him.
  10. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    Live 10 mins away, see you all there!
  11. 2 Hat Tricker is bad, but Veiler and the level 1 XSaber monster are optimal? For you to search a Veiler off of Abductor you'd need to have spent your normal summon on Abductor and resolve 3 spell cards which the latter isn't hard but why would you want to spend a normal over it instead of Skullcrobat Joker? You will never resolve it's effect if you Pendulum summon it, because at the point of you Pendulum summoning there's not 3 spell cards to play anymore. Also it being material for Nat Beast is moot, if you have to normal this to search a Veiler then you can't normal summon the level 1 tuner anymore, also, I'm pretty sure if you can resolve 3 spells with this I'd rather put in my Pendulum zone and search Dracoslayer.
  12. In your list, what is the point of Masked Chameleon? Your only target is Luster Pendulum, but that isn't a reason to play Chameleon in the deck. I would figure if you aren't playing Painful Decision or the Brilliant Fusion engine, Chameleon is utterly pointless in here. False, Chameleon is a searchable level 4 tuner, you Pendulum summon it and synch with it, even if you ran Brilliant Fusion it has too many restrictions to just normal and use the effect. Dracoslayer is cool and all but you need to have access to Omega Stardust and Scarlight too.
  13. Are you really not running Foolish Burial?
  14. I 100% agree, you don't wanna end up with some trash post like this guy vvv If anyone with popularity on the site made the same comment his "rep" would be reversed. He's absolutely correct. Maxx " C " is enough, if you're that afraid of not seeing Juggler and dying through C then you create boards so that doesn't happen, Trapeze with a Trick Clown as material or Plushfire with a Trick Clown around is enough to create a buffer between your life and opposing monsters, Wavering Eyes and Stardust Dragon is huge defense, hell even Pleiades. Ghost Ogre is better than Vieler in most cases because you can at least use that to hit cards like Dracoslayer and stop them from getting to boards that get you to the point where you would want Veiler.
  15. Garon's Not So Wild California Adventure

    Ty Jesse, it'll be a blast. Ween, it being level 4 means I can Pendulum summon it while I control other monsters unlike regular Cyber Dragon, or can use it for synchro or xyz material as well.